Bed, Bath And Beyond: 15 Wrestlers Better Known For What They Do On A Mattress

Professional wrestlers are known for their physicality. Some guys have a calling card of marveling feats of athleticism that guys like Kofi Kingston or John Morrison have busted out over the years. Others create buzz based on demonstrations of power, like Mark Henry and Ryback. There are performers who lean on sheer size like Andre the Giant and The Big Show, or a great look like Sid Vicious or Buff Bagwell. Still others like Kurt Angle and Dolph Ziggler have technical skills that transcended from amateur backgrounds to the more performative style of WWE. While the aforementioned examples lean on male performers, there are of course great female performers, too, and that’s especially true today with the likes of the all around physically gifted Charlotte Flair, not to mention a performer like Sasha Banks who uses her relatively small size all the more effectively for physical storytelling.

For all of wrestling’s remarkable physical specimens, perhaps it’s no surprise that there are also those wrestlers renowned for their sexual escapades—some, even, to the point that their history in the bedroom or rumors of it supersede the legacies of anything they accomplished in an actual wrestling ring. Whether we’re talking about valets who made their way through the locker room or journeymen wrestlers who nonetheless enjoyed their share of success when it came to bringing female fans back to their hotel rooms on the road. This article takes a look at 15 wrestlers who are or were arguably known better for what they did on a mattress than for their accomplishments in the actual professional wrestling business.

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15 Missy Hyatt

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Missy Hyatt was a pretty darn iconic manager in the 1980s and early 1990s, and has to be on the shortlist for top managers of that era who never had a meaningful role in WWE. She briefly got signed and got a talk show segment on Vince McMahon’s programming, but it never aired nationally and is largely lost to the sands of time now.

Hyatt has proven herself in interviews as a solid wrestling mind and knew what she was doing working at ringside. Just the same, her biggest legacy, in particular with smart fans, remains the volume of rumors about her sleeping around with colleagues from the southern independents through WCW and ECW. Her sexy on screen persona, which was well ahead of its time, does little to take away from her image, nor does her work with a number of more risqué companies since leaving mainstream wrestling.

14 Rosa Mendes

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Besides being a pretty face, Rosa Mendes never amounted to all that much on the WWE landscape, probably peaking during a brief period of managing The Colons when they were tag team champions.

A lot of intrigue brewed around Mendes, and in particular why she remained employed by WWE for so long. After all, she spent long stretches off camera and only playing low profile roles when she did surface on screen. It’s not as though she had a groundswell of support from fans, either, as a relatively forgettable character and unremarkable in ring worker. Rumors surfaced that she had an affair with Batista, with a number of wrestlers alluding that was true. More spurious rumors came up, too, that she had granted Michael Hayes sexual favors and it was those activities that were directly responsible for her keeping her job for so long.

13 Brad Maddox

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Brad Maddox was a strange figure on the WWE landscape. He came up through the WWE developmental system, and it seemed like the powers that be had big plans for him. He got plugged into a Danny Davis like role of a heel referee, after which he transitioned to an on air authority figure position. Nothing quite clicked and he rounded out his days with WWE as a lower card wrestler who mostly worked house shows before purportedly getting fired for using foul language in a promo.

Maddox could easily enough have gone forgotten were it not for the Paige videos and photo leak, in which Maddox featured prominently in more than one of the videos. The nature of the videos is unlikely to earn Maddox any new opportunities with WWE, but the amount of attention they got, particularly from hardcore wrestling fans, has probably increased Maddox’s value on the indies.

12 Sunny

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Sunny got into wrestling very young when her real life boyfriend Chris Candido brought her along to be his manager in Smoky Mountain Wrestling and other small promotions. She got her big break when the two of them were signed to WWE as Skip and Sunny, the Body Donnas. At this time, Sunny became a top manager, rooted in her sex appeal, and was particularly prominent on the tag scene. She moved from team to team—form Skip and Zip to the Godwinns to the Smoking Gunns. The movement made many fans theorize the storyline represented the way she bounced around the locker room from man to man, or at least suggested she was gold digger as her character tended to follow the tag titles.

In recent years, Sunny has been very forthcoming about her sexual history. She and Candido purportedly went on breaks and during that time she indicated she slept with Shawn Michaels a number of times. Rumors abound about her other partners, who may have included a number of WWE, WCW, and ECW stars of the 1990s, besides some more recent talents. Perhaps most surprisingly, Sunny has spoken about a night with Dolph Ziggler and him having particularly impressive stamina.

11 Terri Runnels

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While Terri Runnels was certainly an attractive woman, she was never much of a wrestler and never really developed much of a unique identity on the pro wrestling landscape besides being attractive. She’s best known for her on air partnership, managing Goldust, whom she actually was married to in real life.

Rumors abound about Runnels being involved with other wrestlers, including Shawn Stasiak under the gimmick “Meat,” and she later had a relationship with New Jack. New Jack told very explicit stories about Runnels very publicly, which led to Runnels filing suit against him. Unfortunately for her, her sexual activities—real and rumored—are probably more famous among hardcore wrestling fans anything she ever did in the ring or on the mic.

10 Test

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When it comes to his professional wrestling career, the story of Test’s career is largely one of disappointment and unrealized potential. After working as a hired gun for Vince McMahon’s Corporation stable, Test got a big face push as Stephanie McMahon’s kayfabe boyfriend. All of that got derailed when she turned heel and paired off with Triple H. While Test had all the makings of a major star, he never quite broke out of the mid-card and tag team pack. Post-WWE, he had a brief high profile run with TNA, but wound up leaving there, too, before making major waves. He passed away at the young age of 34.

While Test may never been as successful of a wrestler as he would have hoped, he enjoyed some pretty massive successes in the bedroom. He was most notably linked to both Stacy Keibler and Kelly Kelly. While neither woman was a wrestling virtuoso, there’s little question they’re among the most attractive women WWE’s ever contracted.

9 Paige

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Paige is a talented wrestler who went a long way toward kickstarting the contemporary in WWE women’s wrestling with her strong performances and rough and tumble style. Unfortunately, a combination of political differences with WWE management and a neck injury put her on the shelf, and it’s unclear if she’ll ever be back in a WWE ring.

Paige’s WWE wrestling career may have been cut short, but she continues to make headlines. First of all, the root of her differences with WWE’s powers that be is her relationship with controversial wrestler Alberto Del Rio. From there, she garnered even more attention when photos and videos of her leaked, capturing her in a variety of sexual situations and with multiple partners. It’s unfortunate for such a bright young talent, but she’s probably known better now for her private activities than her work in the wrestling world itself.

8 Maria Kanellis

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Maria Kanellis had a successful run with WWE that included managing a variety of talents and participating in a high profile women’s tag team match at WrestleMania XXIV. Throughout this time, she may be bet remembered by fans for playing Santino Marella’s girlfriend in a run that culminated in Marella working heel and trying to stop Kanellis from appearing in Playboy.

The Playboy angle is memorable if for no other reason than because she was a woman plenty of wrestling fans were interested in seeing in the buff at the time. It should be little surprise then that her sex life has also been a topic of interest fans. She’s rumored to have been linked to John Cena for a period of time, in addition to a better documented relationship with CM Punk. Since leaving WWE, she’s been most often associated with Mike Bennett who she married in real life. The two played a heel couple for both ROH and TNA. No doubt Bennett has been the envy of quite a few fans.

7 Major Gunns

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Major Gunns wasn’t exactly the classiest gimmick, but it was an instance of WCW playing to a performer’s strength. When she was a rookie performer, Gunns got paired with the Misfits in Action stable for a vaguely military gimmick that put an emphasis on her body. She’d go on to work with the Team Canada group, before getting released when WWE bought out WCW.

While WCW fans may remember Gunns fondly, she didn’t have much of a wrestling career to speak of after the company folded, only working with a handful of indies over the five years to follow before moving on. Gunns subsequently worked as a model and appeared in adult movies—leaning fully into her sex appeal and what presumably “brought her to the dance” in wrestling to begin with.

6 Ricky Morton

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Ricky Morton was one of the hardest picks on this list. In most cases, we’re looking at wrestlers who didn’t accomplish much in the ring but have extensive resumes in the bedroom. Morton, however, had a truly great wrestling career—it’s just that he was arguably even more legendary for his extracurriculars.

The Rock ‘n’ Roll Express was a great tag team—great workers, with a great connection to the fans, who produced great reactions everywhere they went. A part of why they were as popular as they were was that they not only had the support of the overwhelmingly male fan base but were a big hit with the women as well. In inducting them to the WWE Hall of Fame, Jim Cornette joked that the two would sleep with more women than most people get to while they made their way down to the ring each night. For sure, Morton especially was successful with the ladies, breaking their hearts every time he took a beating in the ring en route to finally making it to Robert Gibson for the hot tag.

5 Ashley Massaro

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Ashley Massaro won her way into a WWE contract via a Diva Search competition and went on to a reasonably successful career. You could even go so far as to argue that she was the face of the women’s division at the peak of her tenure, though she never did get to win championship gold.

It’s telling that the two most memorable factoids about Massaro’s time with WWE are probably her posing for Playboy in 2007 and the fact that she dated Matt Hardy. On a more disturbing note, it came to light after she left the company that she claims to have been the victim of sexual assault during a WWE visit to a military base in Kuwait. She accuses WWE personnel of advising her against reporting it and that has been cause for a lawsuit against the company.

4 Xavier Woods

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Xavier Woods seems to have a great mind for wrestling, is a gifted talker, and a perfectly respectable in ring performer. He has been a key contributor to the New Day team, and his 'Up Up Down Down' video game centric YouTube talk show has demonstrated his ability to both think outside the box and connect with WWE fans in non-traditional ways.

For all of Woods’s abilities and accomplishments a different sort of milestone took center stage for him this spring when videos and photos of WWE’s Paige were leaked to the public. The leak was catastrophic for Paige. While it was surprising to see Brad Maddox in some of the footage, it wasn’t necessarily a shock given he was rumored to have been dating her. But then there was Xavier Woods, whom fans hadn’t known was connected to Paige—not to mention the fact that Maddox was present in the same footage. The New Day even felt compelled to address Woods’s appearance with some veiled jabs at the situation on an episode of Raw and at WrestleMania 33.

3 Melina

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WWE introduced Melina to its audience as the manager for MNM—a sexy tag team in which she was the centerpiece between Johnny Nitro and Joey Mercury. She’d eventually break out on her own as a successful singles wrestler who won the Divas and Women's Championship.

For as much as Melina was a reasonably successful wrestling performer, her style invited fans’ sexual interest, most prominently including dropping into a full split upon her seductive entrance into the ring. Melina’s well known to have been in a long term, on again off again relationship with John Morrison behind the scenes. She was also rumored to have had a tryst with Batista, which WWE may or may not have been playing off of in a brief on screen angle that saw her sleep with him to try to get him not to challenge MNM for the Tag Team Championships.

2 Shelly Martinez

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Shelly Martinez has about a decade of experience all told in the professional wrestling world, including two years under contract with WWE where she played the vampire valet Ariel for Kevin Thorn in ECW. In the years to follow, she got a featured role with TNA as part of the LAX stable, and went on to carve out a career for herself in a variety of indies.

While Martinez developed into a respectable wrestling performer and character, her biggest signature may well be the seductive style she brings to the wrestling career. If that weren’t enough to put plenty of fans’ minds in the gutter, Martinez has also appeared now in more than one softcore adult film and posed nude for photographs. Martinez recently announced her retirement from wrestling, but her followers probably haven’t seen the last of her.

1 Lita

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Lita was an important figure in professional wrestling during the Attitude Era. Her insertion of a luche libre influenced style and her punk aesthetic helped diversify the WWE women’s scene. Moreover, her legit athleticism and skill helped her usher in a precursor to the contemporary WWE women’s division, oriented toward serious wrestling over eye candy.

For as good of an athlete and all around performer as Lita was, she nonetheless garnered a lot of extra attention based on her backstage antics. Her real life relationship with Matt Hardy went a long way toward drawing attention to both of the young performers. From there, the ugly end to that relationship and allegations of Lita having an affair with Edge took both her and Edge to the next level as a main event act. In Lita’s case, we’re looking at less of her sex life overshadowing her wrestling work, than her personal life being an overwhelming key to drawing attention to what she did on camera.

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