WWE Didn't Know Baron Corbin Was Involved In NFL Concussion Lawsuit

There was a recent report that Baron Corbin got into a heated backstage argument with WWE officials after getting into a confrontation with Dr. Joseph Maroon during a meeting that included numerous wrestlers. The Wrestling Observer Newsletter has gone as far to say that Corbin's actions could affect his push within the WWE.

Corbin played in the NFL with both the Indianapolis Colts and the Arizona Cardinals as an offensive lineman from 2009-2011, and it turns out that Corbin was not fond of Maroon downplaying the fact that concussions lead to CTE and this led to an argument between both men.

Many people believe that the argument between Corbin and Maroon created an "awkward" and "uncomfortable" atmosphere and that he could have confronted the doctor in private rather than making it into a spectacle. What's also interesting is that, according to SEScoops, the WWE didn't know until recently that Corbin was involved in the concussion lawsuit against the NFL that was filed by numerous former players.


It looked like Corbin could be on a promising path that could lead to him becoming the WWE Champion down the road, but failed to defeat Jinder Mahal when he cashed in his Money in the Bank opportunity. He then wrestled John Cena at SummerSlam, but that didn't grab the attention of the fans the way the WWE would have hoped.

Corbin has also had a hard time controlling himself on Twitter as he's attacked both fans and fellow wrestlers.  He needs to watch how he acts from here on out or his career in the WWE could be headed down the wrong path.

The 33-year-old Corbin's real name is Thomas Pestock. He had a successful amateur boxing career after becoming a two-time Amateur Kansas-Missouri Golden Gloves regional champion by 2007. Corbin started his wrestling career in August 2012 after signing with NXT Wrestling with his NFL career behind him.



Corbin made his WWE main roster debut during WrestleMania 32 back on April 3, 2016, and ended up winning the André the Giant Memorial battle royal after eliminating Kane.

With Corbin's chances at the WWE Championship likely behind him, he could have a chance at winning the United States Championship down the road as he's currently heading towards a clash with AJ Styles.

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