Backstage News On How Vince McMahon Bled On SmackDown Live

Vince McMahon made headlines this week after Kevin Owens made him bleed on SmackDown Live, and now, we have information on how he did it.

When you think of wrestling during the late-1990s to the mid-2000s in what become known as the Attitude and Ruthless Aggression Eras, it wasn’t uncommon the see wrestlers draw blood. However, during the years that have become known as the “PG” era in the WWE (roughly 2008 to 2013), that stopped because of kids, sponsors, stock prices, etc. Well, we are in a “New” Era now and it looks like the blood is back!

Now, it probably will never reach the levels of that it did in the previous decade, but over the last couple years, we have seen Brock Lesnar bleeding in his Hell In A Cell match with The Undertaker back in 2015. And we saw Lesnar put a full on beat down on Randy Orton at SummerSlam 2016 that drew a lot of blood from The Viper.


And then there was this past Tuesday night on SmackDown Live when Kevin Owens headbutted Vince McMahon causing the CEO of the company to bleed from his forehead. And one of the big questions that everyone has been asking since the incident is, was it real? Well, according to The Wrestling Observer Newsletter, not only was it was real, but it was also planned!

In case you missed it or just want to watch it again:


The report says the plan was for Owens to draw blood from Mr. McMahon. But how did they do it? Well, there is always the chance that they did it the natural way, but that seems unlikely given that blood can't be guaranteed, and think of how hard KO would have to hit McMahon with his head to even make blood a possibility (talk about a concussion protocol).

Dave Meltzer says he spoke to multiple people, all of whom have been in the wrestling business for multiple decades, and the common assumption among those he talked to is that McMahon bladed his head before walking out to the ring and just covered it up with nu-skin. This would make it much easier, as the wound would simply reopen after the head butt.

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Backstage News On How Vince McMahon Bled On SmackDown Live