Bayley Returns To Raw

Bayley returned on Raw Monday night to help fend off Nia Jax as well as send a message to Raw Women's Champion Alexa Bliss.

At No Mercy this Sunday, the odds will be stacked against Raw Women's Champion Alexa Bliss as she defends her title against three other women. Nia Jax, Sasha Banks, and Emma will get the chance to defeat The Goddess of WWE as they all take part in a Fatal 4-Way match.

This past Monday night on Raw, however, Bliss had the not so minor issue of a warm-up match for this Sunday. There was a time when she and Jax were friends, but now, Jax has nothing but gold on her mind. Jax made short work of the champ on Raw, finishing her off with a Samoan Drop after Bliss was halted from escaping by an incoming Sasha Banks. The Boss then tried to take out Jax herself in an attempt to soften her up before Sunday but had no luck.


Help arrived for Sasha however, but it wasn't in the form of the No Mercy match's fourth competitor. No, Emma was nowhere to be seen and instead, Bayley returned from injury to help take down Nia Jax. Raw was emanating from The Hugger's hometown after all. The whole segment was frankly a little confusing from there, starting with Bliss standing side by side with Banks and Bayley. The three of them tackled Jax and sent her careening from the ring.


Having three women, two of which are supposed to be babyfaces, gang up on a heel seems a little out of whack, and if WWE realized that, they certainly didn't care as things got even weirder. Once Jax was dealt with, Banks and Bayley then remembered they're not supposed to like Alexa and proceeded to gang up on the champ. Heels don't get outnumbered in beat downs for good reason, and it just happened twice in the space of a minute or two. If Bayley had then turned on Banks all could have been forgiven, it would have made sense after how the crowd treated her before she was sidelined, but alas that did not happen.

Bayley may seem like the last person to ever turn heel on the surface, but the potential is there. The former Women's Champion even admitted on the Steve Austin Show that the idea has more than just crossed her mind. For now, she is back and WWE will see it as a win that she didn't get booed. It will be interesting to see what's next for her and if she plays a role in the title match at No Mercy.

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