Becky Lynch Is Closing In On A Pretty Special Record

Becky Lynch is now the longest-reigning Raw Women's Champion of all time and is closing in on the number one spot.

Despite the ascension of Becky Lynch in WWE only beginning a little more than a year ago, it's hard to imagine a time when she wasn't one of the company's most valuable assets. In that time she has won a Royal Rumble match, headlined WrestleMania, and left a lasting iconic image by having her face busted open.

Lynch has also held both the Raw and SmackDown Women's Titles during that time. She actually won both of those titles during the aforementioned WrestleMania main event, defeating Ronda Rousey and Charlotte Flair. Since then, The Man has lost the blue belt but managed to keep hold of the red one. In fact, she still has the Raw Women's Championship right now.

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That means she has been champion for seven months, or 223 days to be exact if you are reading this on Sunday, November 17, 2019. That date is significant to Lynch's title reign as it means she is now the second-longest Raw Women's Champion of all time. Alexa Bliss formerly held that spot but now finds herself in third place on an almost as impressive 222 days.

So who is in first place, and how many more days before Lynch overtakes her? Well, not many. The reign Lynch brought to an end at WrestleMania 35 is the longest Raw Women's Title run to date, so the number one spot longs to Rousey. The date she lost it was the 231st in which she could call herself a champion, and the last, for now.  Which means The Man is only a little more than a week from becoming the longest-reigning Raw Women's Champion ever,

Considering what will be happening between now and then, it seems almost inevitable that Lynch will beat that record. She probably won't defend the title tomorrow night on Raw and is competing in a three-way, non-title champions match at Survivor Series. There's a slim chance Lynch loses her title the night after Survivor Series, which would leave her and Rousey in joint first.

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