Backstage News On Why Neville Walked Out And His Original Story Plans

Even more details surfaced about why exactly Neville walked out on WWE and apparently asked for his release from the company.

Even though it happened just seven days ago, it already feels like the Neville leaving WWE situation has been looked at from every possible angle. The former Cruiserweight Champion walked out of Raw last Monday night and requested that he be released from WWE and there are varying reports on why exactly Neville decided that enough was enough.

Apparently Neville was due to take on Enzo Amore in Monday night's main event and lose which wound up being the final straw for the Brit. Others are suggesting that Neville was disillusioned with the bigger picture behind his booking and former WWE Superstar X-Pac revealed that Neville told him he was unhappy about his booking months before. Now even more rumors have surfaced about The Man That Gravity Forgot's departure.


According to Still Real To Us it wasn't just the past and present of Neville's WWE career that was bothering him, but also his future. Even though the site reports that Neville was supposed to win the Cruiserweight Title back from Enzo Amore, following that Amore would win the championship back again after recruiting himself a bodyguard. Those plans have now apparently been scrapped with Neville's future very much up in the air.

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All told, it would seem that the real problem at play here is Neville's dislike of being stuck in the cruiserweight division. Before WWE the British Superstar would wrestle performers of all shapes and sizes and would continue to do that in NXT and for a while on the main roster. Throughout 2017 though Neville has been used to increase popularity in 205 Live, however he likely expected to eventually return to the normal roster and that has not happened.


WWE has always been a company obsessed with the size of its Superstars and this really feels like a case of "the more things change, the more they stay the same." Yes, WWE now hire and utilize pro wrestlers regardless of size, but it's clear Vince McMahon still sees smaller guys in a certain light. No matter how much Neville tried, McMahon still views him as a cruiserweight.

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