Beauty And The Beast: 15 Wrestling Couples That Didn’t Make Sense

Sometimes in wrestling, a couple needs to exist in order to bring attention to some undermined wrestler who is pit with a hot woman so that they can get all the eyes on themselves, and this trick has worked for a long time now. Wrestling couples are created to put over a wrestler alongside their beautiful counter-part outside the ring, and this also creates closeness between the two beings in their personal life sparking a real life relationship. Mostly the on-screen couples are strictly kept that way, as they are pit together to make both of them relevant again because everyone will pay attention to a couple no matter who they are.

Thought wrestling couples at times are pretty wonderful and also create a lovable bond between the two individuals outside the squared circle, sometimes the couples which are created for “entertainment” purposes often fail to impress and at times make absolutely no sense at all, which not only confuses the audience but also takes away the relevance factor of the couple. Though some unlikely couple did maintain their dominance because of the attention they received from the crowd, others weren’t so lucky as some of the random wrestling couples created by the promotions in WWE and WCW in their desperate stages were really terrible and seemed the unlikeliest of pairings.

The WWE especially were culprits of pitting random superstars together with sexy divas in order to improve their popularity with the crowd, but did nothing but derail their reputation even more as some of the wrestling couples created by the WWE were unbelievable and mostly inclined in horrible angles. Pairing ugly superstars with hot divas didn’t really make the superstars any more popular, as the audience wouldn’t give in to WWE’s attempts at convincing them of the legitimacy of these couples, as they seemed fake as ever. Let’s take a look at 15 Wrestling Couples which made absolutely no sense.

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15 Marc Mero & Sable

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Sable was actually the valet of Triple H before Marc Mero “rescued” her from him, sparking them into becoming an on-screen couple. What many people didn’t know at the time was that the two were actually married in real life, as Vince McMahon had decided to put them together as Mero went onto win the Intercontinental Championship with Sable at his side. But after returning from an injury, Mero became jealous of the fan-following the amazing Sable was receiving, and vent out all his frustrations on her because of his jealousy. This culminated in a match between them, which Mero won and afterwards dropped Sable as his valet. But their marriage was still going strong, as fans were pretty bewildered at the time as to how an egoistic, normal looking guy like Mero could woo one of the sexiest divas in WWE history, and this wrestling couple made no sense which forced McMahon to break them up as fans were mostly into Sable and couldn’t stand watching Mero by her side, and we can’t really blame them.

14 Edge & Vickie Guerrero

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After he had quite the memorable time with his girlfriend Lita, Edge was given a different sort of woman to hook up with on WWE TV. That was to be Vickie Guerrero, then general manager of Smackdown who “fell in love” with Edge. Vickie spent most of her time in a wheelchair, as they created “La Familia” with The Edgeheads in Zack Ryder and Curt Hawkins, as Vickie was intent on wrongly using her powers to get the World Heavyweight Belt around Edge. Though it was pretty obvious that the Ultimate Opportunist was just using Vickie to get gold around him, his “intimacy” with Vickie was pretty yucky as they shared their “love” week in week out, much to the disgust of the crowd. They even had their own “wedding reception” on an episode of Smackdown, before cracks begun to appear in their relationship and they broke it off soon. This couple will definitely be one of the couples in wrestling which just didn’t feel right and even though they masterfully portrayed their heel characters, seeing Edge with someone like Vickie who is, well, just VICKIE was just uncomfortable to watch.

13 David Flair & Stacy Keibler

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This one comes from the dying days of WCW, as Ric Flair’s son in David Flair was handed quite a role in the company even though he didn’t have any talent in him. This included him getting Stacy Keibler as his girlfriend as the couple were apparently also dating outside the ring. Flair and Keibler’s relationship would soon turn intimate, as they would have a wedding in a WCW show and then Keibler would announce that she was pregnant, but it wasn’t David’s Child. David would go berserk and start suspecting on everybody, as he even defeated Buff Bagwell in a match to get his DNA. But this angle would end abruptly, as Keibler would later align with Shawn “The Star” Stasiak putting an end to their relationship. No-one could figure out how the useless David Flair got himself somebody as beautiful as Stacy Keibler, as it was probably his surname which got him such a gorgeous diva, but their relationship made no sense at all and only annoyed the fans even more to get someone like David Flair get all the treasures.

12 Tajiri & Torrie Wilson

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Torrie Wilson was one of the few women wrestlers to flock to the WWE from WCW, as she along with Stacy Keibler arrived in the WWE together. While Keibler was put in with the Dudley Boyz, Torrie Wilson ended up being made the on-screen girlfriend of the cruiserweight Tajiri, who was beginning to stamp his authority in the Cruiserweight Title picture. Wilson was drafted to the Smackdown! brand alongside Tajiri, but Tajiri soon became jealous of the attention Torrie received from other men. Tajiri made Wilson wear a Geisha outfit and mistreated during their matches, but Torrie soon grew tired of this and started stripping during a match, making Tajiri lose his match. She later ditched Tajiri and aligned with her then real-life boyfriend Billy Kidman, as the pairing of the weird Tajiri with a beauty like Torrie Wilson never made any sense and they were separated for the better of both.

11 Balls Mahoney & Kelly Kelly

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The Pairing of a hardcore legend in Balls Mahoney with someone like Kelly Kelly feels so weird with the sheer thought of it, so one can imagine the shock of discovering that it actually happened at one time. So in 2007 in the ECW brand of WWE, Balls Mahoney was going through a bad phase as he lost most of his matches and Kelly Kelly(who was in the brand at the time) showed signs of being worried for Mahoney. Mahoney soon noticed this and started to flirt with Kelly, only to be interrupted by other superstars all the time. But Kelly kept showing interest in him every week, wishing him good luck before his matches and finally when Mahoney showed the balls to ask her out, she said she couldn’t answer because the Miz took her backstage. Week later however, Kelly would ask him out and they would begin an on-screen relationship, but this relationship fiddled out soon very abruptly. Honestly, pitting someone ugly like Mahoney with a smasher in Kelly Kelly made no sense in the first place and did nothing for the development of either, and with the lack of fan appreciation it was shelfed soon after it was created.

10 Santino Marella & Maria Kanellis

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Santino Marella might have been the joker of WWE in his time, but boy oh boy did he had his way with women in the company. In 2007, Marella started an on-screen with Maria Kanellis who was undoubtedly one of the hottest Diva’s in the WWE at the time. Maria would mostly job to her opponents and the same would be for Santino, who was there for the humor segments of the shows. But when Maria got the offer to pose for PlayBoy magazine, Santino showed his weird protectiveness for her and didn’t let her pose, until she won a match to earn the right to pose. When the unveiling of her cover was to be aired, the cover was filled with pictures of Santino all over Maria’s body, and Maria soon left Santino. The relationship ended painfully for Santino, who got his testicles head-butted by Maria and lost a match to her too. This pairing made no sense in the first place and was mostly to get Maria over which it did for a bit, but thankfully this couple didn’t last for that long in the WWE as watching someone like Santino hit it off with a stunner in Maria is painful for the fans.

9 Vince McMahon & Trish Stratus

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Vince McMahon is a lucky man. He is a millionaire, runs the most successful sports-entertainment company in the world and also could do whatever he wanted with his character in WWE TV. That included having his “fantasies fulfilled” with the Divas, who often “pleased” him to get their way. This was a prime example for Trish Stratus, who started romancing with the Boss in early 2001 as they got pretty intimate in their “romantic” segments on Raw, where they’d snog each other off. This was as a revenge by Vince, who was sticking it to his unresponsive wife Linda as he used Trish “as a toy”. This included in dumping sewage on him, and also making her strip on an episode of Raw and “making her bark like a dog”. Yes this actually happened. Trish finally had enough at Wrestlemania 17 and turned on Vince, beginning her journey as the top diva of WWE. This relationship was highly controversial because of some of the stuff Vince made Trish do, and it made no sense for an old man in Vince having his way with a young beautiful Trish who he treated like a slave.

8 Billy & Chuck

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Okay So this might not have a beauty(unless you consider any of Billy or Chuck as one) and doesn’t have a woman involved, but the pairing of Billy & Chuck by WWE after the Invasion angle was really bizarre. So after the Invasion angle, Billy and Chuck shows signs of homosexual affections which was really first instances of homosexual innuendos’ in the WWE. With Rico as their manager, the two “grew closer” with each week and soon Chuck proposed to Billy as they would have a wedding ceremony on Smackdown! This would soon end in chaos as the wedding was a ploy by Eric Bischoff to get one over Stephanie McMahon, and with Rico gone to Raw, Billy and Chuck turned face and dropped all signs of their homosexuality. Firstly this intimate pairing made no sense and destroyed the legitimacy of the two and secondly the WWE made a bad name for themselves, as it was denounced by the Gay and Lesbian Alliance against Defamation denounced WWE for false pretenses after WWE had taken assistance from them for this angle. Later Billy and Chuck would become tag team champions, as their “love affair” was forgotten by everyone for the better as the whole couple thing made zero sense.

7 Dawn Marie & Al Wilson

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This was another pairing which made no sense, as Dawn Marie seduced the real-life father of Torrie Wilson, Al in order to get to her. Dawn started to get close to Al and went into a relationship with him, and soon the two even got engaged. Dawn would later try to bribe Torrie by stating that she’d call of the engagement if Torrie would join Dawn in her hotel one night(oh how the WWE loves its Lesbian innuendos!). This was aired in Armageddon, but the relationship was still strong as Dawn would marry Al on an episode of Smackdown. Later on, it would be revealed that Al had died from a heart-attack(kayfabe) because of “rigorous sex” with Dawn on their honeymoon, triggering a long feud between Maria and Wilson which the latter won. This feud was pretty controversial because of the things it saw, and WWE’s logic of pitting a WWE Diva with a man almost twice her age in order to make for a heated feud is laughable, as this pairing made absolutely no sense and made for some disgusting segments.

6 Goldust & Marlena

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Goldust has been such a bizarre character for the past two decades now, that the thought of someone managing him just seems as bizarre as the character itself. But Goldust did have his manager in Marela aka Terri Runnels(who was his real-life wife at the time) who was a unique manager, who smoked cigar while at ringside and was a coolly, unconcerned manager. The risqué attitude of the characters was something really new for the WWE who was just introducing the Attitude era, as these two were pretty bizarre. During a feud with Brian Pillman, Goldust “lost” Marlena in a match as Pillman would send him a picture of Marlena handcuffed to his bed. Later on Marlena would be ditched by Goldust, as their couple never looked that right and had a very odd bizarreness to them as it didn’t make much sense to keep them together because of the difference personality of both, forcing WWE to separate them.

5 The Great Khali & Natalya

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The Great Khali was definitely was force to be reckoned with at a time in the WWE, but soon his character fizzled out as he became “The Punjabi Playboy” who would have his own “kiss-cam” and be a romantic of sorts. It was during this that he started having an on-screen relationship with Natalya, who found a liking for him. They even saved Hornswoggle as he joined their team(as a son?!?) as they were the happy-go-lucky couple who would also feud with other couples in the WWE. Thankfully we didn’t have to watch many segments of this because it wasn’t popular with the crowd and the two were separated soon after and pitting this 7 feet giant with an impressive wrestler like Natalya did no good for either of them and didn’t make much sense either as watching them together in “romantic” segments was pretty uncomfortable in itself and was thankfully discarded soon after.

4 Kane & Tori

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So we were just discussing on how it’s pretty horrible to put intimidating giants in romantic angles with women as it shatters their legitimacy in the company right? Well the WWE doesn’t think so as before Khali, they put the Big Red Machine Kane in a romantic relationship with Tori, who was a promising wrestler downgraded into disgusting angles. So as the on-screen girlfriend of Kane, Tori would constantly be insecure and complain about Kane to the management, but Kane saved his damsel in distress everytime she was in trouble. Tori was growing more and more paranoid with each day, as she complained Kane about Test trying to harass her and the Big Red Machine destroyed him because of it. Other wrestlers used Tori’s neuroticism to trigger Kane to destroy their enemies, as this couple was like the unofficial protection service for the wrestlers at the time. Tori would later become X-Pac’s girlfriend and accompany D-Generation X, as her pairing with Kane did nothing but deter the reputation of both and their pairing was as nonsensical as it was pointless.

3 Rusev & Lana

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For years now, wrestling fans have been perplexed as how someone as brawny, ruthless as Rusev has managed to woo Lana. I mean Rusev isn’t exactly ugly, but just have a LOOK at Lana! There’s definitely no comparison between the two in terms of looks, as Lana smashes it out of the park on that category. Rusev and Lana have been the dominant couple in WWE TV for quite some-time now, as Lana was crucial to Rusev’s early dominance and has been a rock to him in real life as well. The two, now married in real life, are a very happy couple and the leaking of their engagement at a time when Lana was actually feuding with Rusev angered Vince McMahon, who had no choice but to pit them together again. The two have been strong since their reunion as well, as Rusev is starting to look like the beast who dominated in his debut year in the WWE as the couple of him and Lana don’t make much sense considering how they look, but they’re amazing bond in real-life will keep them together on WWE TV as well, much to the disdain of many fans.

2 Mark Henry & Mae Young

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Mark Henry has always been the case “of what could have been” as the World’s Strongest Man never seemed to get the place he deserved in the WWE, with his “Hall of Pain” gimmick also wearing out quickly. Henry deserves some slack considering the humiliation he had to suffer in his early days in the company, as he was this happy-go-lucky black superstar who lost his way after the Nation of Domination split. Henry became “Sexual Chocolate” who would confess on having a “sex addiction” and tried to flirt up many women during this time, which included the infamous Mae Young. Henry would have a romance with Young, as the two enjoyed some very disgustingly intimate moments which no-one wanted! During a match against Viscera, Mae Young(who was pregnant with Henry’s child at the time) would be on the end of a splash from Viscera. She’d later give birth on live TV to a HAND which was disgusting and horrible at the same time. This couple at first made no sense, as the humungous Henry should’ve gone on his own to destroy opponents but was exposed to romancing with Mae Young which made no sense at all, as the nonsensical deeds he had to commit at the time makes you feel bad for the big man.

1 Randy “Macho Man” Savage & Miss Elizabeth

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The relationship between Randy Savage and Miss Elizabeth in the 80s was something which every wrestling fan wanted for themselves, as everything surrounding them was the talk of the town in those days. Savage and Elizabeth were married in real life and Elizabeth started to accompany The Macho Man afterwards, as their bond was almost unbreakable until Hulk Hogan came along to the fray. Randy would get jealous of how close Hulk and Elizabeth were getting, as it culminated in a very heated rivalry and also Elizabeth going to live with Hogan during some-time. But Savage and Elizabeth soon made up at Wrestlemania VII and were together for some-time later on, as this dream pairing never really made any sense considering how different both of them were. The Macho Man was really charismatic while Elizabeth was just his beautiful accomplice, and it didn’t really make much sense as to how they were a couple considering how they looked and how different they were in personalities. They’d get divorced after leaving the WWE, as it seemed like their jobs was the reason as to why they were still together and this couple was the best case of beauty and the beast, as the beaut in Elizabeth was way different to the animal-like looking Savage.

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