Backstage Update On Jinder Mahal's Next Feud

Jinder Mahal's title reign has been frustrating, but his next feud could be his last.

WWE Champion Jinder Mahal has already beaten a number of elite superstars during his title reign. The most recent one came against Shinsuke Nakamura at Hell In a Cell, and it looks as though Mahal is about to begin his next feud with another big name.

According to Dave Meltzer from Wrestling Observer Radio (via, Mahal's next feud is with A.J. Styles, one of the top names on the SmackDown roster. The two faced off in a match earlier on May 16, 2017, SmackDown, which Mahal won via pinfall thanks to help from Kevin Owens and the Singh Brothers.

It's worth noting that Mahal also recently surpassed Styles record of being champion for 140 days, making this rumored feud a hot one at the right time.


Mahal has already defeated the likes of Randy Orton, Nakamura, and Styles before, and has proven his ability to go toe-to-toe with some of the top wrestlers on the roster. But it'll be interesting to know if this rumored feud does happen and if it does get over with the crowd.


As is the case with Roman Reigns, Mahal hasn't been well-received as a champion by the WWE Universe. It seems as though only the creative team and Vince McMahon view Mahal as a worthy WWE Champion. His in-ring abilities are extremely limited, and his heel character doesn't bring much style.

But Mahal and the Singh brothers continue to dominate the SmackDown show, and there's no sign of WWE giving up on Mahal anytime soon. Perhaps a more successful feud with Styles will help build up Mahal's character, as the rivalries with Orton and Nakamura didn't seem to go as hoped.

The earliest these two would probably face off in a championship bout would probably be at Survivor Series on Nov. 19, the next scheduled pay-per-view event that includes SmackDown superstars, but the rumor is that Styles will team with Shane McMahon to take on Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn.


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Backstage Update On Jinder Mahal's Next Feud