SmackDown Ends With Big Heel Turn & Even Bigger Title Change

SmackDown might have been all about the draft, but the final 20 minutes focused on Bayley committing to her heel gimmick and winning back the title.

Night one of the 2019 WWE Draft has been and gone and the SmackDown on which it took place made for a pretty newsworthy show. Friday night kicked off with Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns competing for which show would get to pick first. Thanks to interference from The Fiend, the match was thrown out and the pick handed to Raw since Bray Wyatt was there to take out Rollins.

A few matches and 20 draft picks later, and the show came to a close with a big-time title match. A SmackDown Women's Championship rematch between Bayley and Charlotte Flair. Bayley lost the title last week at Hell In A Cell and she did not take it well. The Hugger threw a tantrum after the match, further leaning into the reality that she is no longer a babyface.

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After trying to fight it for weeks, Bayley finally caved and went full heel on SmackDown. Midway down the ramp, her music stopped, and she walked slowly backward. Once back at the top of the ramp, she proceeded to use some sort of axe handle to chop down her iconic Bayley Buddies. If that doesn't make her a heel, we don't know what does.

Well actually, we do. What happened after the match. Despite Flair's best efforts, Bayley managed to cause a surprise upset and win back the title, making The Queen's tenth reign as champion an incredibly short one. After the match, Bayley grabbed a mic and hammered home the fact she's now a heel. The live feed missed the first part of what she said, but did not miss the new champ saying "screw all of you" to the WWE Universe.

WWE somehow managed to misuse Bayley as a babyface, one of the most over acts in NXT history. Let's hope we won't be saying the same of heel Bayley a year from now. The Hugger (former Hugger?) admitted a while ago on The Steve Austin Show that she has been itching to give a heel run a try in WWE, now's her chance to do that and possibly prove that she's an even better villain than she is hero.

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