Backstage Update On WWE's Plans For The New Day To Invade Raw AGAIN

Apparently, New Day's appearance on Raw will not be the only time the four-time Tag Team Champions show their faces on the red brand.

This week's Raw was a big show with a big ending. The red brand set up shop in Manchester, England on Monday night and the evening's main event saw Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose put their Tag Team Championships on the line against Sheamus and Cesaro. The Bar wound up winning the titles from the two Shield members, but that's not the whole story.


As the match was beginning to wrap up, everyone involved was distracted by the playing of the New Day's entrance music. The SmackDown Live trio then appeared high in the crowd and began talking smack about their Raw counterparts. Meanwhile, the match in the ring had come to a standstill and the show's GM Kurt Angle began rallying the troops back-stage in case there was another invasion. Amidst all the chaos, Sheamus planted Rollins with a Brogue Kick and picked up the win for himself and The Swiss Cyborg.


Well, according to PWInsider this won't be the only time that New Day invades Raw. Apparently, Kofi and co will be back and you'd have to assume that since there is only one episode of Raw left before Survivor Series, that will take place next Monday. The site is also reporting that New Day will stay with the Raw crew for the remainder of the European tour which may mean they won't be on SmackDown Live tonight.

While it's a shame that Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose will no longer be taking on The Usos, the New Day angle may be the start of something bigger and better. The four-time champions have nothing to do at Survivor Series and now that Rollins and Ambrose have lost their titles neither do they. Plus, it was announced on Monday night that Roman Reigns will be back next Monday so as of right now all signs point towards a Shield versus New Day match at Survivor Series.



New Day showing up on Raw last night was a great surprise that led to a great twist at the end of the show. If the above reports are true, then it seems like an odd choice from WWE, especially since it may mean taking New Day away from this week's SmackDown Live. Nevertheless, the end result will almost definitely be a Shield vs New Day match, and that could potentially steal the show at Survivor Series.

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