8 Backstage WWE Leaks We Hope Are True (And 7 We Hope Aren't)

The pro wrestling rumor mill is an interesting place. There really is no way to cross-reference many of the news and reports that come out on the various dirt sheets which exist on the web. A bevy of phrases such as "sources say" or "the word going around" is used to cover for the fact that these reports are really just gossip. With that being said, there is a lot of really interesting gossip which goes around regarding pro wrestling.

Usually how this information gets out is a wrestler, WWE writer, or someone else connected to the company strikes up a deal to become an anonymous source for a dirt sheet. The dirt sheet never lets the public know who their source is and usually not even their role with the company either. In some cases, we don't know if the source is the company janitor or a high up executive in Vince McMahon's inner circle. This is to say, fans don't ever get to know the source of the rumor and therefore never fully know if it's true or not. WWE has had a fake news problem long before anyone had even used the term before.

With all that being said, however, wrestling fans love to hear all the news coming out through the various pipelines even if they know these reports sometimes turn out to be false. In this article, we've broken down 15 different rumors into two categories, those we hope are true and those we hope are not.

15 True - Women To Headline More Shows

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WWE's biggest mainstream celebrity right now is Ronda Rousey. Not only is the former UFC Champion creating waves on shows like Ellen, she's also kicking butt in the ring. After what was a near-universally praised performance at WrestleMania 34, Ronda Rousey has turned around even some of her most starch detractors.

Rousey, along with Charlotte Flair, Asuka, and others will be main eventing more shows for WWE in the coming months. According to the WWE rumor mill, the promotion is hoping fans will begin to see the women's divisions as on par with the men's. This was the effect that Ronda Rousey had on the UFC, after all. For this to occur, however, the promotion will have to add more women to their rosters and have deeper divisions on both Raw and SmackDown. Some believe the only thing holding back at the women's divisions from feeling as important as the men's right now is that there are simply less women competing for the titles.

14 Isn't True - WWE & UFC Have A Secret Talent Sharing Arrangement

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WWE and UFC either have a secret talent sharing agreement that they aren't looping the public in on or both companies have truly incompetent lawyers. Ronda Rousey has never officially retired from MMA. As such, she is still in the USADA testing pool and under contract to the UFC. Rousey should not be contractually free to sign with WWE full-time unless she has UFC's approval to do so. Clearly, she's gotten UFC's approval.

Now, when it comes to Brock Lesnar, there is some more shadiness going on. Lesnar is under contract to WWE but Dana White has publicly said he will fight for the UFC again. Unless WWE and UFC have a secret deal they aren't telling us about, WWE should be able to take legal action to prevent White from stating he wants to sign their performers. This is considered contract tampering. Of course, WWE expressed their desire to sign Ronda Rousey a year before they did and the UFC didn't take action on that either. Why? Because WWE and UFC have sat down and discussed how both Ronda Rousey and Brock Lesnar can be used so that it benefits both companies. We hope this is not true only because we would rather they be open about their arrangement instead of hiding it.

13 True - Batista Turned Down Hall of Fame

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The rumor mill currently states that Batista turned down an offer to be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame this year. The reason he is believed to have done so is he wants to wrestle with the company again.

This news should have fans excited, as it has largely been believed that Batista's success in Hollywood would prevent him from returning to the company ever again. After all, that is what happened when The Rock left and achieved success in the film industry.

We hope this rumor is true as we would like to see Batista back in WWE at some point. Now that Batista's success in the Marvel Cinematic Universe has skyrocketed his stardom, his return to WWE could also help bring in new fans. So long as they don't have him win the Royal Rumble instead of Daniel Bryan that is.

12 Isn't True - John Cena & Nikki Bella Breakup on Total Divas

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Unfortunately for people who enjoy reality in their reality television programs, rumors are WWE plans to re-create several scenes from John Cena and Nikki Bella's breakup. These re-created scenes will then be shown on the Total Divas show.

While WWE often talks about how their performers make the promotion their whole life, this is taking things a little bit too far. Cena and Bella's entire relationship was shown on Total Divas, their engagement took place at WrestleMania and now their breakup will air on Total Divas as well. Nothing has done more to blur the line between fiction and reality than a pro wrestling company producing reality television shows featuring their own stars.

We hope this rumor is not true as it really would not speak well of John Cena, Nikki Bella, or WWE.

11 True - Future Saudi Arabia Shows Will Include Women's Matches

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When the WWE Universe noticed that no women's matches were scheduled for the Greatest Royal Rumble in Saudi Arabia, there were concerns from fans of women's wrestling everywhere. Some people believe this will be the only time WWE does a major show in the country without including women on the card however.

The promotion gave a short statement to media which said there would not be women's matches on the card this time. The inclusion of the words "this time" is important here. According to the rumor mill, not including women was a one-time thing and if the Saudi Sports Authority wants to make the show annual or even semi-regular, women will be on future shows. Triple H hinted at this recently during the WWE 2018 Business Partner Summit as well.

We saw WWE insist on breaking these boundaries down during their show in Abu Dhabi last year. When the company goes to Saudi Arabia next time, there will be women on the show.

10 Isn't True - Vince McMahon Still Loves Baron Corbin

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Despite the fact he gets little to no reaction every time he appears on WWE programming, the rumor mill still states that Vince McMahon is high on Baron Corbin. After all, Vince McMahon has always had a soft spot in his heart for big tall wrestlers who can give his baby faces a run for their money.

Corbin had an up-and-down 2017. He won the Money In The Bank match but failed in his cash-in attempt against Jinder Mahal. There are rumors that the reason Corbin's cash in was an attempt failed was as a result of a backstage incident. Corbin apparently made a scene during a presentation on concussions. During the presentation, Corbin let it be known he was part of a class action lawsuit against the NFL for hiding the long-term impacts of concussions. Evidently, Corbin did enough damage at the meaning to hurt his push temporarily. According to the rumor mill, however, his push will be back on shortly.

9 True - Vince McMahon to Take Time Away 

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The rumor mill currently states that Vince McMahon plans to spend more time away from WWE in the next couple of years. McMahon plans to re-launch his XFL football league in 2020 and some believe this means he will be leaving more of the sports entertainment work up to Triple H.

While Vince McMahon and his son-in-law share similar views about the business in some areas, they also have widely different views in others. One needs only to look at NXT and compare it to Monday Night Raw to see the booking differences between Vince and Hunter.

We hope this rumor is true because Triple H's style of booking tends to be more popular with true wrestling fans. With that being said, however, Vince McMahon is the most successful pro wrestling mind of all-time.

8 Isn't True- Rusev Asked For His Release 

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The WWE rumor mill states Rusev asked for his release from the company shortly before WrestleMania 34. It is believed Rusev felt the company was letting him down after his merchandise sales skyrocketed. If WWE isn't going to push him then perhaps another company would.

We hope this rumor isn't true because we hope WWE has big plans for Rusev for the remainder of the year. Every time he is on SmackDown he's one of the most popular stars on the show. Rusev needs to turn babyface, reunite with Lana, and go on a big undefeated streak like he did after his debut. They could even give him back his tank.

Here's hoping that Rusev and WWE work out their disagreements and Rusev becomes one of the biggest stars in the company as a result.

7 True - United Kingdom Division Gets Their Own Show 

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Fans of UK wrestling have been hearing this story for a while now but despite the nearly constant delays, there are still plans for the United Kingdom division to get their own show. TV taping dates in 2018 for a King Of The Rings style tournament have already been made.

Still, we've heard this story before from WWE. They get excited about running this new territory but then concerns over how much it costs to tape shows ends up giving them cold feet.

World of Sport Wrestling has also booked TV taping dates for 2018, however, and that could motivate WWE to act faster. They have re-signed several of their UK talents to better contracts to keep them from going elsewhere and, hopefully, they will finally have their own show to perform on.

6 Isn't True - Ricochet to 205 Live 

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This will be controversial as there are plenty of WWE fans who would love to see the high-flying Ricochet compete in WWE's Cruiserweight division. This is the case now more than ever as Triple H has reverted the show back to its original concept. Still, it seems like such a waste to not have one of the most talented wrestlers in the world on either Raw or SmackDown.

The rumor mill is currently stating that Triple H wants Ricochet on 205 live. Of course, he does. It's only natural that Triple H wants one of WWE's most talented wrestlers on the brands he manages. The only question is would you rather Ricochet elevate the 205 live brand or have WWE's brand elevate Ricochet?

While we hope this isn't true, it sounds like it is. Ricochet said he'd have no problem going to 205 Live even before he signed with WWE.

5 True - Next Big Stadium Show Will Be In Australia

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Australia is starting to become a hot market for pro wrestling. This is most likely great news to the many wrestlers who enjoy traveling down under. WWE is going back to Australia in October for a huge stadium show. If the rumor mill is correct, this show could become the next big WWE Network special.

As WWE continues to go global, they are looking at running the Melbourne Cricket Ground in Australia. The venue is believed to be able to hold 100,000 people for a wrestling event. This would be a huge show akin to the Greatest Royal Rumble in Saudi Arabia but for an entirely different market.

It is actually a little bittersweet for fans of Australian wrestlers. Tenille Dashwood, FKA Emma, would have been one of the most popular acts on the show but WWE released her from her contract late last year. The IIconics, Buddy Murphy, and TM61 will probably receive the cheers Emma would have.

4 Isn't True - Paige Will Wrestle Elsewhere

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So, take this for what it is worth but there is a rumor going around that Paige is actually medically cleared to wrestle, only not by WWE's doctors. You've probably heard this song and dance before as it pertained to Daniel Bryan.

Paige's story actually goes back years ago to just after she signed with WWE. Company trainers diagnosed Paige as having a condition called scoliosis, or a curving of the spine.

The prognosis for this condition is good and only extreme cases cause pain. How well this condition works for a professional wrestler, however, is not altogether clear. Paige's injuries have been related to her shoulder and neck. Doctors have stated there appears to be significant wear and tear damage on these areas despite Paige's young age. After the most recent injury, which was only a jolt to her neck resulting from a kick, WWE doctors decided they would no longer clear Paige to compete.

Basically, WWE has decided her condition makes her too injury prone and they are no longer willing to invest in her as a wrestler. She could, however, still be cleared to compete outside of WWE. If Paige decides she wants to wrestle outside WWE, there's probably nothing stopping her.

3 True - WWE Partnering With Impact Wrestling on Hardys DVD 

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Recent rumors suggest that Impact Wrestling has given WWE the rights to Matt and Jeff Hardys video collection from their promotion. This includes all the zany Final Deletion style segments filmed at the Hardy compound.

It is believed this footage will be shown on an upcoming DVD covering the careers of Matt and Jeff Hardy. In return, Impact Wrestling is believed to have been offered the option of advertising their streaming service on this DVD. If true, this is a change in operating procedure for WWE who normally won't work with other wrestling promotions.

Impact Wrestling has recently come under new management. Don Callis, the color commentator for New Japan Pro Wrestling, is now a Vice President of the company and is toting their new openness to working with other wrestling promotions from around the world.

2 Isn't True - World Expansion 

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There are definitely parts of the Global Localization plan which are appealing but on the whole, it seems likely to spell disaster for the company. For those unaware, Global Localization is a term WWE recently patented. It is believed to refer to an upcoming plan for creating NXT style promotions in countries all over the world.

In addition to the United Kingdom division, WWE is believed to also want to open territories in the Middle East, Japan, and Mexico.

Many WWE fans will love this idea and hope the company goes ahead with it as soon as possible. Those who are fans of international promotions, however, are likely worried that this plan could spell the end for non-WWE style professional wrestling across the globe. What happens when wrestling in all countries is exactly like WWE?

1 True - The Rock Returns

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Despite how successful he has become in other areas, The Rock still loves wrestling. According to the rumor mill, he wants to return. The problem is it's not entirely up to him.

While rumors state The Rock tried everything he could do in order to be at WrestleMania 34 as Ronda Rousey's partner (Kurt Angle replaced him), a deal couldn't be made. The Rock is worth a lot of money to Hollywood studios, several insurance policies on his health have been taken out. If Rock were to get injured and be unable to film a movie, there are people who would be out a lot of money as a result. That is why even scheduling the Rock for one appearance annually at WrestleMania has become so difficult over the years. The fact that the Rock did get injured at WrestleMania 29 make things that much more complicated.

It's possible we haven't seen the last WWE storyline involving arguably the greatest performer of all-time. That's a rumor most wrestling fans hope is true.

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