• Becky Lynch has commented on the situation brewing between Ric Flair and WWE. 1 / 7

  • The Hall of Famer is looking to trademark the phrase "The Man." 2 / 7

  • A moniker being used by Becky since last year. 3 / 7

  • Flair says he has been going by "The Man" since 1981 and doesn't mind Becky using it, he just wants to get paid. 4 / 7

  • “Becky can have [the name] all day long but I want the company to pay me for it because I’m going to take care of my family," he said. 5 / 7

  • “All I can say about Ric is, I like Ric," Becky has said in response. "He's been a good friend to me over the years. We'll see what happens with that." 6 / 7

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