Bayley Reveals Truth Behind Bayley And Banks Locker Room Tantrum Rumors

Sasha Banks has shared her side of the story when it comes to rumors about having a tantrum on the locker room floor. The other-half of the duo rumored to have caused a scene at WrestleMania 35, Bayley is finally officially talking about the incident.

Fresh off the airing of a recent heel turn, Bayley's discussion of what took place at WrestleMania 35 after she and Banks lost the WWE Women's Tag Team Championship is likely just coincidence. That said, it's interesting timing that she'd be talking about her love of wrestling and the business while trying to get over as a "bad guy".

But, that's exactly what's happening as Bayley reveals the truth about the rumors.

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Bayley recently spoke with Sky Sports Lock Up Podcast about her heel turn on television and how she went from a hugger to a vandal, destroying her Bayley buddies. She also spoke about the first time she was reported to have acted like a heel backstage.

"We read all the stupid rumors and it's ridiculous," she said. Bayley added, "There's no proof of it and it's people just spreading these rumors because they want to talk, they want something to start up."

Banks shared the same response on her WWE documentary on WWE Network when she said, "show me the footage." And, like Banks, Bayley explained, "We literally watched the main event in person by the hard cam and enjoyed the women stealing the show."

Can We Finally Drop This Story?

Sasha Banks is back with WWE, rumored to have signed a new extension. Bayley is the Women's Champion on SmackDown, going through a new character change and both seem to be happier than ever.

And, with Banks and Bayley both on SmackDown, if WWE was worried that the two of them being together was going to be an issue, they'd never have allowed them to stay on the same show where they could disrupt the locker room.

Bayley said, "We're professionals and we love this more than anyone can imagine, more than anyone else in that locker room." Despite her now being a heel, and heels prone to lying... I believe her.

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