Backstage News On Plans For Roman Reigns' Next Feud

The Braun Strowman injury and the surgery that will keep him out of the ring for 1-2 months has made it so WWE creative has had to make some changes. And one such change involves Roman Reigns.

You see, according to Wrestling Inc, Reigns was supposed to feud with Strowman up to Extreme Rules, where he would lose an Ambulance Match to Strowman. This would have allowed Braun to move on to Brock Lesnar and Reigns would start a feud with The Miz.

Reigns would then win the IC title from The Miz and that would send him to WrestleMania 34 against Lesnar with the idea being that the Universal Championship would be the only title he hasn't won yet.

But it looks like plans have been pushed up and the Reigns/Miz feud is going to start now - or at least after The Miz faces Dean Ambrose for the IC title on RAW this coming Monday.

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