15 Beautiful Female Wrestlers Who Had Too Much Surgery

The women of the wrestling world are often thrust into the spotlight before they are ready, which means that they are sometimes hit by critics who give them negative attention and then go on to force them to make rash decisions. Surgery is definitely something that would be considered a rash decision since many of these women could easily be considered beautiful and didn't need the help of a surgeon's knife to reach the top of their game. That would be true anywhere but the WWE, where competition is fierce and the top executives are usually looking for a specific type of female wrestler.

In a world where everyone is seemingly a critic on Social Media, it is hard for some women to be able to overcome the urge to use surgery as a method to improve themselves in the eyes of the fans and top management. It is well-known that there are a number of women who have had enhancement surgery because at the time it seemed like the obvious thing for the women in the business to do. Everyone was doing it, and no one wanted to be the odd woman out.

Many women should have just stopped at this surgery but there are a few who were unable to and will now be seen as women who allowed surgery to change the way they looked forever. The following list looks at just 15 women who have turned to surgery to improve their appearance.

15 Eva Marie

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Eva Marie came to WWE through the 2013 Diva Search where the winners of the competition were awarded a place in Total Divas which began later that year. Eva Marie's entire career was about how she looked, so it should come as no surprise that the former SmackDown superstar made the decision to undergo surgery a number of times before her rise to fame.

She had enhancement surgery on her chest, something that was revealed when the silicone began leaking out of one of her implants and she was forced to have emergency surgery to fix it. Eva also decided to have a nose job when she was much younger as well since the model wasn't happy with her looks when she first started out.

14 Dana Brooke

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Dana Brooke is a former NXT superstar who has come up to the main roster and has been lost amongst the shuffle. Brooke is currently seen as a statistician at ringside for Titus Worldwide throughout matches that include Titus O'Neil and Apollo Crews, which means that she is rarely able to wrestle on WWE TV.

It is quite well-known that Dana was a bodybuilder before her time in WWE, but she has drastically changed her appearance since then by having rhinoplasty surgery as well as lip enhancements. Even though Dana Brooke was already stunning before she was signed to WWE, she decided to go under the knife even though it could be argued that she didn't actually need it because she was already beautiful, to begin with.

13 Terri Runnels

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Terri Runnels will be best remembered to the WWE Universe for her time partnering her real-life husband Goldust on WWE where she was under the ring name Marlena. She has been in the public eye for a number of years now and she is another female wrestler who has felt the need to go under the knife to improve her looks.

Terri underwent a number of surgical procedures in her early career including chest enhancement surgery before she later became addicted to surgery and went on to have a number of different procedures that have now caught up to her. Terri was trying to avoid the ageing process by having so much surgery when instead of helping, she has made herself look like she's obviously trying to hide her age.

12 Stephanie McMahon

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Stephanie McMahon is the most powerful women in WWE at this current moment in time, but a few decades ago Stephanie was coming through the ranks in WWE herself and it seems that she felt the need to go under the knife when she was much younger as well.

It has become public knowledge that Stephanie McMahon had chest enhancement when she was much younger but she also underwent a number of other surgical procedures to enhance her look, including a nose job. Stephanie has always been one of the most beautiful women on the WWE roster, but even the boss's daughter felt the pressure to turn to surgery to compete with the women that WWE once employed on their roster.

11 Trish Stratus

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Trish Stratus came into WWE as a former fitness model and went on to become one of the most decorated female wrestlers of all time. She retired from WWE more than a decade ago and her seven reigns as Women's Champion has still remained a record.

Trish is widely considered to be one of the most beautiful female wrestlers of all time and she also had a lot of help when it comes to the looks department. Trish was known to have gone under the knife to enhance her chest, but she also went under the knife to drastically change the way that she looked. Trish's nose job allowed her face to appear much thinner even though much like many other women on this list, Trish was already beautiful before the surgery.

10 Torrie Wilson

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Torrie Wilson came over to WWE from WCW and she was only ever seen as eye candy to the WWE Universe. Torrie is a former Playboy cover girl and much like every other woman who has stepped into a WWE ring over the past few decades, she relied heavily on her looks to connect with the WWE Universe.

Wilson is currently still seen as one of the most beautiful women in WWE history even though she is 42-years-old. Torrie has definitely put the time in at the gym but a recent nose job, a number of Botox injections and even dermal fillers have allowed Torrie to maintain her youthful looks even though she could have embraced the ageing process and still continued to look incredible.

9 Natalya

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Natalya is someone who has always allowed her wrestling ability to do the talking rather than her looks, but even though Natalya is a member of the famous Hart family, she is still one of the most beautiful women in WWE at this current moment in time.

Natalya revealed on an episode of Total Divas that she was forced to undergo facial surgery because of an injury that she suffered in the ring that saw her have her nose fixed. Nattie is also rumoured to have had some surgery done to both her front and back since these have recently become her best assets, even though this isn't confirmed. Nattie was already beautiful so she probably didn't need to have any of these enhancements.

8 Gail Kim

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Gail Kim is the most decorated TNA Knockout in the history of the company as well as being a former WWE Women's Champion and the incredible woman who decided to eliminate herself from a battle royal a few years ago and walk out of WWE forever when she found out that WWE had no plans for her moving forward.

Kim isn't someone that has ever allowed her looks to limit her career, but she is someone who decided to enhance her look as well mid-way through her TNA career when she took some time off to have a nose job. Kim has always been stunning and the curve of her nose is something that fans became used to, which is why it was easy to see that she had decided to upgrade to a much flatter look.

7 Charlotte Flair

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Charlotte Flair is one of the best female wrestlers in the company right now and her attributes definitely speak for themselves. Charlotte obviously has her father to thank for the fact that she has been able to climb up through the ranks so quickly, but even though Charlotte has natural talent by the bucket loads, Charlotte has also gone under the knife on more than one occasion.

She has definitely had chest enhancement surgery compared to images from her younger days, but there are rumours that suggest that the current SmackDown Women's Champion also had some enhancement surgery on her face since there are a number of images that show drastic changes when compared to her younger self. Even though many of these rumours are still yet to be confirmed by Charlotte herself.

6 Maryse

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Maryse came to WWE through the Diva Search and was always considered to be one of the sexiest women that the company had ever hired. The former Divas Champion was then able to pick up wrestling so naturally that she became a Champion on two different occasions before she walked away from the company in 2011.

Maryse is currently married to The Miz and the couple are expecting their first child, but a few years ago Maryse decided to have a facelift. Incredibly Maryse is still very young and there is never a good explanation for a woman as young as Maryse to undergo that kind of surgery and it hasn't done that much when it comes to her features anyway since she was already stunning.

5 Lita

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Lita is a former four-time Women's Champion but over the course of her wrestling career her personal life became much more interesting than her in-ring career. Lita was known to have had her chest enhanced so that she could fit in with all the other women in that era, but Lita had much more done than just that.

Lita's appearance from when she on the Independent Circuit ahead of her career in WWE changed drastically and this could have been because Lita decided to have her facial features enhanced as well so that she could be much more appealing to the WWE Universe. Lita was always beautiful, there was no need for her to go under the knife to look any different.

4 Chyna

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Chyna is a former Women's Champion and but she is someone who changed drastically from the beginning of her career until the end. Surgery was said to have been one of the main things that Chyna had a problem with while she was in WWE and the images of her from before and after show that she definitely made a number of bad decisions.

Chyna was signed to WWE in an era when looks meant everything in their Women's Division which obviously meant that the company thought she was attractive to begin with, so she didn't need to do all of that to her body. When she left WWE in 2001 she was almost unrecognisable to the woman who joined WWE a few years before, which is sad because Chyna didn't need any of these procedures, to begin with.

3 Sable

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Sable was one of the most beautiful women in WWE in the 1990s and is also a former Women's Champion, but the wife of Brock Lesnar felt the need to have her chest enhanced at a young age because she thought they would help with her wrestling career.

Sable was obviously right, her chest turned heads in WWE, but since her departure from the company, the now 50-year-old former star has turned to surgery to help slow down the ageing process. Botox injections were supposed to help Sable remain looking younger for longer but these have had the opposite effect since she now looks much older than she did before. Like many other women on this list, Sable should have allowed herself to grow old naturally.

2 Sunny

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Sunny was the girl next door and the valet that every WWE star wanted by their side in the 90s, but she's another WWE star who decided that when her looks began to fade and the spotlight was no longer as bright, she needed to turn to surgery to remain relevant.

Back in 2016 Sunny reached out to ask for help to correct her nose which she had broken more than nine times, as well as then saying that she also wanted liposuction to help her to go back to the weight that she once was when she was performing on WWE TV. Sunny reached out to the producers of "botched" to help her out, but this is just another thing on a long list of bad luck that Sunny has had over the past few years.

1 Jillian Hall

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Jillian Hall was well-known to have undergone a lot of surgical procedures before she made her way to WWE and was accepted as one of their Divas because WWE finally thought that they fitted in with their male demographic.

She was pretty to begin with, but she wasn't seen as pretty enough for WWE to offer her a contract. Jillian is a former Divas Champion and had a lengthy stint in WWE after the surgery made her face look much slimmer. She later went on to dye her hair and even have her chest enhanced just so that WWE would allow her to perform as part of their company, even though they never treated her as a future Women's Champion at any point in her career.

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