Finn Balor Says Demon King Might Return In 'Near Future'

Finn Balor recently spoke about why we haven't seen his Demon King persona since he returned from injury, and when we can expect to see it again.

Balor is an impressive enough pro wrestler as it is. When he's wearing his war paint and portraying the persona of the Demon King, however, you know he means business. Since he returned to WWE the night after WrestleMania 33 though, we haven't seen an appearance from The Demon. Balor has been wrestling, and he's a main player on the Raw brand, but he simply comes to the ring in boots, trunks, and his Balor Club leather jacket.

The WWE Universe has been wondering why they've not been treated to a Demon King appearance, especially since, along with his wrestling ability, it is Balor's trump card. The Irishman finally spoke out on the topic though, saying that there's nothing to fear as we definitely haven't seen the last of the former Universal Champion's alter ego. For the moment though Balor said the Demon 'hasn't been required'.

Balor revealed these details in an extensive interview with Sports Illustrated Now. While Balor did say that his war paint hasn't been required since his return, he did add that the Demon King would likely need to be drawn upon in the near future, although that was as much information as he was willing to divulge. Outside of his gimmick, the former NXT Champion discussed other WWE matters, including why he thinks fellow countryman Conor McGregor is a 'natural fit' for the biggest wrestling promotion in the world.

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Balor's first run on the main roster was a short one following his freak injury at last year's SummerSlam. In the month that he spent on Raw, we saw two appearances from the Demon King, one at SummerSlam–when he won the Universal Championship–and another on the Monday before that in an attempt to intimidate his opponent, Seth Rollins. Balor also donned the body and face paint a number of times for big occasions in NXT. For those who haven't seen it, it's extremely impressive, and most definitely adds something to the occasion.


While fans are likely dying to see The Demon King make another appearance in WWE, it really is a gimmick that should be used scarcely. Not only does it clearly take a lot of work to do, WWE will not want the novelty of it to wear off. Vince McMahon can often do something to death if he thinks it's popular, but luckily the chairman is yet to do that with Balor and his Demon persona.

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