Behind The Mic: 15 Fascinating Facts About Renee Young

Renee Young has been appearing on WWE TV since 2012. She was first used as a backstage interviewer until WWE realized her full potential and have since promoted her to the host of all WWE Kick-Off shows and Talking Smack.

Renee also has her own show on the WWE Network called Unfiltered, a show where she talks to different WWE Superstars about their time in the business and asks the questions that usually don't get asked.

When Renee interviewed The Miz a few weeks ago on SmackDown and actually slapped him after he revealed her personal relationship with Dean Ambrose to the WWE Universe, she seems to have grown in popularity amongst many fans, but there is a lot that these fans don't know about the short blonde journalist.

Renee is a very educated woman and she would never get mixed up in something that she didn't think she could handle. So recent hints about her making her in-ring debut could well be worth thinking about.

Here are 15 things that many WWE fans are unaware of when it comes to WWE's most outspoken interviewer.

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15 Shoe Problems

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Renee has been seen on WWE TV many times, but whenever she is seen by the WWE Universe it is always when she is interviewing backstage and they never know that she isn't actually wearing shoes. Renee has never been a fan of wearing shoes when she's interviewing Superstars and it's a running joke with many of them because they don't understand her obsession.

Renee was in the ring interviewing Roman Reigns a few months ago and Reigns commented that Renee may be happier if she took her shoes off and she then smiled. It is thought that this was Triple H bantering with the star because he is also aware of her strange foot issue. At least we know Renee has a sense of humour and can laugh along with the boys.

14 Hollywood Ambition

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Many people will argue with the following point, but wrestling is obviously acting. If you can't act then you can't be a wrestler. Wrestlers need to sell every move they deliver or take and if they don't then it ruins the whole match.

It comes as no surprise then that Renee always wanted to be an actress. She trained and worked hard to be a part of the industry before she was signed by WWE in 2012. Obviously, her skills come into play a lot when she is acting like she is unaware of the outcomes of matches or who she thinks will be challenging next for championships. She even plays a good character in the current storyline with The Miz so technically she has achieved her dream already.

13 Total Divas Star

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For someone who is only a backstage interviewer and kick off show host, Renee has certainly managed to stamp her name on the world of WWE. She is now a part of E! Reality series Total Divas and appears regularly with her boyfriend and former WWE World Champion Dean Ambrose.

The couple is fast becoming one of the best attractions on the show and many fans have stated that they hope they return for a second run with the series (this could change due to Ambrose and the fact that he is not entirely comfortable with the series). Renee has somehow gone from being an unknown person behind the scenes of WWE to a WWE "Diva" in the past few years, without having to step into the ring.

12 She's Won A Slammy Award

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That's right, not only is Renee Young a Total Divas star without being a wrestler, but she has also won a coveted WWE Slammy Award as well. The annual awards are handed out at the end of every year and they are given to the most deserving stars in their own categories.

Renee won the award when she was part of the JBL and Cole show a few years ago. In fact, she became so much a part of the show that the name was changed to 'The JBL and Cole show with Renee Young.' Renee added something different to the show and helped them win the award back in 2014. Sure, it's not 'Match of the Year' or anything like that but it goes to show that Renee is truly part of the WWE team

11 Relationship With Dean Ambrose

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It's something that the whole WWE Universe is now aware of thanks to The Miz, but Renee Young and Dean Ambrose have been dating for almost three years. The duo have been shown on Total Divas for the first time as a couple this year, but are otherwise very private with their relationship.

Ambrose and Young have appeared on WWE TV many times together and WWE have never actually hinted that there is a relationship between them, but it seems that moving forward there could be many more hints of this as well as a few cute couple moments. At least for the sake of this storyline with The Miz, Renee and Dean will likely showcase their relationship on SmackDown Live.

10 JBL And Cole As Mentors

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This is probably not that much of a shock, but Renee actually considers Michael Cole and JBL to be her mentors.

She has been working with both men closely over the past few years and it seems that they have definitely rubbed off on her. She commentated on the female matches down in NXT for a while and it showed how much she had picked up from the WWE duo. It is obvious that she has a lot to thank them for when it comes to her WWE career. Renee has a little broadcasting experience (working in Canada for a sports station), but not as much as these two and she couldn't have found better mentors than JBL and Cole when she was learning the ropes in WWE.

9 She Met Many WWE Stars When She Was Younger

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As already stated, Renee was a huge wrestling fan growing up. So much so that her father used to take her to many events. It was there at these live events that she was able to meet the likes of Stone Cold Steve Austin, Chyna, and Trish Stratus.

It must be odd for Renee to have gone from being a fan to totally becoming a part of the world she had always dreamed of. WWE from the outside has many global fans and not all of them can be a part of the product. There are simply not enough spaces, but for one of the fans to have made it, gives hope to many who are still working to live their dreams and chase a spot in WWE.

8 She's Appeared In A Music Video

Renee has many credits to her name from the past few years, especially since she is a trained actress. And it seems one of her biggest credits is that she once appeared in a Kelly Clarkson music video.

'Behind These Hazel Eyes' saw Renee appear as one of Kelly Clarkson's bridesmaids and despite the fact that Renee can't be seen throughout the video clearly, she can be seen at the beginning  if you look carefully. Many fans are aware that she was part of the video itself and have taken the time to spot her scenes. Renee has always been a person who has enjoyed acting so it comes as no surprise that she already had a career before she was signed by WWE a few years sgo.

7 She Pitched The Idea Of 'Unfiltered'

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As a female in a male-dominated sport, it could be thought that Renee would be in a position where she wouldn't feel she could speak up and ask questions. But it seems that Renee is not that kind of person.

The blonde broadcaster instead went up to WWE bosses and actually pitched the idea of a Network show where she interviewed people in a different way than normal interviews and instead allowed it to become a fun, filmed hang out. It seems that the bosses were impressed and allowed Unfiltered to become a real thing. Renee was even able to interview her real life boyfriend Dean Ambrose in the last season of the show, in what was a popular episode (perhaps the most popular) of the program.

6 She Is A Lifelong Wrestling Fan

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Not only has Renee Young done what many journalists can only dream of by being able to work on and be part of WrestleMania without actually being a Superstar, but she has also actually attended a WrestleMania show herself in the past.

Renee was actually in attendance for WrestleMania VI back in 1990 and it seems that this show could have been one of the ones where Renee realized that she wanted to be part of the WWE. Hall of Famer Edge was also in attendance that night and then went on to become one of the biggest stars in the companies history. WrestleMania VI, which featured Hulk Hogan vs. The Ultimate Warrior for the WWE World and Intercontinental Championship obviously inspired many youngsters. Renee included.

5 She Wanted To Become A Stand-Up Comedian

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The WWE Universe must have noticed over the past four years that Renee Young has something about her that would easily allow you to think that she could be a comedian. The WWE interviewer is very good at coming up with the right thing to say at the right time and she could easily make a fantastic stand-up comic.

When she was growing up Renee Young admitted many times that she wanted to be Chelsea Handler, one of the most famous female comedians of all time. Renee wanted to work her way up to being a comedian but instead, she has become a WWE Superstar in her own right. This role of course allows her to work on many of the skills she may need if she decides to pursue stand-up comedy at some point down the road.

4 She Is Very Knowledgable When It Comes To Wrestling

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Even though it has taken WWE almost four years to push Renee into the spotlight she deserves, they have sometimes made her look like much more than a ditz than she actually is. (They don't want or need another Maria-type backstage interviewer.)

Before she came to WWE Renee actually hosted a wrestling themed show in her homeland of Canada. The show was called 'Right After Wrestling' before it was changed to 'Aftermath.' The show also contained the talents of Arda Ocal and former WWE referee Jimmy Korderas and truly allowed Renee to show her love of the sport. Renee was well liked by the fans and it is thought that her position on this show helped her gain interest from WWE. It wasn't long before they came calling.

3 She's Trained in Improvisation

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As already mentioned in the entries above, Renee went through various routes as she trained to be a professional actor. While she was undergoing this training, she actually decided to study improvisational comedy.

This was one of the routes she thought she would be able to take in order to become a female stand-up comedian, but obviously, fate stepped in. She stated in an interview that after she left high school she went to The Second City Comedy Club, a famous Comedy place in Chicago and trained in Improvisational Comedy, something that she thought fitted in nicely with her funny, quirky personality. Of course, having this training and background can only come in handy when dealing with these WWE Superstars on live television each week.

2 She Lives With Dean Ambrose

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This is something that Renee has admitted in many recent interviews and something that fans have seen for themselves in many episodes of Total Divas. Renee and Dean have been dating for a while now and so it seemed the logical next step was for them to move in together.

As well as living together in Vegas, Renee and Dean also do all of their travelling for WWE together. Renee stated that she loves travelling with Dean because she understands that there are times when he sometimes needs to be Dean and others when he can be himself and they can just head to the shop and buy a sandwich. Two different worlds. We can assume that Renee was placed on SmackDown Live after the WWE Draft because Ambrose was sent to the Blue Brand.

1 She Shot Down Many Names Before She Settled For Renee Young

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WWE often comes up with screen names for their Superstars and even though Renee isn't a wrestler, the company decided that she should be given a screen name as well. Stars like John Cena and Randy Orton were allowed to keep their real names, but it seems that WWE are not big fans of real names anymore, because they are much harder to copyright.

While her real name is Renee it is, in fact, Renee Paquette. When she signed for WWE they first sent her an email suggesting that her new name could be 'Renee Sterling.' It is said that Renee wasn't prepared for the name change and so rejected it straight away. Then after many other deliberations both Renee and WWE managed to agree on Renee Young. The name she has been known as for her entire WWE career.

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