Becky Lynch: 10 Things "The Man" Does Better Than Anyone Else

Ask just about anyone and they'll tell you Becky Lynch is WWE's hottest act right now. Ask The Man herself, she'll tell you it's true. Why have WWE officials, seasoned veterans like John Cena and the WWE Universe gotten behind the former SmackDown Women's Champion? Lynch ignites something special within the world of wrestling. Many compare her to Stone Cold Steve Austin in the unexpected way she was able to connect to the audience. Without a doubt, she is a unique competitor, a kind that doesn't come around that often. There are certain things that she just does better than anyone else in wrestling today, so we've compiled the top ten.

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10 Charismatic Arrogance

Some may say that it's not arrogance if you can back it up. Still, it would be pointless to pretend that Lynch doesn't bring a bit of arrogance to the table. The thing is, she does it with such charisma that no matter what she's saying, the crowd is eating out of the palm of her hand. It's all in the little things with Lynch, the twinkle in her eye or the slight half-smile, that make her so charming you can't help but believe anything she says.

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This charisma has allowed her to fall gracefully in the notoriously tricky spot of anti-hero. Even in her worst moments, when she lashes out like a caged animal, we are behind Lynch 100%.

9 Twitter feuds

Today every WWE superstar has Twitter and uses it to promote their professional brand, if not to progress story and develop their character. Lynch, however, takes it to a whole new level. Witty and quick to go for the jugular, Lynch is so good at taking down anyone who crosses her that it's become a joke within the community. Alexa Bliss, Seth Rollins, and Conor McGregor are just a few of Lynch's most vicious dunks.

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Make no mistake, this isn't just ,juvenile millennial nonsense, this is the most effective character building anyone has done in recent memory. It extends the story past what we see on TV, it makes us feel like Becky Lynch is a real person.

8 In-Ring Chemistry

Lynch has an uncanny ability to pair up with just about anyone and make it work. She seems to have chemistry in the ring with everyone on the roster. Maybe it's because not that many women in WWE utilize a style like Lynch, or because she knows how to adapt to her opponents. Maybe it's just that people trust her. Whatever it is, it's probably what has carried Lynch this far. Even in a mediocre program, WWE can rely on Lynch to pull out a better match.

7 Orange Hair

As Mauro Ranallo would say, even Ally from A Star Is Born would have to admit Lynch sports the best orange hair. Lynch's fiery locks are synonymous with her at this point, debuting for the first time back in NXT. Colorful hair colors are common in WWE, but nobody rocks it quite like Lynch does.

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It makes her feel almost like a comic book character, just a little bit larger than life. There's also an air of power to it, as it's pretty visually striking flying around in the ring. Plus, it's hardly an easy color to pull off, so we give her props for carrying it so well that you'd believe it naturally grew out of her head.

6 Unlikely underdog

What do Becky Lynch, Daniel Bryan, and Kofi Kingston all have in common? They're all B+ players. They have all been overlooked by WWE for years, getting passed over for bigger names. What's interesting about Lynch is that there's nothing tangible holding her back. She's not undersized or underpowered. In fact, she has all the makings of a star, as we've seen this past year. WWE just seemed to favor others for those big spots, namely Charlotte Flair and Alexa Bliss. Lynch has always been one of the best, that's just not been enough up until now.

5 Utter Fearlessness

When you're getting overlooked time and time again, you need to find a way to stand out. That's what Lynch has been doing with such success this past year. Knowing Lynch is one tough lass is nothing new. In the WWE 24 on WrestleMania 31, Lynch is seen backstage being asked by Nikki Bella how many stitches she'll need for a gash above her eyebrow. Lynch responds "only 7." It's not surprising that same woman is delighting in getting roughed up during the SmackDown Invasion on Raw or flinging herself on one good leg at Flair. Sorry Nikki, the fearlessness award goes to Lynch this year.

4 Challenges Authority

Lynch is hardly the first to stand toe to toe with an authority figure in the history of WWE. Is she the best? It's possible. Lynch takes it to a whole new level with her physicality, totally unafraid to throw hands with Triple H or Stephanie McMahon. We're pretty sure given the opportunity, she'd gladly break Vince McMahon's arm. It's that devil may care attitude that allows her to be such a force on Monday and Tuesday nights. There's also a sense that this is rooted in some truth, Lynch was never really meant to be the golden child. She had to claw her way into the spotlight and might not feel that management is behind her.

3 Puns

This is an easy win for Lynch, who else can be so delightful in their use of puns? Sure, Lynch has largely let it go in the months since her heel turn, but we still remember Lynch's puns fondly. It is one of the reasons she captured everyone's hearts, it was impossible not to love her as she cut social media promos entirely composed of puns. Simply put, Lynch is charming. Most people don't exactly enjoy puns but when they come from Lynch's mouth, we're all in.

2 Passionate Promos

There's no denying Lynch is great in the ring. However, if there's one reason that she's risen to the position she has, it's her work on the mic. It's not just about saying the right words to rile up her opponent or the crowd. It's not even about the fact that she seems so at home in the middle of the ring with a microphone in her hand. It's how she delivers these promos. She's an expert at pacing so that she builds up the crowd's excitement. In one promo she can take us on a complete journey of emotions. Lynch doesn't just do angry promos or confident promos, she shows real character depth that the audience connects to wholeheartedly.

1 Grabbing the Brass Ring

For someone who has been doing great work for years, you'd think it wouldn't have taken this long for Lynch to get the spotlight. Sure she was the first SmackDown Women's Champion, but even that felt like an afterthought. She's always been the odd 4 Horsewoman out. While Sasha Banks and Charlotte were all anyone wanted to talk about, Lynch worked and waited. You can tell she's always known that if she got her shot, she'd kill it. Which, of course, is exactly what she's gone and done.

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