Backstage Reaction To Elias Using Undertaker's Signature Move

It's not uncommon for wrestlers to "borrow" moves from other wrestlers. When talents are employed by different promotions, it's especially common. But, when two wrestlers from the same company use each other's signature moves, it doesn't always sit well with the first person to make the move famous.

For those in the WWE Universe who watched Raw on Monday, they would have seen Elias earn another victory over his opponent Apollo Crews. That news in and of itself is not surprising. What was interesting was a move delivered by Elias and referred to by the announcers as the "Walk With Elias". For those who are familiar with the WWE, the move appears, not just similar, but identical to a move The Undertaker used to do when the announcers noted The Dead Man was "going old school".

The question is, was this move approved by The Undertaker? Was it something WWE told Elias to do? One would have to assume, with the respect The Undertaker has earned in the wrestling industry, Elias would get the OK to do so. Not everyone seems to think so.

Despite the fact that the WWE has actively promoted the move and referred to it specifically on Raw with a name, there is some speculation that wrestlers both inside and outside the company have reportedly expressed an issue with the move.

Some may have a problem with the fact that a signature move was given to a relative "rookie" and it speaks to future plans the WWE has for Elias. He's been deemed one of Vince McMahon's new favorites and that sort of tag promotes a bit of backstage jealously. Others are concerned that it's disrespectful. One former WWE star questions whether or not Elias is going to like what's coming.


Former WWE Superstar and tag team great Bubba Ray Dudley posted a tweet letting fans know, Elias should expect to hear from people regarding the move. Dudley once rolled his eyes in a match and caught major flack for it by The Undertaker the next day. That was just something he did with his eyes. This is a signature move easily recognized as one of The Undertaker's most iconic.

Bubba Ray is probably not a part of any pre-existing conversations between Elias, WWE, and The Undertaker and again, one would assume this was all run by the recently retired legend. If not, Dudley is probably right.

Or, is this a subtle way of introducing an eventual Undertaker return? That's a long-shot, but it could make some sense.


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