Bank Statement: 15 Things WWE Doesn’t Want You To Know About Sasha Banks

Sasha Banks is one of the top women’s wrestling stars in the business today. Fans fell in love with her work in NXT, so WWE made her a vocal point in turning around the women’s division on the main roster for the better. Her talent, along with numerous others, forced WWE’s hand into realizing money could be made with their athletic talent rather than just marketing their looks. Sasha dreamed of being a wrestling star and changing the industry for future women. At a young age, she's already accomplished those goals and has a lot of time left in her career.

Her talent and ability to connect with the fan base helped Banks become a huge star for the company. Sasha’s merchandise is among the top sellers in the company and was only second to The Bella Twins for female stars in 2016. People love watching and supporting Banks but WWE doesn’t want you to know everything about the star. There have been quotes, comments, opinions, moments and rumors through the recent years that have seen a lot of insight come out about her life. We'll look at fifteen specific things that WWE does not want us to know about Sasha Banks.

12 She Liked WCW More Than WWE

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Sasha Banks' childhood saw her become a diehard wrestling fan at a young age. Banks has gone on the record stating that she preferred WCW over WWE, as most of Sasha’s favorite wrestlers were the Cruiserweights in the company. Everyone knows about her love of Eddie Guerrero and it started in WCW. Other WCW stars like Rey Mysterio and Chris Jericho made Nitro her favorite show as a kid.

WWE still goes out of their way to bury the past of WCW in any historical presentations or discussions about the Monday Night Wars. The company still tries to downplay the impact and influence WCW had on the wrestling business. Someone as successful as Banks found inspiration from the WCW product and it made her a wrestling fan for the rest of her life.

11 Hated How WWE Treated Women's Wrestlers

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WWE finally started treating the female wrestlers of the company with respect in recent years. It sadly wasn’t always like that. One of the reasons Sasha Banks didn’t connect with WWE as much as WCW was due to how the women were portrayed on WWE television. Most of the matches featuring women consisted of them ripping each other’s clothes off or fighting in pudding.

Banks's dream seemed impossible at an early age given how much she disliked that style of wrestling. Sasha wanted to make it to WWE, but strongly despised the idea of having to compete in tawdry matches based on sex appeal rather than talent. Luckily, Banks helped impact the change she wanted to see in the wrestling world, but she still remains vocal when asked about her dislike of the past era of WWE women’s wrestling.

10 Injury History At A Young Age

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Sasha Banks is just 25 years old, making it amazing to realize how much she has already accomplished. One of the few things working against Banks is her injury history, as we have witnessed a few Banks injuries during her time on the main roster. The injuries to her knee and back have made pundits question her durability. Banks also suffered a concussion at one point last year.

The abundance of injuries saw WWE use it for a fake retirement tease. Fans actually bought into it given how much time she missed at that point. Banks is one of the smaller women on the roster and works a style that requires lots of high risks. WWE can’t be thrilled about the amount of injuries she has already suffered at such a young age for a wrestler.

12. Her Title Reigns Have Been Sacrificed For Charlotte Flair's Success

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Sasha Banks is a three-time Raw Women’s Champion, but none of her title reigns have lasted more than a few weeks. 2016 saw Banks capture the title three times all on Monday Night Raw by defeating Charlotte Flair. Sasha would lose it back to Charlotte at the following PPVs. WWE went all in on building Flair as the face of the women’s division.

Her momentum was squandered every time she appeared to have something special going. WWE booked Charlotte as undefeated in singles matches on PPV. That meant Banks had to lose the Raw Women’s Championship back to her every time. WWE tries to present the rivalry as going back and forth. Sadly, fans mostly remember the big matches that featured Sasha losing every single time.

9 Backstage Feud With Alexa Bliss

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An interesting rivalry behind the scenes has pitted Sasha Banks and Alexa Bliss against each other. Reports have circulated that they strongly dislike each other. Banks and Bliss go out of their way to avoid referencing each other when discussing the top stars in the women’s division. A match between the two in NXT stands out when Banks busted Bliss' nose.

The Raw vs. SmackDown team match at Survivor Series 2016 saw them have an odd exchange on social media. One theory is Banks worked stiff with Bliss, causing an issue between the two that has lasted a few years now. Some of Alexa’s fans have actually claimed Sasha blocked them when tagging her in complimentary Bliss tweets. Two of WWE’s top women hating each other in real life is not something the company wants.

8 Was The Original Face of the Women’s Revolution

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Charlotte Flair and now Bayley have been marketed as the faces of the women’s division in recent years. Sasha Banks is in a great spot, but has yet to truly be the top star in the division on the main roster. The momentum and success of women’s wrestling in WWE started down in NXT. Banks, Flair, Becky Lynch and Bayley delivered incredible matches on a weekly basis, earning the moniker of The Four Horsewomen.

Banks' success during her NXT Women’s Championship title reign saw her matches become the talk of the wrestling world. Matches with Lynch and Bayley on three consecutive TakeOver specials saw her become a standout performer in WWE. Fans wanted to see the women’s division thanks to the title reign of Sasha becoming relevant enough to make an impact. Her debut on the main roster saw her play a heel, but fans cheered her on every week thanks to her success down in NXT.

7 Worst Feud of 2015

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The women’s wrestling movement in WWE has been a success, but the beginning stages were a huge mess. It all started with Stephanie McMahon announcing we were witnessing a revolution. Sasha Banks, Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch made their debuts on the main roster and were placed on teams to feud with the main roster stars.

Nothing came off organic and it felt like a teacher forcing all the kids to team up for a spelling bee. The feud of The Bella Twins and Alicia Fox vs. Banks, Naomi and Tamina vs. Paige, Charlotte and Lynch won the Wrestling Observer Newsletter Award for Worst Feud of 2015. WWE trying to introduce the new female stars of the roster by having faction warfare turned into a complete mess. A performer as talented and respected winning such a negative award is not a good look.

8. Has Made More History Than Any Other Woman in WWE

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Sasha Banks has been in more history making matches for the women’s division than anyone else in company history. WWE likes to pretend Trish Stratus and Lita were treated as huge stars during the Attitude Era, but they never main evented any PPVs. Charlotte Flair has dominated the women’s division in recent times. However, Banks has been involved in more significant matches.

The Iron Man Match between Sasha and Bayley at NXT TakeOver: Respect was the first ever women’s Iron Man Match and the first women’s match to close a live WWE special. Banks would make history again on the main roster with the first ever women’s Hell in a Cell Match against Charlotte. It would be the first main event on a traditional WWE PPV featuring two women. Banks has lost the historic matches, but she's the one common thread.

6 Was a Part Of Triple H's WM XXX Entrance

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WrestleMania 32 was referred to as the first ever WrestleMania match for Sasha Banks. A tremendous match between Banks, Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch stole the show with WWE putting the spotlight on them. However, it was not the first WrestleMania appearance for Banks and Flair. Triple H used both ladies, along with Alexa Bliss, to play the women for his entrance, removing his crown before a match with Daniel Bryan.

The choices of Banks, Flair and Bliss were made by Triple H to give them a taste of being in front of a WrestleMania crowd. Triple H believed in all three to become huge stars and he was on the money. Banks will likely never be referenced as part of the WrestleMania XXX entrance due to WWE only wanting to keep track of her actual matches on the show.

5 Better as a Heel

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The majority of Sasha Banks’ time on the main roster has been as a face character. Banks still goes by “The Boss,” but has toned down the arrogance associated with her character in NXT. Fans love her and Sasha is definitely one of the most popular women in WWE today. The problem is something always holds her back from becoming the top star in the division.

Banks is just a natural heel and her NXT run proved she's significantly better in that role. Sasha has even admitted she prefers the heel role and is more comfortable with it, despite liking to encourage young fans as a face. The story of super babyface Bayley and Banks being best friends could very well lead to a heel turn for Sasha. We can only hope it happens soon, since it's who she's best served playing.

5. Refuses To Sign Autographs For Fans at Airports or Hotels

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Sasha Banks has been vocal against the sect of wrestling fans that try to meet wrestlers at airports and hotels. Those fans find the information of where wrestlers will be traveling or staying in hopes of getting them to sign autographs and take pictures. CM Punk first publicly ranted about these fans in his infamous pipe bomb promo, claiming they want autographs to sell online.

Since coming to the main roster, Banks has criticized those fans on social media numerous times, claiming they show no respect for the performers. Sasha says she'll sign and take pictures at appearances, but usually will turn down any requests on her private time, especially when traveling to and from shows. While Banks is doing nothing wrong here, WWE has to wish she kept this private instead of constantly talking about it.

4 Made Young Fan Cry

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One of the best examples of heel heat took place at NXT TakeOver: Respect during the memorable Sasha Banks vs. Bayley Iron Man Match. Banks portrayed the heel against the lovable Bayley in a monumental match for women’s wrestling. The most shocking moment of the incredible match came when Banks took aim at Bayley’s biggest fan.

Izzy is a young fan that attends every NXT show and developed the reputation as Bayley’s biggest supporter, dressing like her every show. Banks used this to her advantage by ripping the signature Bayley bow off of Izzy’s hair and taking it into the ring to mock Bayley. The young girl started crying at the dastardly act from Sasha. WWE likely wants you to forget one of their most popular stars made a little girl cry. In fairness to Banks, she gave a bouquet of flowers to Izzy after the show as an apology.

3 Married to WWE Employee

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Wrestlers in WWE entering relationships and getting married has become quite common. There are quite a few couples in WWE today that got to know each other working as peers. Sasha Banks is indeed in a relationship with a co-worker and it's with WWE’s seamstress, Mikaze. The happy couple met on the independent circuit when Mikaze was still a wrestler, working the same New England shows with Banks.

WWE did not have interest in Mikaze as a wrestler, but his other talent earned him a spot in the company. Mikaze helps design and create the gear that many wrestlers on the WWE roster wear. All of Banks’ gear comes from Mikaze and now the rest of the roster goes to him to make their ideas a reality.

2 Refuses To Be On Total Divas

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WWE has found success with Total Divas as a hit show on E! The Bella Twins even have a spin off show due to the interest in cameras following around the women’s wrestlers of WWE. One woman that you will never see on Total Divas is Sasha Banks. She shut down the idea of ever appearing on the reality series every time she's asked.

Most of the women to find success in NXT as credible in-ring performers have been kept away from the Total Divas world. If that changes, Sasha has made it clear she would not want the opportunity to become a reality show star. Some wrestlers value their privacy and Banks is clearly one of them. WWE however can’t be thrilled about one of their stars being so against their hit show.

1 Vince McMahon Doesn't Like Her

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The one thing WWE most wants us to forget about Sasha Banks is what Vince McMahon thinks about her. Reports have circulated over the past year that McMahon doesn’t believe in Banks and has been a critic of her. Fans were shocked every time Banks lost the Raw Women’s Championship back to Charlotte Flair on PPVs. McMahon clearly believes in Charlotte more than Sasha to be the face of the women’s division.

Another surprise recently saw Bayley win the Raw Women’s Championship and end Charlotte’s undefeated PPV streak. The rumors of McMahon not believing in Banks are proven with Bayley being the top face and Charlotte being the top heel. Sasha’s injuries and durability are apparently the things that Vince dislikes most. Hopefully Banks can change his mind before it's too late.

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