Baron Corbin Joins Exclusive Club After Money In The Bank Cash In

Baron Corbin becomes just the third Superstar in WWE history to cash in Money In The Bank and not win the subsequent match.

It was a pretty mundane SmackDown Live this week, to say the least. We did have the promise of a first time ever match between WWE Champion Jinder Mahal and John Cena to close out the show, however, and the bout was promoted sporadically throughout the program. It turns out, the match itself wasn't that great and was in keeping with the rest of the average edition of WWE's Tuesday night show, but not many would have accounted for the fireworks that came next.

A run-in of some sort was expected, and just as Cena looked to have things sewn up following a Super AA on Mahal. Then the sixteen time World Champion's SummerSlam opponent Baron Corbin interjected. The match was of course thrown into disarray and Cena was left out cold along with the WWE Champion. Then Corbin made his way back to the locker room, or so it seemed at first.

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Once he was halfway up the ramp, The Lone Wolf glanced down at his briefcase and clearly, a light went off. Corbin quickly made his way back to the ring and proceeded to cash in his Money in the Bank contract. It was no tease either, and as soon as the referee confirmed that Jinder was okay to compete, the bell was rung and the match was official. Cena then took his chance to distract Baron, and in turn, Mahal took his chance to roll up the now former Mr. Money in the Bank and retain the championship.


Baron Corbin joins a very exclusive club, and one that nobody particularly wants to be a member of. Only two people have ever cashed in the Money in the Bank contract before and not won a World Championship on the back of it. Interestingly enough, one of those people is John Cena, and the other is Damien Sandow, who was unsuccessful in his cash-in against Cena—are you starting to see the pattern here?


It is certainly a big surprise that WWE  chose to add Baron to this very short and extremely undesirable list. Corbin is one of WWE's own, and he seemed nailed on to be a WWE Champion when it came time to cash in his contract. There's no such luck for The Lone Wolf, though. What this shocking turn of events does do, however, is add a whole lot of intrigue and interest to the match between Baron and Big Match John this Sunday at SummerSlam.

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