Backstage Update On Possible Undertaker Return

All signs point to The Undertaker being retired. Back at WrestleMania 33 in Orlando, Florida, he lost his match to Roman Reigns and then left his trench coat, gloves and hat in the middle of the ring as he walked off and disappeared into a cloud of smoke. And he hasn't been seen in the ring or on TV since.

But, as we all know, in the WWE retired often just means retired for now, and even if you are retired and never plan to wrestle again, that sure doesn't stop the questions and the constant rumors about a possible return (just ask Shawn Michaels).

A few weeks ago when it was revealed that The Undertaker had been seen backstage at SummerSlam the rumor mill kicked into high gear with the thought of him showing up on the pay-per-view. But he didn't! However, after the John Cena/Roman Reigns promo on Raw last Monday night, the rumors and speculation have started up again.


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During their promo in setting up their match at No Mercy Reigns came at Cena saying that he had been able to do something that Cena was never able to accomplish: retire The Undertaker. To which Cena responded, "I'm not the Undertaker. I’m not a battered veteran at the end of his career with a bad hip."

Now, while some saw this as a slightly tasteless dig at The Deadman, is it possible that it was the start of setting something up for the future?

Well, PWInsider has reported that not only was The Undertaker at SummerSlam, but he was also working out in the ring - off camera - before the pay-per-view. Does that mean The Undertaker is getting ready for a return to the ring? And could Cena's dig be setting something up for a Cena v. Undertaker match at WrestleMania 34?


PWInsider also points out that there is a gong sound at the end of the No Mercy pay-per-view promo vignettes - which is, of course, another clue to The Undertaker's possible return.

Further speculation also has The Undertaker returning to face Cena at Survivor Series in order to up the draw for that pay-per-view. Which just seems wrong. I mean, if you are going to bring back The Undertaker for one more match then doesn't it really have to be at a WrestleMania!

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