Bad Blood: 15 Real Life Beefs Between Wrestling Relatives

No matter how ridiculous some of these beefs seem, they are legitimate to those involved.

Most people come from families. Some families are humongous and some are small. No matter the size of the family, there's always a bit of in fighting amongst the love. For some families, there barely is any love.

Its something everyone can relate to. But when you extend the kind of sometimes trivial, sometimes major arguments to the world of professional wrestling, all kinds of nonsense can erupt. Sometimes over money, sometimes over not giving a sibling the level of respect they deserve, often times when you boil down the reasons, they're just as ridiculous and just as major as is it is with "normal" families.

The world of wrestling is filled with all kinds of families - most notably the Harts, the Guerreros, the McMahons, and the Rhodes (which also includes Tugboat and Jerry Sags). The extended families also often include whose who lists of superstars, and some you'll read about on this list. No matter how ridiculous some of these beefs seem, they are legitimate to those involved.

Here are 15 real life beefs between real life wrestling relatives.

16 Martha Hart vs. Bret Hart


Even though some fans get slightly crazy about not getting the opportunity to honor Owen Hart in the Hall of Fame, it is entirely understandable why the King of Harts' widow, Martha has heat with both the McMahon family and her in-laws. After all, according to Martha, Owen didn't even like wrestling to begin with and then thanks to the freak accident that claimed his life at eerily cryptically named, Over the Edge in May 1999, her husband, the youngest of the Hart children was gone. Bret Hart in recent years has been very vocal that not only did his baby brother love the business but he would have loved to be honored in the WWE Hall of Fame. The WWE has done what they could to honor Owen by releasing a compilation DVD, but they have held steadfast in honoring Martha's wishes. But that hasn't stopped The Hitman from speaking about the topic. Perhaps one day Martha will relent and let the company and Owen's fans give him the accolades he so richly deserves, but for now the pain is still too real for her and might never subside. Nothing you can blame a grieving widow for, no matter how much Bret and the rest of the Hart family want to see the Rocket honored.


14 Dusty Rhodes vs. Goldust and Terri Runnels


In the early years of his career, Goldust was "The Natural" Dustin Rhodes. The American Dream's son was a solid worker and it never seemed like was getting a push just because of who his daddy was backstage in WCW, but because was that damn good in the ring. Also backstage, Dustin was falling hard for Terri Boatright, who then was a makeup artist who would eventually become Alexandra York. The Dream disapproved vehemently, feeling that she was nothing but a gold digger who only liked Dustin for his lineage. When Dustin left WCW and became Goldust, Terri came with and would eventually become Marlena, one of the most underrated hotties of the Attitude Era. Dusty and Dustin hadn't spoken for years after all of this. They mended fences in the early 2000s when Dustin came to WCW for the failed Se7en gimmick but at least father and "thun" were able to reunite and stay close until Dusty's heartbreaking death several years ago.

13 The Harlem Heat


Booker T has made no bones about growing up having a hard life before he made it worse for himself and became a petty thief and doing jail time. He came out better than he went in, which is a rarity for ex-cons, and older brother Stevie Ray was going to all he could to make sure Booker succeeded. The brothers went to wrestling school and became The Ebony Experience. They would eventually be signed by WCW and the Harlem Heat was born. Booker would eventually move onto singles ("5-time, 5-time...") glory as Stevie Ray would retire. But the two would open up a wrestling school together which led to a big rift between the brothers over how it should be ran. It was a rift that lasted for years and the two hadn't even spoken until Stevie Ray inducted baby brother into the Hall of Fame in 2013.

12 Kevin Sullivan vs. Woman


Certainly, the blackest mark on the wrestling industry would have to be the day that something snapped inside the once beloved Chris Benoit and he had murdered his wife and young son before killing himself as well. But prior to that extra-evil day, Benoit's wife, Nancy was the captivating Woman and in real-life, she was married to The Taskmaster, Kevin Sullivan, who was booking for WCW at the time. As was custom during this time, any and all hot ladies were paired off with The Four Horsemen and Woman was no different. She was placed with the then up and coming Benoit. The onscreen pairing blossomed into a full blown romance behind Sullivan's back and all hell broke loose. Sullivan booked himself out of his own marriage and into a hellacious feud with Benoit, who he and the rest of The Dungeon of Doom left laying in a bathroom stall after a beat down in their No Holds Barred war at Super Brawl. Clearly being around each other wasn't going to do anyone good and Woman started showing up less and less. These events actually had some fans grasping at straws when the real tragedy happened and dreamed up the scenario that the nefarious Taskmaster somehow was the mastermind.

11 Paige vs. "Rowdy" Ricky Knight


British wrestler, "Rowdy" Ricky Knight's biggest claim to fame to American fans would have to be that he fathered troubled WWE Superstar, Paige. Currently rehabbing a neck injury, the British Bombshell has been engaged to former WWE star Alberto del Rio/Alberto El Patron for several months now. Their relationship has been the closest thing to tabloid fodder that the WWE has seen in years, considering every few weeks ago, something out of the ordinary pops up involving the pair, such as Alberto fighting with other indy stars for supposedly making a move on Paige at events. The company itself even frowned on the relationship, considering Del Rio was not only married at the time, but also in a relationship with Charlotte. And of course, we cannot overlook the recent Paige Leaks. But one of the most vocal detractors has been daddy Knight himself, who commented that he is totally against "that man" marrying his daughter. There could be more than just fatherly disapproval going on here, but for now Knight has stayed mum since his initial comment.

10 The British Bulldogs


Davey Boy Smith and Tom "Dynamite Kid" Billington, The British Bulldogs are widely regarded as REVOLUTIONIZING the tag team division. Both men have literally given their lives to the wrestling industry, with Davey Boy passing away and Dynamite confined to a wheel chair. Their work in the industry during the '80s has thankfully lived on and influenced countless acts. Anytime a sawed - off shredded Brit like Neville comes along, and immediate comparisons to the Dynamite Kid are made. But the cousins irreparable rift began when Davey Boy came back to the company in the early '90s. Davey Boy and his wife, Diana Hart were about to lose their house and Diana had enough business savvy to trademark the British Bulldog name, which even though Dynamite agreed was a good idea was too stubborn to be ok with Diana being "the tail that wagged the dog."

9 Roman Reigns vs. The Rock


For his contributions to the WWE during the Attitude Era and his global dominance all over the entertainment industry, The Rock pretty much can do whatever he wants when he comes to town, although that might change a little now that he decided to call CM Punk live after Raw while filming Fighting with my Family. But before that, the guy certainly had carte blanche. So back in 2015, when the WWE began their mega push to get his little cousin, Roman Reigns to John Cena status, they enlisted The Great One to work his Rock magic and help to mint a new Samoan mega star. Unfortunately, the place chosen for the near mythic fete was the Royal Rumble in Philadelphia, where die-hard ECW fans still live and breath to boo when their B.S. meters go off the charts. On this night, when it was clear as day that Roman was destined to be shoved down our collective gullets, the Philly faithful almost rioted and not even The Rock could save the much maligned Big Dog as the fans booed the crap out of The Brahma Bull for even trying. The look on his face hadn't been seen since the days of "die, Rocky, die," and with his Hollywood status, boos simply cannot be heard for the Rock. The Great One hasn't said word one about Roman Reigns ever since. While this may come as pure speculation, we have to believe that there was at a least a little tension between the two.

8 Bruce Hart vs. Bret Hart


When Stu Hart agreed to sell Stampede Wrestling to Vince McMahon, he did so under the condition that Vince signs The British Bulldogs and The Hart Foundation. A squirrely Bruce found a way to keep Stampede alive and eventually trained Brian Pillman, Chris Jericho, and in part, his younger brother, Owen. Bruce got to watch from the sidelines as his brother, brothers-in-law, and cousin-in-law toured the world. When Vince laid out the storyline that Bret would feud with one of hi brothers, McMahon suggested Bruce. Luckily, Bret knew better and said lets get Owen instead. None of this had to have sat well with Bruce and the guy has always seemed a little bitter about his place in the industry. None more so than when he stated Bret was a mark for himself who only looked out for himself and nowhere near the team player that the Hitman always claimed he was being.

7 The Honky Tonk Man vs. Jerry "The King" Lawler


Ask even non-wrestling fans who live in Memphis and they know that Elvis is not the only king from Memphis, Jerry Lawler is also heralded in the City of Kings. The King isn't the only member of his family to have stepped in the ring either. The Greatest Intercontinental Champion of All Time, The Honky Tonk Man is Lawler's cousin and the two have had a strenuous relationship during their entire time in the business stemming all the way back to when Honky was part of the Memphis tag team, The Blond Bombers. Lawler handed him $999 for the night and asked his cousin how he felt to make his first thousand dollar payday. Honky said "its not 1000." From there, all over a buck if you believe the story, the cousins are a bit sensitive since they have been at it ever since, taking little pot shots at one another during shoot interviews.

6 Bruce Hart vs. Dynamite Kid


With eight million Hart family members in the world along with ten thousand relatives by marriage, heck you might even be related to the Harts. For a time, Dynamite Kid, Tom Billington was related twice over. Once by being Davey Boy's cousin and again be marrying Bret's first wife's sister. Considering how ornery both Dynamite and Bruce always seemed to be, there was bound to be an issue or two between them sooner or later. The day before Owen and Martha's wedding, Bruce thought it would be a good idea to constantly goad Billington, because he was driving without a windshield. Needless to say, eventually the sawed-off battling Brit popped Bruce in the jaw, giving him a broken mouth before the wedding. But Bruce has a point, it is a pretty funny image to think of Dynamite driving around COLD AF Calgary without a windshield.

5 Chavo Classic vs. Vicky Guerrero


The Guerrero family is one of the biggest and far reaching families in sports entertainment. Patriarch Gory invented the Gory Special Back Breaker, Chavo Classic is one of the innovators of the Moonsault, and Mondo trained the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling, something Chavo Jr. is doing now for the upcoming Netflix GLOW TV series. Then of course there's Eddie - the pride of the family and pretty much every wrestling fan who saw him perform, the guy was loved. After his death, Vicky became an on-screen character and became a heck of a heel. While there isn't a lot of reasons as to why online, there is definitely some tension between Chavo Classic and his former sister-in-law. If you hear him tell it, she cut off all ties to the family once Eddie passed and kept her children from seeing their grandmother. Also, if Eddie was still alive, he supposedly would have never let their daughter Shaul become a wrestler.

4 Karen vs. Kurt Angle


And you thought that Matt Hard-Lita-Edge triangle was sordid. At least their love triangle didn't almost destroy the WWE. What happens when parties involved are married with children and in positions of power? In TNA, The Olympic Wrestling Machine, Kurt Angle started bringing his wife Karen to the shows and very soon, she became an integral part to Kurt's character during the Main Event Mafia era. Then Double J Jeff Jarrett started getting cozy with the soon-to-be WWE Hall of Famer's wife and the two became an item. That has to be a great way to build moral - have the boss, owner, founder, and creative mind behind the company hook up with the wife of his top star. Supposedly, Karen was just fed up with Kurt's BS and drug abuse, but that shouldn't be an excuse. Jeff got removed from TV for all of this nonsense. For the sake of the children, all three have patched things up, but for a brief time this event and not the in ring product was tearing TNA apart.

3 Debra McMichael vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin


She debuted in WCW alongside her then-husband, Steve McMichael. But very quickly, Debra and her glorious business suits that gave every young male (and Jerry Lawler) a reason to scream "puppies," found her way onto Monday Night Raw and the on-screen arm candy of Double J Jeff Jarrett. But backstage, the blond bombshell  was busy stunning The Texas Rattlesnake's heart. The two were married in 2000 and Debra was also coming to the ring with Austin while he was a heel. But any happy ending for this couple went out the window in 2002 when Debra had called the cops to their home, stating The Bionic Redneck tuned her up. Austin had called while the police were there but did not come home at that time. He was eventually arrested and plead no contest and served 80 hours of community service for his crimes. All of this, and Debra accusing Austin of using steroids as well.

2 Randy Savage vs. Miss Elizabeth


Every wrestling fan, heck every person that has a beating heart gets a little teary - eyed at the WrestleMania VII reunion of "Macho Man" Randy Savage and his longtime love, The First Lady of WWE, Miss Elizabeth. With both of them sadly gone now, it is one of the warmest, fuzziest moments fans will forever have etched in our hearts. The duo were inseparable both on screen and off, but that inseparableness was due in part to the Macho Man's paranoia. According to many, Savage would find ways of keeping Liz hidden in the back, far away from the male coworkers to protect her from any unwanted suitors (even though he was married to her at the time). All to ensure that she wouldn't leave him for another wrestler or have another wrestler try something stupid. Savage's unwieldy behavior eventually helped to end their marriage and and their relationship both personal and professional would never be the same. Savage would end up marrying a high school sweetheart and Liz actually did shack up with another wrestler, The Total Package, Lex Luger.

1 Shane vs. Stephanie McMahon


When you're the heir and heiress to the entire wrestling industry, chances are there's going to be real life heat between brother and sister. Both Shane and Stephanie McMahon have both at various points been groomed to take over for Vinny Mac when he chooses to leave this mortal coil. So when Shane left the company in 2010, there was no one standing in the way of Stephanie gaining more power and currying even more favor than just being daddy's little girl. In 2012 with the ratings tanking, a secret meeting was held where Shane appeared with his writing partner and suggested he take over the writing team. Vince ultimately declined, but rumors and innuendo suggest The Billion Dollar Princess turned whiter than Sheamus at the mere suggestion that older brother was coming back to claim what was his and usurp all she and The Game had worked for...Game of Thrones WWE Universe style!

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Bad Blood: 15 Real Life Beefs Between Wrestling Relatives