WWE Names Bate vs Dunne As Match Of The Year So Far

Pete Dunne and Tyler Bate's NXT Takeover match for the UK Championship gets top billing in WWE's ten best matches of 2017 so far.

The year is over half way through, so to celebrate that fact WWE treated fans to a run down of what they believe to be the ten best matches under their banner so far this year. While the fans probably picked what made the list, it might have come as quite a surprise to some that WWE shared their sentiment.

At NXT Takeover: Chicago in May, the two Brits tore the house down in a match that had the entire WWE Universe talking, both fans and wrestlers alike. While not everyone may have watched the UK Championship tournament back in January, all eyes were on them at Takeover. They certainly made sure that those who didn't know them before will not have forgotten them since.

WWE published the article detailing the top ten matches of 2017 so far via WWE.com this past weekend. While Dunne and Bate made it to the top spot, we were also reminded of the good company they're keeping in that list via the other nine entries. Pete and Tyler outdid the second ever women's Money In The Bank Match, John Cena and AJ Styles' epic match at this year's Royal Rumble, as well as the ladder match that followed them between DIY and The Authors of Pain which came in at number two.

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It's not the first time that NXT has stolen the show when it comes to a WWE compiled list like this. At the end of 2016, it was announced in a similar article that DIY and The Revival topped WWE's list of matches of the year. With NXT Takeovers taking place on the same weekend as main roster pay per views it really is like the so-called developmental stars are setting the bar, and judging by these run downs they're certainly doing a good job of it.


It could be argued that because of name value, or lack of it in this case, Dunne and Bate deserve a place in this top ten list but not at the number one spot. It also happened relatively recently so is clearly fresh in the minds of whoever compiled the list, unlike Cena and Styles classic bout in January. It was an incredible match from the British pair nonetheless, and the future is bright for not only the two of them but for British wrestling in general with WWE's interest in their neighbors across the pond.

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