Backstage News On NXT Call-Ups After Takeover Brooklyn III

The Raw or SmackDown Live after a big pay-per-view, often times heralds the arrival of a new main roster call-up, and after last night at NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn III along with what's expected at this year's SummerSlam pay-per-view, it would seem that there are two names being brought up as likely to join in the coming weeks – Bobby Roode and the Authors of Pain.

For the benefit of those who missed NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn III last night, fans at the Barclays Center got to witness two title changes and one marquee debut. The title changes came in the form of Sanity defeating the Authors of Pain for the NXT Tag Team Championships, and Drew McIntyre beating Bobby Roode for the NXT Championship. But the show didn’t end when the former Chosen One continued his redemption story by becoming the  NXT Champion; he was soon distracted by Bobby Fish and Kyle O’Reilly (known as ReDragon in the past) then attacked by a debuting Adam Cole.


In many cases, losing an NXT title is a sign that a wrestler is headed to the main roster, and that’s what the Wrestling Observer’s Dave Meltzer recently speculated, according to a report from NoDQ. As the general managers of Raw and SmackDown Live respectively, Kurt Angle and Daniel Bryan, were both in attendance, Meltzer pointed out that that might be the start of a storyline where several NXT standouts will be called up “in the near future.” He noted that WWE has been “super high” on Roode in particular, and may likely book him as “one of the top five guys” of the brand he joins.

Meanwhile, the Authors of Pain are not that likely to be making their main roster debut just yet, according to Meltzer. He believes that AOP may try to win back the NXT Tag Team Championships in a three-way feud with Sanity and reDRagon, before they make their appearances on the main roster.

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Although Bobby Roode might need some closure on his earlier feud with Roderick Strong, we're liking his chances of debuting on the main roster in the coming weeks. And WWE better give him a good push, if not make him an instant contender for a championship – he's 40-years-old and not getting any younger, and that means he'll only have a few years or so to enjoy any main event or upper mid-card push he may get.


As for the Authors of Pain, we still think they're a little green for the main roster. But since Raw's tag-team division is in desperate need of star power on the heel side, it won't be surprising if WWE jumps the gun and gives Akam and Rezar a shot. Now let's just hope they don't turn into The Ascension Mk. II if they get called up sooner than expected.

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