Batista Frustrated With His WrestleMania Match With Undertaker

Batista is one of the big names from his era, and his match with Undertaker was one of the biggest in his career, but he is frustrated with it.

Former WWE superstar and current Hollywood actor, Batista, hasn't been shy of opening about his wrestling career and thoughts on the promotion's current product—that includes frustrations with one of his most high profile feuds. The four-time World Heavyweight Champion appeared on J.R.'s The Ross Report podcast and stated that he would like to return to the company full-time and that he's been in talks with Vince McMahon.

The Animal also talked about his match against The Undertaker at WrestleMania 23 which is widely regarded as one of the turning points in Batista's career. Though Batista failed to end The Deadman's 14-0 streak and lost the World Heavyweight Championship, he was more than pleased with how the match turned out.


"I was really upset that we weren’t the main event. I just felt like we should have been. We deserved to be. We set some milestones with that and I know with the exchange of title and everything, it was just more significant of a match. And I also just felt like Taker deserved that to be the main event and should’ve gone on last...It was just a special night. It was the first time [Undertaker] held that particular title. And I still feel like we should’ve [closed the show]."

Despite the build-up and hype for the match, Taker and Batista's bout was fifth on the card. It followed with a questionable Bobby Lashley (represented by Donald Trump), vs. Umaga (represented by Vince McMahon match), with the chairman having his hair shaved, via the match stipulation.

John Cena defeated Shawn Michaels in the main event for the WWE Championship, and the match lasted 29:27. Taker and Batista's bout lasted just 15:51, and featured an excellent showdown of two giants in their wrestling primes.


Batista and Undertaker had numerous feuds throughout their respective careers. This included a long-standing rivalry in 2007, with 'Taker winning at WrestleMania before The Animal regained his Title at Hell in a Cell, thanks to help from Edge.

The two men briefly rekindled their feud in 2008 and 2009; the last match happening at TLC 2009 where The Deadman emerged victorious in a Chairs match.

There's no denying how excellent their match was at WrestleMania 23. Unfortunately for Batista, the match that he thinks "stole the show" wasn't featured in the main event. But it remains a focal point of his successful career and was undoubtedly one of Undertaker's best WrestleMania matches.


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Batista Frustrated With His WrestleMania Match With Undertaker