WWE Rumblings: 10 Behind The Scenes Plans We Hope Are True (And 10 We Don’t)

Never has a new year looked so wide open. In fact, fans don’t even know who will main event next year’s WrestleMania and who will be walking into the show as champions. As of now, it remains unclear. Will Brock Lesnar enter WrestleMania 35 with the Universal Championship, and if he does, who will he face? Among the current rumored names are Seth Rollins, Drew McIntyre and even The Rock. Undoubtedly, fans are split pertaining to those names. That is basically the theme in this article as we take a look at backstage discussion we hope comes to life and others that we clearly don’t.

We will take a look at various potential storylines and things than can happen in future programming. One rumor to catch heat is the potential debut of a new GM on RAW and it might be a certain former Women’s Champion. On the flip side, we will also discuss other returns such as Batista and The Rock. Plans for these wrestlers fall on both side of the list. With so much still up in the air, it will make for a crazy and unpredictable next couple of months. Perhaps Vince himself remains unsure as to what the plans are moving forward.

Enjoy the article folks and like always be sure to share it with a friend. Without further ado, here are 10 backstage leaks we hope are true and 10 we don’t. Let’s kick things off with the rumored GM to take Baron Corbin’s place, perhaps in the very near future.

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20 Hope Is True: Alexa Bliss As The New RAW GM

via WWE

Unable to wrestle, WWE put Alexa Bliss to good use, making her the captain of team RAW at Survivor Series. She thrived in the role working alongside Baron Corbin. Having so much authority and working the microphone, she caught the attention of WWE officials; according to recent rumors.

So much so, that she is now being considered as the next possible RAW General Manager. With Kurt Angle back in a wrestling role and Corbin only in the position temporarily, Bliss might be the one to take on the full-time role. Given her performances in recent weeks, we can see Bliss thriving as a villainous RAW GM. This wouldn’t be the worst idea.

19 Don’t: Brock Lesnar vs. Batista At WrestleMania

via WWE

As the current Universal Champion, speculation is starting to emerge as to who Brock Lesnar is going to face at WrestleMania. A multi-man match is the most likely rumor to take place. However, some sources also speculate that a returning wrestler can step into the spotlight and challenge Lesnar.

One of those names happens to be Batista. Sure, he got a great reaction during his return but such a match just wouldn’t make sense given the limited heat and history between these two. Batista needs to be saved for something else while Lesnar is better off facing a current talent on the roster.

18 Hope Is True: Shawn Michaels Working WrestleMania

via WWE

During his recent interview on the E&C Podcast, Shawn Michaels discussed that he is unlikely to take on another match. However, according to Ring Side News, that might not be the case.

Some are speculating that WWE might give Shawn an offer he just can’t refuse. The reported sum might be north of $2 million. Given all the recent injuries, McMahon needs something big and HBK might be the answer. As for a possible opponents, AJ Styles has to be considered as the front runner. A match of the best from the past versus the best from the present is definitely something to get excited about.

17 Don’t: The Rock Versus Bobby Lashley Or Brock Lesnar

via WWE

Prior to Roman Reigns' WWE hiatus, he was heavily rumored to take on The Rock at WrestleMania 35. However, without a timetable for his return, that match isn’t likely to take place. Several wrestling rumor sources are now starting to speculate that WWE is searching for a different opponent to take on The Great One.

Top names at the moment include Bobby Lashley and Brock Lesnar. Given the lack of history between these two opponents, it really wouldn’t make much sense to have The Rock return for such matchups. It might be better for The Rock to skip this WrestleMania if those are his only two opponents. At that point, we would rather see a sing-off against Elias.

16 Hope Is True: Heel Bryan vs. Babyface Miz At WrestleMania

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One of the top feuds looking back on the 2010s has to be Daniel Bryan and The Miz. Dating back to Bryan’s GM days, these two have maintained a heated rivalry against one another.

It can take an awkward twist with a championship on the line. What would make this WrestleMania clash so special is the fact that Bryan would be playing the role of a heel while The Miz enters the bout as a babyface. This would be a must-watch encounter with such a dramatic and dynamic change. It will only add to this historical feud.

15 Don’t: Daniel Bryan & Shane McMahon Program

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Another option for Daniel Bryan might be a storyline against Shane McMahon. This might have been the reason for Shane’s rumored heel turn, to setup this match. However, given Bryan’s recent turn, plans for this program might have been scrapped, which isn’t the worst idea.

The possibility still exists for WWE to book this match anyway with Bryan as the heel and Shane as the face. Time and time again Shane is involved in a big match at the event and we would be surprised to see this change entering WrestleMania 35. However, we would much rather Shane stay away from the championship picture and give that spot to an actual full-time talent instead.

14 Hope Is True: Main Roster Wrestlers Going To NXT

via wwe.com

"I think you could be at a place where you see main level talent stay in NXT. I think we're also at the point where you could see some talent that have been on RAW or SmackDown for periods of time and have either had success, not had success, or for whatever reason, aren't being utilized go back into NXT." (Source Sporting News)

This is some significant news recently stated by Triple H. According to The Game, as of 2019, we might see main roster wrestlers get traded to NXT. This can be a game changer, no pun intended, giving struggling main roster stars the chance to shine elsewhere.

13 Don’t: AJ Styles To Work Fewer Dates

via Wrestleyard

Let’s give AJ Styles a big round of applause. His title run just ended at 371 days, which is good enough to land in the number eight spot all-time alongside "Macho Man" Randy Savage. Pretty good company wouldn’t you say?

AJ’s contract is set to expire real soon. Although he won’t be going anywhere, some are speculating that he is set to work limited dates under his new deal. That might mean we will be seeing less of The Phenomenal One, which is such a shame. Let’s hope this is only speculation for the time being.

12 Hope Is True: John Cena Returning Full-Time To Start 2019

WWE’s golden boy is set to return in late December. John Cena is booked for various dates in both late December and early January. According to current speculation, Cena is set take part in a lot of shows on route to WrestleMania 35. Having Cena back on the program is always a good thing, no matter what the storyline.

As for a possible program, that remains up in the air. A pursuit at championship number 17 is a possibility. However, the most likely scenario to take place is a rematch from this year’s WrestleMania against The Undertaker.

11 Don’t: Rousey, Flair, And Lynch, WrestleMania Triple Threat

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What is Becky Lynch's  loss is Charlotte Flair's gain as it turns out. Flair took Becky’s place in the marquee Survivor Series match and she made quite the statement with her post-match antics. The fans ate up the moment, so much so that it might land Charlotte in a prime WrestleMania match because of it.

According to this rumor, Charlotte might be added to the mix at WrestleMania. It would create a Triple Threat scenario between herself and the two current titles holders, Lynch and Ronda Rousey. That would be a bit of a letdown, as fans might rather opt to see Rousey and Lynch, without the involvement of Flair.

10 Hope Is True: Becky Lynch vs.Ronda Rousey at WrestleMania

via wwe.com

Charlotte deserves a round of applause for her brilliant display at Survivor Series. Not only was the match put together in the last couple of days but Charlotte fully thrived in the spot.

However, fans want to see Lynch and Rousey lock it up. There isn’t a wrestler more over than Lynch at the moment. A super match against Rousey can highlight the show. Fans want to see this match rescheduled for WrestleMania, there truly isn’t a better stage for such an encounter – we hope this match takes place in early April.

9 Don’t: Becky Lynch vs. Nia Jax At WrestleMania

via WWE

There is the chance that WWE pulls a fast one on us and gives Charlotte the main event slot in a rematch against Ronda Rousey at WrestleMania. After all, that was the initial plan in the first place.

If that were to take place, the obvious would be slotting Becky Lynch and Nia Jax together, especially with all the heat surrounding Jax and her stiff shot to Lynch. Although it wouldn’t be the worst idea, fans would much rather pay to see Lynch and Rousey than Jax and Lynch. Therefore, we hope WWE saves this match for another time.

8 Hope Is True: WWE Live Event Format Set To Change

via WWE

Non-televised events are great to attend but the truth is, most hardcore fans know the way matches are going to end. For that reason, attendance can be a problem for WWE and that has been the case in 2018.

Vince recently addressed this issue. According to McMahon, WWE plans on completely restructuring the live event format. McMahon is confident that changes will lead to further non-televised live event growth. This is only a positive and a change we hope WWE implements sooner rather than later.

7 Don’t: Stowman vs. McIntyre for Universal Championship

via Wrestleyard

WWE continues to promote a future match between Braun Strowman and Drew McIntyre. This has been quite obvious ever since the two joined forces alongside Dolph Ziggler. The rivalry is bound to peak and some sources claim it might take place at WrestleMania with the Universal Championship on the line.

We see the scenario of a multi-man match taking place with Lesnar in the mix. We can also see these two going one-on-one for the title. For that to work, Brock would have to drop the belt before the event. Although the match wouldn’t be bad, it just doesn’t scream out WrestleMania main event.

6 Hope Is True: Batista Returns To Take On Samoa Joe

via ewrestlingnews.com

This match was practically booked for WrestleMania prior to Triple H’s injury. Batista returning to the ring and facing The Game one more time seemed like an inevitable outcome. However, with Triple H watching from the sidelines, Batista might have to look elsewhere.

As stated earlier, a match with Brock might not be everyone’s cup of tea. However, a rumored bout against Samoa Joe can definitely get the fans interested in a hurry. Joe can fully benefit from such a match while Batista can do his part in aiding a wrestler while putting on a great match everyone wants to see.

5 Don’t: Brock Lesnar and Braun Strowman Rematch

via wwe.fr

Braun Strowman was finally written off television. Strowman required surgery for quite some time. He is set to return for a match at TLC, where he won't take any bumps. However, looking long term, he won’t be fully used until the Royal Rumble.

At the Rumble, rumors suggest that he will be taking on none other than Brock Lesnar, yet again. Most fans feel that this rivalry has run its course. Better options exist for both these men at this point and we hope Vince reconsiders.

4 Hope Is True: Kevin Owens Ready In Time For WrestleMania

via WWE

Losing Kevin Owens was a tough pill to swallow for Vince and company. Owens played a pivotal role as a diverse heel that could be slotted anywhere on the card. He required surgery and he is now rehabbing the injury.

According to recent news, Owens might not be missing WrestleMania after all. Sources claim he will return just in time for the major event. This is great news given the classic performances we have seen from Kevin in the last couple of years. This would be a return fans might eat up.

3 Don’t: Repeat Royal Rumble Winner

via areawrestling.net

The Royal Rumble is a great stepping stone for a talent to etch their name in history as a true great in the wrestling business. Just ask the likes of Shawn Michaels and Stone Cold Steve Austin. A Rumble win changed their careers.

That being said, a young wrestler needs to win this type of match. An old guard winning it just doesn’t do much, similar to Orton’s victory just a couple of years back. However, WWE doesn’t seem to agree with a rumor starting to surface that the Rumble winner is going to be a repeat victor.

2 Hope Is True: Charlotte Flair and  Ronda Rousey Rematch

via WWE

Given the way their match finished at Survivor Series, WWE definitely left the door open for a rematch. The question remains, when, not if.

The best time to book this rematch would be the Royal Rumble. Squashing the beef before WrestleMania might be the way to go as it t can open the door for a Lynch and Rousey encounter without the Charlotte distraction looming in the background. We hope this rumor is true and if it is, this match is going to be another classic.

1 Don’t: Lesnar, Rollins, and McIntyre At WrestleMania

via WWE

At the moment, this rumor seems to be intensifying. According to various wrestling pundits, this might be the main event match for the Universal Championship. Brock Lesnar vs. Drew McIntyre vs. Seth Rollins.

It isn’t a bad match, not at all, just that most fans might rather see the classic one-on-one encounter instead. Both Rollins and McIntyre definitely merit a shot at The Beast, however, for classic storytelling purposes, we might rather opt for say Rollins against Lesnar one-on-one or McIntyre instead of Rollins. It will all become more clear following the TLC event.

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