Backstage News On John Cena's Next Feud After Roman Reigns

We finally have an explanation as to why WWE has booked Roman Reigns vs. John Cena at No Mercy rather than waiting for a bigger pay per view.

No Mercy is a little over three weeks away, and the pay-per-view is shaping up to be a pretty big one. WWE didn't wait around, and the night after SummerSlam they confirmed that Brock Lesnar and Braun Strowman would clash at the event. Alongside that mammoth match, we will also be treated to Roman Reigns versus John Cena, and if their encounter on this week's Raw is anything to go by, it's going to be must-see.

While we're certainly not complaining, we have been left scratching our heads at why what WWE perceives to be one of its ultimate dream matches is being rushed so that it can take place on what is a lesser pay-per-view. When Cena first confronted Reigns on Raw last week, the interjection of The Miz and Samoa Joe looked to try and take attention and postpone the two franchise players eventual showdown. Seven days later, the match was booked, and now details why it's happening so soon have surfaced.


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According to Dirty Sheets, the original plan was actually to have Big Match John and The Big Dog clash on one of WWE's "big four"pay-per-views, but logistically that would be a tall order. Cena will apparently be absent for Survivor Series ruling that out, then between the Royal Rumble and WrestleMania WWE has other plans for both men. Reigns will likely battle Brock Lesnar, while reports suggest that's when Cena will return to SmackDown Live to face off against Jinder Mahal.

It's no secret that WWE and Vince McMahon are desperately trying to turn Reigns into the company's next John Cena. These two Superstars clashing is the biggest match that can happen in WWE right nowon paper, and would hopefully be a passing of the torch moment. As it stands in the eyes of most fans, however, it isn't even the most anticipated match on the No Mercy card.


Cena versus Reigns may be rushed somewhat, but the two weeks of build on Raw are making it worthwhile. Monday night's segment between the two has been the only thing anyone has been talking about this week. It's looking like WWE is trying to coax Roman out of his shell by having him go toe to toe with Cena in promo battles like Monday's. If it works, they may very well have unlocked the key to getting Reigns to that next level.

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