Becky Lynch Asks Mick Foley For Some Brutal Advice Ahead Of Hell In A Cell

Becky Lynch will step inside Hell In A Cell for the first time this Sunday, and she has gone to someone who knows a thing or two about the match for advice.

In 2017, Charlotte Flair and Sasha Banks made history. They did so by becoming the first female Superstars to compete inside of Hell In A Cell. On that night, Flair's impressive PPV record strengthened. Meanwhile, Banks' history of not being able to hold onto a title for any length of time was also extended.

Even though Banks lost on that night, she will still have the edge this Sunday. Since Flair and Banks' cell match, there has not been another featuring female Superstars. That will change this weekend. Banks will step inside HIAC for a second time, and on this occasion, Becky Lynch will be her opponent. Thus, it will be The Man's first foray into the cell.

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We don't doubt for a second that Lynch can hold her own in any type of match. However, that doesn't mean she should turn away advice should it be offered up. That's why on Sunday, the Raw Women's Champion publically posed a question to someone who is very familiar with HIAC. Mick Foley. Lynch tweeted, "quick question: does face skin grate better left to right, or right to left?"

If memory serves us correctly, Foley has had his face grated across the unforgiving chain link of HIAC more often than he has been the one doing the grating. Nevertheless, that still makes him one of the most qualified wrestlers around today to answer Lynch's question. The HOFer replied to the champ's tweet pretty quickly, asking The Man to give him a call.

As of right now, The Boss hasn't responded to Lynch or Foley. Chances are she is currently too tied up engaging in a social media war with The Man's other half, Seth Rollins. The Architect recently deleted and then reactivated his Twitter account, something we imagine Banks will be taking credit for. We wonder whether Banks and Lynch will be quite as vocal on social media after the pair is done inside HIAC.

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