Bad Sign For 205 Live As House Shows Put On Hold

WWE seem to be throwing anything they can at 205 Live and seeing what sticks. The cruiserweight division is struggling somewhat and rather than give up on it there are clear attempts being made to make the purple brand work. Superstars leaving and others being arrested is not going to stop WWE from making 205 Live a success.

Stars such as Hideo Itami and Tyler Bate have been added to the cruiserweight ranks and last month there were even a few house shows that were brand exclusive. Well aside from Woken Matt Hardy versus Bray Wyatt headlining the events. Apparently fans who attended the shows responded well to them, however that didn't stop one of the three live events having to be cancelled due to poor ticket sales.


It seems that the good reaction from the fans coupled with the show cancellation has left WWE's bookers in limbo somewhat. There were initially plans for the cruiserweights to put on more 205 Live exclusive house shows in California this month but at the time of typing this there has been no further word on that. That doesn't mean the plans have been scrapped altogether though and according to PWInsider there are still plans to have more events in the future.

It seems that the stars of the division liked having their own tour also. Hideo Itami tweeted Drake Maverick, the new 205 Live General Manager, earlier this week asking him to give them another exclusive tour. Maverick likes the idea and quoted the tweet so that he could 'put it to the WWE Universe'. If the talent are on board and so are the fans then watch this space for a second 205 Live tour.


It's refreshing to see that Vince McMahon and WWE aren't just throwing in the towel with the cruiserweight division. The Cruiserweight Classic that started all this is proof that 205 Live can work, it's just a case of WWE getting the formula right and giving the fans something they want to see and can get invested in on a week to week basis.

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