Baron Corbin Ends Losing Streak On SmackDown Live

Baron Corbin brought the curtain down on over two months without a win in singles action on SmackDown Live this past Tuesday, beating Tye Dillinger.

It's been a rough couple of months for Baron Corbin. In June, the future looked so bright for The Lone Wolf as he became the latest man to get his hands on the Money in the Bank Contract. By the time SummerSlam rolled around though, he lost his coveted contract after unsuccessfully cashing it in, and he failed to get any kind of revenge in the short opening match of the pay-per-view to John Cena.

Though it wasn't a good look for Corbin, it was actually a lot worse than it first appeared, if that's possible. On this week's SmackDown Live Corbin picked up a victory over Tye Dillinger. That's not a big deal, really, until you realize that it's Corbin's first televised singles win in more than two months!


According to profightdb.com, the last time Baron Corbin won a one on one bout on WWE television was June 27, 2017, when he defeated Sami Zayn. Since then, he won a tag team match— he and Kevin Owens defeated AJ Styles and Shinsuke Nakamura—but that's all. During that period apart from the Cena and MITB losses, Corbin also lost twice to The King of Strong Style, once at Battleground and again in a SmackDown Live rematch.


There are still certain rumors swirling that Baron Corbin earned himself some heat backstage. At first, it appeared to be for a Twitter exchange he had with a military veteran, but now it appears that Corbin allegedly shot down a WWE doctor's comments on CTE in front of a room full of fellow Superstars. Corbin will be hoping that this recent win signifies a turn in fortunes for him.

Over two months without a singles win for someone who looked destined to be the WWE Champion in the not-to-distant future is not a good sign at all. It's hardly a significant win either with Tye Dillinger currently acting as a glorified enhancement talent on WWE's blue brand. Vince McMahon has a lot invested in Baron Corbin though, and even if all of the above is true, it will take more than that to make him give up on this particular project.

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