Bayley Wants To Turn Heel, And Has A Plan Just In Case It Happens

Bayley appeared on the Steve Austin Show this week and last week, and one of the topics discussed was the possibility of a heel turn as well as a change to her look.

Vince McMahon and other higher ups in WWE may try to convince you that heels and faces are a thing of the past in professional wrestling. Try telling that to Bayley - the former NXT and Raw Women’s Champion is the biggest babyface on the entire WWE roster right now. Despite her stock dropping significantly since her call up from NXT, kids still love her and you only have to look out across the crowd on Raw each week to see little ones dressed like her and trying to emulate her.

That only makes Bayley’s confession on the Steve Austin Show this week even more shocking. Raw’s resident hugger admitted that the idea of turning heel has not only crossed her mind, but she has a whole contingency plan on how she could do it ready to go when the time comes. She explained to Steve and the listeners that she showed up ready to pitch the plan to Vince McMahon one day, only to have her mind changed by some Bayley fans in the front row that were reduced to tears of joy at the mere sight of her.

Bayley has been a guest on the Steve Austin Show for two weeks in a row now, and the main focus of this second week was Bayley and Sasha Banks’ match at NXT Takeover: Brooklyn. The pair of them were discussing how good The Boss is whether she’s a face or a heel, and that got them on to the topic of whether Bayley would ever consider switching sides.

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While in NXT Bayley was idolized by adults and children alike. Along with Finn Balor she was the face of the brand. It seemed like a given that her success would transfer to the main roster, but so far it hasn’t quite gone to plan. Still, it seems inconceivable that Bayley would turn her back on her fans. If nothing else it would drastically affect her merchandise sales which I imagine are still pretty high.


There were actually rumblings that the interview Bayley did a few weeks ago with Corey Graves which ended in an awkward and creepy hug was the beginnings of a heel turn. That seeds were being planted for something down the line. It also sparked rumors that WWE were planning a romantic angle between the two. Neither of those ideas sound very appealing, and there’s money to be made with babyface Bayley as long as they can save her and the booking is done right.

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