Baron Corbin Shows Off His Impressive New Car On Twitter

Baron Corbin may not be on top of the world inside the ring, but he is clearly doing pretty well for himself when it comes to his finances.

Baron Corbin had something of a mixed 2017. The Lone Wolf became Mr. Money In The Bank and won the United States Championship, but he also suffered a fair few lows. His time with the Money In The Bank briefcase came to an embarrassing end when he was rolled up by Jinder Mahal, and he recently lost the United States Title only for it to be vacated two days later.


That bad luck has continued too as he was beaten by Bobby Roode, again by roll up, in the first round of a tournament to crown a new US Champion. The former NXT man has declared his entry into the 2018 Royal Rumble match and who knows, maybe that bout will signal a turn in his fortunes.

One thing's for certain, Corbin's in-ring woes are not reflected in his everyday life. Towards the end of last week, the SmackDown Live Superstar posted a photo of his new Ferrari on Twitter asking his followers whether he should go for a drive. Just in case some people didn't believe it was really his car when a fan commented "Nice Rental" Corbin replied "if that makes you feel better to think that."

Strangely it seems that Corbin may have an unlikely friend in referee Charles Robinson, despite claiming on numerous occasions that he has no allies. The WWE official questioned whether Corbin could even fit into his new sports car, to which the former US Champion replied that he had to put the top down to be comfy. Impractical? Maybe, but it is an extremely nice car.


Baron Corbin's 2017 was derailed somewhat due to an unfortunate tweet and some alleged comments he made to a WWE doctor. The former involved a military veteran and the latter while certain Superstars were attending a seminar type situation about concussions. The Lone Wolf seemingly meant no harm in either situation but because of his place in the company, he landed himself in a little hot water. Here's hoping he keeps his nose clean in 2018 and therefore will be able to add other impressive cars to sit alongside his new Ferrari.


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