Backstage News On Baron Corbin Losing MITB Cash In Attempt

If you were watching last night's episode of SmackDown Live, you saw it happen with your own two eyes – Baron Corbin looking like a complete dumb-dumb, as he cashed in his Money in the Bank contract, only to lose to Jinder Mahal via surprise roll-up, off a John Cena distraction. So why did the Lone Wolf look like such a tool on Tuesday night? New whispers from behind the scenes now tell us why this was the case.

For those who are unaware of what happened last night on SmackDown Live, it all took place after Corbin ran in during a match between John Cena and reigning WWE Champion Jinder Mahal. With Mike Chioda throwing out the match, Corbin walked away before coming back to the ring to present his Money in the Bank briefcase to the veteran referee, almost as if he forgot he had it with him all along, and abruptly decided to cash in his contract. Corbin then attacked a distracting Cena right after the match was announced, allowing Mahal to spring to life and retain his title with a quick roll-up.


The match had Twitter exploding with comments about how Corbin was booked to look so stupid in his failed cash-in attempt, and if you're wondering why, Cageside Seats might have the answer. The site speculated that WWE has been down on Corbin as of late, with officials allegedly concerned about Baron's lack of prowess on the mic, especially against Cena, as well as his poor performance in a (likely in-character) social media feud with Mojo Rawley.

Corbin's failure to cash-in his Money in the Bank contract makes him the third man to fail to do so, joining John Cena and Damien Sandow. Ironically, Cena was the man Sandow was trying to cash-in on, and that led to the then-"Intellectual Savior of the Masses" slipping rapidly down the card, with his Miz impersonator gimmick, "Damien Mizdow," only offering a brief respite from the declining lack of relevance.

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With Sandow's aforementioned decline in mind, this might be a portentous sign for Corbin, a man whom WWE officials have previously been high on, thanks to his legitimate athletic background as an ex-NFL hopeful, as well as his tall, muscular frame. It's clear that WWE is now seeing what many fans have been seeing almost since Baron's debut at WrestleMania 32 last year—the man is unbearably wooden in terms of his promo delivery, and still direly lacking in charisma. And as many have observed, at least Sandow didn't look that silly and lose so quickly in his failed cash-in attempt from 2013.

With all that said, all hope isn't lost on Corbin. If he focuses on his mic work and on making snappier, less schoolyard taunt-level retorts as part of his in-character social media posts, he could still be a future WWE Champion. But to sort-of paraphrase the man who cost him his cash-in attempt, the Lone Wolf's time certainly isn't now.

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