Baron Corbin Destroys Fan That Criticized His Receding Hairline

One fan learned not to mess with Baron Corbin on Twitter.

Baron Corbin isn't a stranger to controversy when it comes to the fans and his interactions with them on Twitter. In fact, Corbin has f0und himself in hot water when it comes to the WWE because he can't seem to lay off of people who criticize either his performances or his appearance.

It's unfortunate that fans feel the need to step over that boundary when it comes to simply enjoying the product, but platforms like Twitter and Instagram have made it possible to interact directly with the WWE Superstars. This is both good and bad.

Corbin was on the receiving end of more criticism recently when a fan once again forgot how to be a decent human being on Twitter. Chris Savage took to Twitter to discuss a podcast where some of the talk was about Corbin losing the U.S. Title at Clash of Champions and instead of just leaving it at his performances in the ring, cracked a comment about Corbin's figure and receding hairline.


Of course, Corbin wasn't going to let that slide. He never does.

Responding to the fan (or not-so-much a fan), Corbin responded by suggesting that at least he has the tenacity to go out and perform, take life by the horns and make something of himself. Writing, "Even with all of that I still just bought a million dollar house. What's your excuse for being a nobody hiding in the crowd?"

With one foul swoop, Corbin shot back hard and let the fan know his opinion wasn't appreciated. The exchange then went back and forth with another fan who was standing up for Corbin as Savage suggested WWE felt more confidence in Dolph Ziggler than they do Corbin.

At the end of the day, Corbin let the fan have it but unfortunately looked a bit shallow in the process. Knowing that his fingers have already gotten him in trouble with WWE brass, it's likely better than Corbin just avoid social media altogether.


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Baron Corbin Destroys Fan That Criticized His Receding Hairline