Bayley Watches Her NXT Matches When She's Depressed

Bayley recently discussed a novel idea of hers that she uses to cheer herself up when she's feeling depressed, watching her own matches.

Bayley's enjoyed a very up and down career so far in WWE despite the relatively short time she has been around. In NXT, the former Women's Champion was absolutely idolized by fans, young and old, and couldn't do a single thing wrong. It was almost a given that she would rise up to the main roster and take the entire company and its fans by storm.

Last year, Bayley made that move to Raw, and simply put, it just hasn't worked out. They made the company's resident hugger Women's Champion a little too soon and it has actually led to the fans actively rejecting Bayley, something that felt unfathomable while she was in NXT. That all culminated on an episode of Raw prior to SummerSlam where Bayley was vociferously booed as she tried to explain that she injured her shoulder.


What all this means is that lately, Bayley has likely felt pretty depressed. From being on top of the world in NXT to being hated by a large chunk of the fans through no fault of her own. Well, never fear as the former champ has revealed the sure-fire method she has to cheer herself up— watching her own matches. Bayley explained during an interview with Metro UK that while she was injured she would watch her matches from NXT to cheer herself up. One in particular that she admitted watching over and over was when she defeated Nia Jax, the woman who injured her, at NXT Takeover: London.

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As novel an idea as this is, it really is sad that Bayley has to resort to it just to pick up her spirits. It's pretty evident that the Raw Superstar is as nice a person in her real life as the one she portrays in the ring and on Raw each week. The backlash from fans, especially when she was speaking about her injury, has been unwarranted as the way she has been booked isn't her fault.


If Bayley is going to watch anything from her own wrestling past then it really should be her matches in NXT. Her series with Sasha Banks while performing for WWE's third brand is what put her on the map and arguably what really got the women's revolution underway. Perhaps a rehash of that rivalry on Raw is the key to getting Bayley over on the main roster.

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