WWE Possibly Bringing Back Old PPV Backstage Update

WWE recently filed a new trademark for the term Taboo Tuesday, suggesting that the fan interactive pay-per-view may be about to make a comeback.

Before the dawn and popularization of social media, WWE staged pay-per-view that required fans to vote online to dictate the direction some matches would take. The WWE Universe could go online and vote for things like the stipulation of an upcoming match in real time. The pay-per-view was originally known as Taboo Tuesday with the first show taking place in October 2004. The concept was soon switched to Sundays, and the name changed to Cyber Sunday, but it seems the original Tuesday idea could be about to make a comeback.

Last week on July 24, 2017,  WWE filed for a new trademark for the term Taboo Tuesday. That news doesn't guarantee the defunct pay-per-view is about to return, but a lot of the time it does mean that WWE at least has an idea in the pipeline. They wouldn't have filed a trademark to ensure the phrase Taboo Tuesday is back under their control for no reason whatsoever, so it's likely safe to assume that there are at least talks going on backstage involving bringing the concept back.

Heel By Nature reported the news along with a copy of the form detailing WWE's application for the term Taboo Tuesday. They also quite rightly pointed out that Tuesday nights are very much occupied as of right now by weekly show SmackDown Live, so where a returning Taboo Tuesday pay-per-view would fit in considering the current landscape is very much unclear at this point.


Taboo Tuesday only had two outings for WWE, once in October of 2004, then a little over a year later in 2005. Following that, it became Cyber Sunday and ran until 2008. Nine years on, it's hard to argue that a pay-per-view like that isn't a lot more suited for the present day. Technology has come a long way in that relatively short time. Smart phones, along with WWE's presence on social media, would make voting during the shows so much easier than it would have been when they first ran with this idea.


If Taboo Tuesday is going to make a comeback, it's a long way off. Right now we're only a week removed from WWE filing the trademark application, which itself could mean nothing at all. If the pay-per-view does return though it would be interesting to see how fans react to the news. Needless to say, 2017 would be a much better home for a fan interactive show than 2004.

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