Becky Lynch: 10 Feuds to Breathe New Life Into The Man


When Becky Lynch got fed up and became The Man, she started a movement that took over the WWE. Her feud with Charlotte Flair and Ronda Rousey elevated the women’s division to the main event of WrestleMania. Winning both women’s championships in that match made her a legend.

We thought her success would spread to the rest of the division, but unfortunately that hasn’t been the case. Through no fault of Lynch or her peers, the women’s evolution has stalled. We have no doubt Becky 2 Belts is the one to get things back on track, so with that in mind, these are 10 feuds that can breathe new life into The Man.

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The Japanese superstar made a brilliant impression in the Mae Young Classic. The Genius of the Sky went on to captivate the NXT Universe in her rivalries with Bianca Bel Air, Candice LeRae and Shayna Baszler.

Recently, Shirai has undergone a change, adopting a more aggressive persona. The new character has helped her stand out in an extremely crowded division. We’re not sure how she would do in a full blown feud with Becky Lynch, but we’d love to see the two have a hard hitting, no disqualification match.


Right before she became The Man, Becky Lynch was involved in a great feud with Carmella. Once Mella lost the title to Charlotte, she was pushed out of the championship picture, and landed in her current team with R-Truth.

Though she may be a babyface now, we still think she and Lynch had awesome in ring chemistry. Carmella is one of the best performers in the division, and Becky is at her best when pushed, and that’s exactly what Mella would do.

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As the NXTUK champion, Toni Storm hasn’t had much chance to show the full range of her talent. We got glimpses during her battles with Rhea Ripley, but she hasn’t really had competition as of late.

A surprise appearance to challenge The Man could be just the thing to remind everyone why she’s the champ. The women’s division is NXTUK’s strongest division, and it deserves more attention. What better way to introduce the brand to new fans than providing fresh competition for one of the top stars in the company.


Sonya Deville has been stuck in one gear for way too long. She’s too good to just be backing up Mandy Rose and facilitating her wins. We got to see her potential when she battled Asuka, but then everything moved in a different direction.

She hasn’t been in the title picture yet, so an outstanding match against the Raw women’s champion could be the thing that catapults her there. A new challenger, who pushes her to her limits is just what Lynch needs to be reminded of why she’s The Man.

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It’s become clear that Shayna Baszler has run out of competition in NXT. Ronda Rousey’s absence leaves a hole for an MMA submission specialist on the main roster. Shayna has the type of attitude that wouldn’t allow her to wait her turn. We could see her immediately stepping up to The Man to make her name.

Becky needs an opponent who isn’t intimidated by her status or popularity. Fighting Shayna would be a down and dirty, no frills contest that, if the champ loses, serves as a wake up call for Lynch.


Hall of famer Beth Phoenix has moved into commentary on NXT, but we all saw at WrestleMania that she definitely still has it. The match between Becky and Natalya got very personal. What if it was so personal, Natalya’s best friend took offense and decided to challenge Lynch?

Phoenix was one of the best superstars of the diva era, but we’d love to see her have a run against today’s high standard of competition. We’ve seen a lot of legends come back lately, and what better way to remind everyone of Lynch’s momentum, than for her to have a match of the year with a popular hall of famer.

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Rhea Ripley needs a bigger stage. Since losing the NXTUK women’s championship to Toni Storm, she’s been in a holding pattern. Her confidence and mean streak is just the thing to jump start the ruthless nature of The Man.

Ripley is someone who would have no problem getting into the face of the top woman in the company. She made a great showing in this year’s Royal Rumble, letting everyone know she’s ready for more. With a similar style, these two would be evenly matched and steal the spotlight during any show they’re on.


Nia and Becky have unfinished business. Other than one brutal punch, Becky has never gotten her full revenge for Nia breaking her face. When Jax returns from injury, she will need to get back in the main event. Since this story is already written, why not use it?

Their paths have never really gotten a chance to cross, which is rare for two superstars consistently in the title picture. Lynch has made it clear she’s coming after everyone who wronged her, and we imagine Jax is definitely on that list.

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Following the conclusion of her original feud with Charlotte, Asuka challenged Lynch for the SmackDown women’s championship at the Royal Rumble pay per view, and won. This led to Becky entering and winning the Rumble later in the night.

However, they never had a rematch of that amazing title contest. We really want to see these two in a full rivalry, where they trade wins and things get progressively more intense. A series of spectacular matches that consistently steal the show would remind everyone how scary both women are when they need to be.


From the moment this whole women’s evolution begun, the woman we’ve been waiting to have a breakout run is Naomi. She’s one of the best athletes in the division and a fan favorite. She has a unique skill set that could prove to be a challenge for The Man.

Naomi is way too talented of a wrestler to spend so much time off TV. There’s no reason for her to not be in the title picture. Since they’ve both been babyfaces for a long time, they haven’t really had a chance at a serious feud. If given the opportunity, Becky Lynch vs. Naomi could bring down the house, cementing both as history makers and game changers.

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