Backstage News On Why John Cena Was Moved Back To Raw

John Cena is a free agent no more. Initially, after the superstar shakeup, it was announced that The Face That Runs The Place would be a free agent with the ability to go between both Raw and SmackDown brands. But on last Monday night’s episode of Raw, Cena made his official move back to the red brand.

There are a few reasons why Vince McMahon and the WWE made the decision to bring Cena back to the red brand, but Sports Illustrated reports the biggest reason is for John Cena to put over Roman Reigns.

As much as many WWE fans might be against it, there is little doubt—based on the constant push he has been getting for the past few years—that the organization sees Reigns as the future of the company. And with that in mind, a big rub from Cena is seen as a huge step in that process.

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According to Sports Illustrated, it wasn’t a difficult decision to move Cena to Raw once McMahon made the decision to build a Cena v. Reigns match. And to get there they will use a pretty tried and true WWE pattern.


Cena is already elevated of course, but on Raw, the plan is to elevate him more by using a crop of new heel opponents he can square off against, such as The Drifter, Samoa Joe and Braun “The Monster Among Men” Strowman.

SI points out that this classic method of elevation was used to great success with Hulk Hogan who had a nice string of heels to face off against, including Mr. Wonderful, Roddy Piper, Andre the Giant and King Kong Bundy. And the heat that Steve Austin got from his feuding with Mr. McMahon definitely helped raise him up even higher than he already was.

So, on Raw, the idea is to use this new competition to elevate Cena up even more and use Cena’s high altitude to put over roman Reigns.

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