Backstage News On Breezango's First Feud

We never did find out who it was behind the Breezango attacks, and it seems that WWE has not forgotten that fact.

The tag team of Tyler Breeze and Fandango may very well have been the surprise hit of the summer. While we've barely seen Breezango actually performing inside a ring, their Fashion Files segments each week truly won the attention and the affection of most in the WWE Universe.


One of the main threads throughout the Fashion Files saga was the mystery of who kept attacking Breezango. The team would continually return to their office only to find it trashed, plus, at one point Fandango actually disappeared for a while. The Ascension was the first and really only team accused by Breeze and 'Dango, and since they were found to be not guilty, the angle was seemingly forgotten, until now.

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According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter WWE hasn't simply pretended like the attacks didn't happen, as the company tends to do with a lot of angles. Instead, they've been waiting for one of the mystery attackers to recover from an injury. That man is Primo, and if the rumors are true, it will be him and his cousin Epico that reveal themselves as the ones who were tormenting Breezango, which will begin a feud between the two teams.


There have been all sort of rumblings as to who exactly could have been behind the attacks. The Colons were certainly one option, but the idea of Luke Harper and Erick Rowan reforming seemed like a more popular choice. Again, according to The Wrestling Observer, the idea of Harper and Rowan being behind the attacks was the original plan but has since been scrapped by WWE in favor of the men formerly known as The Shining Stars.

Breezango has proven to be extremely popular with the WWE Universe, and if Vince McMahon wants to cash in on that popularity, he should do it now. Present day fans have a very short attention span, and many have likely forgotten that these latest Fashion Files segments began with the duo being attacked on a near-weekly basis. Plus, WWE seems adamant on making a success of Primo and Epico, so this potential feud could possibly kill two birds with one stone.

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