How Vince McMahon Reacted To Bullet Club Invading Raw

One of the biggest angles during the Monday Night Wars was when DX "invaded" WCW Nitro. WWE will tell you it was one of the most important segments they produced at that time, and there's an argument in it's favor. Regardless of that, WWE isn't a fan of it happening to him. On Monday night, the Bullet Club invaded Raw, and Vince McMahon was not pleased.

Brian Alvarez of Wrestling Observer Radio said that McMahon didn't find Bullet Club's invasion on Raw this past Monday to be funny at all. McMahon seemed to not like the move by the Bullet Club so much that he actually had the WWE send them a cease and desist letter after their invasion of Raw which was held in Ontario, California.

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reported that the WWE claims The Young Bucks were using their intellectual property, the "Too Sweet" hand gesture, according to Wrestling Inc. Given the fact that the WWE owns the hand gesture after trademarking it shortly after bringing AJ Styles and The Club to WWE, this makes sense and they will do whatever they can to protect their company.


The Young Bucks quickly complied with the letter by removing and references to the term "Too Sweet" from the website as well as the store.


You can watch the invasion in the video below.

Sean Waltman, also known as X-Pac commented on the invasion and said that he heard how unhappy McMahon is about the whole thing, but gives The Young Bucks credit for pulling it off.

From what I read Vince was not to amused. I read that it was just a copy of what DX did. So what? I think it was brilliant. It might not have been an original idea but it was really smart of them.

The Bullet Club is one of the biggest factions outside of WWE, but we honestly can't blame them for doing whatever it takes to get attention.



This is not the first time the WWE has sent them cease and desist letter, however. They handed them numerous letters for continuing to use WWE-owned taunts and gestures like the classic DX crotch chop and the N.W.O.'s "Too Sweet" gesture.

Of course, The Bullet Club's invasion was a thing that DX did a long time ago. But the purpose of the entire ordeal was to get Cody Rhodes' name back from the WWE since they own the name "Cody Rhodes." Another part of their plan was to bring back their former fellow Bullet Club members Finn Balor, Karl Anderson, and Luke Gallows.

Comment below and give us your thoughts on the Bullet Club's invasion. What are your thoughts on the WWE send them cease and desist letters?

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