Becky Lynch & The Rock Teased Dream Match Before Her Royal Rumble Win

Winner of the second annual women's Royal Rumble Becky Lynch is headed to WrestleMania, following a loss to Asuka and a late entry into the ladies' main event on Sunday night.

Lynch was unable to claim victory when she faced The Empress of Tomorrow for the SmackDown Women's Championship belt, but she managed to find some respite in the Rumble after replacing an injured, limping Lana, who could not make it to the ring despite her bravest of efforts.

The Irish star got one over favorite Charlotte Flair to book her spot at WrestleMania 35, but she seems to have much bigger fish in mind, enter Dwayne Johnson.


Prior to Sunday night's event, Lynch took part in a Q&A on Twitter, the #Ask TheMan session, to be precise. And The Rock would be prompted to join the conversation when user @CreatorElite asked when the WWE Universe will see the two stars get in the ring together.

Neither of them seemed to hate the idea.

"Let’s break @wwe records," Johnson said. "One night. One match. Winner take all. (but I’ll only put you over clean via a very awkward, slightly botched sunset flip, or a regular suplex pronounced “vertical soo-flay”.

"Kick ass tonight and as always, have fun."

Becky readily obliged, letting The Rock know that she is very open to getting in the ring with him and creating history.

The WWE eventually took notice of the social media exchange and teased the potential dream match via their Instagram account.

Lynch winning the Rumble, though, puts her in position to challenge for the Raw Women's Championship, which happens to be in the possession of none other than her rival Ronda Rousey. An unfortunate injury kept her from taking Rousey on at Survivor Series last year but she will have her opportunity in less than three months.

What This Means

A match between Lynch and The Rock is unlikely, yet it is still possible.

If it's anything to go on, Nia Jax entered the men's Royal Rumble on Sunday and was the recipient of an RKO, a superkick and a 619.

Fingers crossed...


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