Bayley Added To No Mercy Women's Championship Match

The Raw Women's Championship match at No Mercy will now be a Fatal Five Way match with the addition of Bayley to the bout.

Alexa Bliss had the not so small task of taking on Nia Jax this past Monday on Raw. As expected, it did not go well for the Raw Women's Champion, and after she was chased back to the ring by Sasha Banks, Bliss lost to Jax. Chaos then began to ensue as the interfering Banks thought she saw an opportunity to soften up Nia before next week only to be taken out herself.

There was an unexpected element yet to be added to the mix, however, and it wasn't the title match's fourth competitor, Emma. No, instead it was a returning Bayley making her comeback in her hometown. The former Women's Champion stood shoulder to shoulder with Bliss and Banks to take out Jax and then her and The Boss turned on Bliss to dispatch her as well.


Later in the night, WWE announced that the whole ordeal that followed Monday night's opening match was reason enough to make a change to Sunday's Women's Title match. Instead of just four women competing for the gold, Bayley has now been added to the mix, making the match at No Mercy a Fatal Five Way.

The absent Emma didn't take long to broadcast what she thought of the addition via social media. The Aussie claimed that starting the Women's Revolution earned her a night off, not an extra opponent at No Mercy. Although she didn't single-handedly start the revolution, Emma sort of has a point. Every other woman earned their way into Sunday's title match while Bayley has just walked in simply because she's back.


With all of that being said, before Bayley was sidelined through injury she was owed a title match. It was supposed to be Raw's Resident Hugger taking on Bliss at SummerSlam, but thanks to an injury caused by fellow No Mercy challenger Nia Jax, that opportunity wound up in the lap of Sasha Banks. A one-on-one match would have probably been preferable for Bayley, but I'm sure she won't have turned her nose up at getting her shot this way instead.


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