Batista Wants FULL Time WWE Return

[UPDATE] The actual statement made by Batista suggests he'd like to return to WWE and Vince McMahon is aware of that, though he does not specify if he's had any official talks with the company.

Who wants to see Batista back in the WWE for another run, and who wants to see the company do it right after arguably mishandling his last return? Indeed, it’s been almost four years since the man now known by his real name of Dave Bautista returned to the WWE, only for him to turn into “Bootista” due to a number of factors. And while this comeback run ended with what looked like an acrimonious departure for Batista, new reports suggest that he’s in talks once again with WWE, with a full-time schedule possibly in the cards.

On Batista’s recent appearance on Jim Ross’ Ross Report podcast the six-time World Champion has been coordinating with Vince McMahon, in hopes of returning to the WWE for the first time since he left in June 2014, ostensibly to promote his appearance in Guardians of the Galaxy. What makes this potential return interesting, however, is Batista’s supposed request to make his next stint in the WWE a full-time one, meaning TV and pay-per-view appearances, as well as house shows.


With Batista due to turn 49-years-old in January next year, a full-time return would allow him to do what no other active WWE Superstar has been able to do at his age range. Kane is slightly older at 50, and while he’s recently returned to Monday Night Raw and enjoyed a surprisingly nice push, he took several months off prior to that, healing from injuries and focusing on his campaign for mayor of Knox County, Tennessee. Big Show, while not a traditional part-timer at 45, missed lots of time due to injuries, and is expected to retire sometime next year. Then you’ve also got Raw GM Kurt Angle, Triple H, and The Undertaker, all of whom were born in the 1960s and are strictly part-time wrestlers at this point in their illustrious careers.

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Aside from having to deal with his advanced age, a potential Batista return means he might have to deal with fans who had roundly booed him during his 2014 return, many of whom were angry with the WWE for having him win the 2014 Royal Rumble and get a WWE World Heavyweight title shot at Randy Orton at WrestleMania XXX. With fans up in arms over then-part-timer Batista getting a mega-push despite his status, fan favorite Daniel Bryan was inserted into WrestleMania XXX’s main event, as he went on to win the WWE World Heavyweight title by making Batista tap out to the Yes! Lock.

While there’s a solid chance fans may have forgiven him for getting pushed at the expense of younger, full-time stars such as Daniel Bryan, Batista’s age may be the biggest concern with a potential comeback, to say little of his ring rust. Still, most can probably agree that The Animal deserves one final run with the WWE before he continues focusing full-time on his acting career. This is one interesting development that we'll be keeping tabs on in the coming weeks.



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