Baron Corbin Received Death Threats After His End Of Days On Becky Lynch

After hitting Becky Lynch with an End Of Days at Extreme Rules, fans messaged Baron Corbin claiming they were coming to Raw to stab him.

Intergender wrestling has been a hotly debated topic for pretty much as long as it has existed. Back during the Attitude Era, it wasn't as frowned upon in WWE as it is today. Chyna would wrestle male Superstars on a weekly basis. Plus, there was the incredibly uncomfortable segment during which Stone Cold beat the heck out of Lita with a steel chair.

Although in WWE intergender wrestling has become a thing of the past, there have been a couple of moments recently when WWE appeared to be testing the waters. When Nia Jax entered the men's Royal Rumble match earlier this year, for example. Plus, Baron Corbin hitting Becky Lynch with an End Of Days at Extreme Rules.

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Based on what Corbin had to say about fan reaction to that moment, we won't be getting any others like it for the foreseeable future. During an appearance on Notsam Wrestling, The Lone Wolf revealed that he received death threats following that match. "People went way overboard, but people were like, ‘I’m coming to Raw to stab you.’ It was crazy," Corbin revealed. Obviously none of those threats came to pass, but it must have been at least a little scary for the new King of the Ring.

Other than the death threats, Corbin also discussed how cool the initial reaction was when he performed the move. "They popped and then booed. It was the most confusing and greatest reaction of just pure, natural excitement and hatred." We remember watching the moment live and couldn't quite believe what we had just seen. It definitely made the match a lot more memorable.

This match could well have been the turning point for Corbin. Before this, we would argue that he had "go away heat," a term Corbin has admitted he doesn't fully agree with. However, since then we think the former constable has had real heat. Fans actively dislike him now, and winning KOTR will only enhance that hatred. WWE may well have its next big heel in Corbin.

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