WWE Crowns King Of The Ring, Coronation To Take Place On SmackDown

WWE's King of the Ring final took place on Raw this week. Baron Corbin and Chad Gable battled it out for the right to be named King of all WWE.

The King of the Ring tournament is a time-honored tradition in WWE. The tournament dates all the way back to the 1980s and became its own annual event in 1993. Although there is no longer a PPV named after it, WWE still holds KOTR tournaments from time to time. The most recent one came to an end on this week's Raw.

Baron Corbin battled his way through the Raw bracket while Chad Gable was the last man standing on the SmackDown side of things. Suffice to say, Corbin's route to the final was a little less tumultuous than Gable's. In order to make it to the final, the former American Alpha star had to overcome Shane McMahon.

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Gable managed that, but he couldn't beat Corbin. On Raw this week, after a valiant effort, Gable lost to the man we must now refer to as King Corbin. In fairness to both Corbin and WWE, history dictates that the KOTR gimmick is best suited to a heel. A babyface walking around in a cloak and a crown, demanding everyone kneel before them doesn't really work.

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King Corbin, on the other hand, will thrive as a King. While his win came on Raw, his reign will not officially begin until later today. That's because WWE has revealed that King Corbin's coronation will take place on tonight's episode of SmackDown. Just like weddings and contract signings in WWE, you can rest assured something will go wrong. Someone will take issue with Corbin's big moment and rise up to ruin it.

As for Gable, we hope this isn't the start of him fading back into obscurity. The former Tag Team Champion has proved in every match during the tournament that he is deserving of more than that. The only thing we haven't enjoyed is the constant references to how short he is. Perhaps that would have flown in WWE 30 years ago, but considering the size of most wrestlers today, mocking Gable for his size really doesn't make much sense.

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