Becky Lynch Calls Bayley Fans Unflattering Name on Twitter

Becky Lynch and Bayley are keeping up their beef on social media. This time, Lynch had unflattering things to say about Bayley's fans.

On Friday night, the latest in a series of back-and-forth tweets went out, this time from Lynch. This one was different in that it wasn't directed at Bayley, but The Hugger's fans who Lynch called "snitches."

The unflattering title comes after followers of Bayley's reported Lynch's unkind words towards the newly heel SmackDown Women's Champion. Lynch had been poking fun at Bayley for not making the FOX ad for the new show and Bayley's fans didn't like it.

Lynch is no stranger to seizing an opportunity to call someone out on social media. As SmackDown Women's Champion, Bayley really should be the female front-and-center on FOX's new SmackDown ad. Only, the spot went to Charlotte and Lynch (Lynch isn't even technically a roster member of SmackDown Live). The Man saw this as an opportunity to poke fun.

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Only, Bayley didn't see it until her fans steered her in the right direction. When they did, Bayley wrote, "Haha dude why didn’t you @ me? Luckily my loyal fans tagged me. But okay you win that one, I accept defeat..... Will you be able to do the same on Sunday?"

Lynch's only response was, "Bayley fans are snitches confirmed."

Banks Can Make Lynch Pay

Sasha Banks will be facing Lynch at Clash of Champions on Sunday for the Raw Women's Championship. Now side-by-side with Bayley again, Banks can make Lynch answer for the unkind words she's been flinging towards Banks' best friend.

Will Lynch hang onto the title? Can Banks win? And, if Banks does walk away with the Raw Women's Championship and she and Bayley stand side-by-side as the respective women's champions on each brand, will Lynch have to eat her words?

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