Behind The Voice: 15 Fascinating Facts About JoJo

Joseanne Offerman has become one of the most recognizable voices on WWE TV over the past few years, after transitioning from NXT ring announcer to fill the empty spot left after Lilian left the compan

Joseanne Offerman has become one of the most recognizable voices on WWE TV over the past few years, after transitioning from NXT ring announcer to fill the empty spot left after Lilian left the company late last year.

JoJo is now WWE's primary announcer for Monday Night Raw and Pay-Per-Views and appears on WWE TV more frequently than many of WWE's biggest stars. She has managed to go from being relatively unknown back in 2013, to being one of the best-known females in the company.

It hasn't been an easy few years for JoJo, who came to the WWE with intentions of being a WWE Diva. Sadly this path didn't work out for her and instead WWE offered her the chance of a lifetime when they realised that she had a suitable voice.

Since 2013 the youngster has gone through many changes, many different relationships, and a few minor setbacks, but she has reached a point where she is happy with her place in the company. Even though she has been on WWE TV for the past three years, there isn't a lot known about JoJo outside of WWE, but here are 15 facts to help you get to know the former Total Diva a little better.

15 Won The 2013 Diva Search


There was a lot of speculation online a few months ago when a SmackDown graphic stated that Eva Marie won the 2013 Diva Search, as to whether or not it actually happened. Well, it kind of did. This was an online Diva Search and the winners of the show were given a place in the first season of Total Divas.

Eva Marie and JoJo were voted the winners of the contest and so they not only got the place on the debuting show on the E! Network, but they were also given a place in WWE, where they were given the chance to appear on many main roster programs to promote the reality show. This was where JoJo was first introduced to the WWE Universe.

14 Total Divas


JoJo was a regular cast member on Total Divas for the first season, and fans were able to find out a little about the 19-year-old as she attempted to juggle being away from her family and adapting to the lifestyle that comes along with living out the WWE dream.

JoJo didn't handle the first few weeks very well and it was thought that WWE wasn't impressed that her personality off screen wasn't coming through as well on-screen. She was kept until the end of season one and then producers decided to replace her with Summer Rae. This gave JoJo a chance to be away from the cameras and head to the Performance Centre in order to train  and work on becoming a wrestler for the company.

13 Incredible Singer


There are many videos online of JoJo singing while she was still part of the Diva Search back in 2013, but after she was hired by the company, it seems WWE has been happy to allow her to sing whenever the occasion arises.

JoJo burst onto the WWE scene in June 2013 when she appeared alongside Total Divas co-stars Naomi and Cameron, known as The Funkadactyls and sang their entrance music. It was seen as a huge mistake on the following episode of Total Divas, but it showed that JoJo had a talent and she has since been able to sing the national anthem many times for WWE, most notably at NXT TakeOver: Fatal 4-Way back in 2014 when the event took place on September 11th.

12 Wrestler to Ring Announcer


JoJo auditioned for WWE and began training to be an in-ring competitor. But when she first began her training, she was hit with a slam by one of the other female stars and looked to have injured her neck.

Since she left Total Divas she headed down to the Performance Centre and attempted to train to become a Superstar but that path didn't work out for her. Instead she was offered the chance to become NXT's ring announcer, a position she filled easily for a long time before Lilian Garcia left the company last year to care for her sick father and JoJo was then offered the chance to ring announce on the main roster and at Pay-Per-Views. She has filled the position with ease and has become a firm fan favourite.

11 Dated Justin Gabriel


As part of a storyline on Total Divas, it was revealed many times that JoJo was leaving rooms and running out to go and see Justin Gabriel, a WWE Superstar who was much older than her.

It seemed like a complete mismatch and many of the other WWE Divas commented on the fact that he was much older than her. But it seems that this was just a storyline and WWE decided to end it quite quickly when it was said that Gabriel actually broke up with JoJo because he thought she was too young and too childish for him. Luckily JoJo has gone on to date a huge WWE Superstar and future Hall of Famers and is currently in a relationship with former NXT Star Jake Carter.

10 Daughter of a Baseball Player


JoJo is of Mexican and Dominican descent, something that she mostly gets from her father,  who is a retired former Dominican professional baseball player. Jose Offerman played the sport professionally for nearly 20 years and spent 15 of those years with Major League Baseball.

He even tried his hand at managing the sport he came to love but attacked an umpire during a game back in 2010 and was banned from the winter league for three years. Despite retiring from the game a few years ago, Offerman still manages Rojos del Águila de Veracruz of the Mexican League as of 2014. JoJo and her father are said to be close despite his lengthy career as a sportsman and the fact that they are constantly apart from each other.

9 Has Only Wrestled In Two WWE Matches


Technically JoJo has wrestled more than one match because she did have a number of matches in NXT before she was given the job as ring announcer, but on the main roster, JoJo has only had two matches (not exactly a lengthy in-ring career).

She was part of a match with Eva Marie and Natalya when they faced Alicia Fox, Aksana, and Rosa Mendes on Raw, but she was never actually tagged into the match, even though her team won. One of the matches that she did wrestle in came at Survivor Series when there was a seven-on-seven Divas match and her team were victorious, despite the fact that she was eliminated. She pinned and eliminated Tamina Snuka the following night in a rematch on Raw.

8 Dating A Former NXT Superstar

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JoJo is another star who is quite young but still has a long dating history. She started out with Sebastian on Total Divas before moving onto a former 12-time World Champion and, former WWE Superstar Justin Gabriel and right now she is dating former NXT Star Jesse White.

While he was performing in NXT, Jesse was known as Jake Carter and is a second generation star. Jesse is the son of former WWE Superstar Big Van Vader. JoJo debuted in NXT a few months before Jesse was released from his contract in September 2013 and it seems that the duo has been dating ever since. Despite the couple no longer being together in WWE, they manage to juggle their relationship around JoJo's hectic schedule.

7 Was Just 18-Years-Old When She Debuted


When JoJo made her debut in WWE as part of the promotion for Total Divas' first season, she was just 18-years-old. This meant that during the first season of the show, JoJo wasn't allowed to go out drinking with her co-stars because she wasn't actually old enough.

She was the youngest WWE Superstar at that time before the company signed Aliyah who is now the youngest star in the promotion. JoJo has managed a lot in the past three years and at 22-years-old, she is still one of the youngest Superstars to be employed by the company. But at least now she is old enough to go out for a drink after live shows with the rest of the wrestlers while out there in different cities each night.

6 Officials Chose Eva Marie Over Her


Eva Marie has become a much bigger star than JoJo over the past few years, mostly thanks to her appearances on Total Divas and the fact that she has attempted to continue to wrestle as well.

It was thought that back in 2014 WWE were set to release JoJo after it was stated that the company were going to choose between Eva Marie and JoJo. They thought that 'The Red Queen' had much more star power, given her background in modelling. Luckily for JoJo WWE needed her to stay around and ring announce so she managed to keep her job, even though she doesn't wrestle anymore. Things could have ended up much worse for JoJo. She could have been released and left to find a new career.

5 Competed In Track Events


Having a father who was a professional athlete, it comes as no surprise that JoJo used to compete in sports as well when she was much younger. While she was in high school JoJo competed in many track events and even won awards for her participation in the events.

JoJo has always considered herself to be athletic and when she first auditioned for WWE for the 2013 Diva Search, she fell in love with the sport and looked forward to being able to compete for the company as well. Sadly this wasn't the case, but being part of the company has handed her many opportunities that she wouldn't have been able to achieve on her own. Who knows, maybe one day JoJo will compete once again. She is young enough to get back in the ring and hone her skills.

4 Was Part Of A Girl Group


It has already been mentioned how great a singer JoJo is. she even made her Pay-Per-View debut at SummerSlam back in 2013 when she was relatively unknown. She sang the National Anthem in front of thousands of people that night, but that isn't the first time JoJo has sang in front of a huge audience.

While JoJo was in high school she was part of a girl group called 'Lil Ms' which consisted of four female members. The group didn't last long, but JoJo did go on to attend Drama School and even starred in a production of Peter Pan while she was there. Something that would have helped when it came to performing in front of the thousands of people that make up a live audience in WWE.

3 Selfie Queen

JoJo has many followers on Instagram and was even accused of 'blowing up the internet' when she released her photoshoot photos onto the Social Media site, but even her followers will agree that the Mexican-Dominican beauty really loves taking selfies. There are probably not that many (if any) followers complaining about all of these selfies either. JoJo simply loves to share photos of herself.

JoJo's Instagram page is full of pictures of her with her boyfriend Jesse White and her selfies from outfits she is wearing each day. There is nothing wrong with this of course as she obviously loves sharing her pictures of her outfits. But if Eva Marie is going to refer to herself as 'The Red Queen', then it's obvious that JoJo is WWE's 'Selfie Queen.'

2 Dated Randy Orton


During the first season of Total Divas, it was well documented that JoJo had a boyfriend named Sebastian. He forced her to choose between him and her career when he decided that it was all too much for him to handle. Obviously JoJo chose WWE.

Randy Orton's six-year marriage with his first wife ended in divorce at around the same time, and it was then reported that JoJo and Orton had become an item. It was something that was never covered in Total Divas (this could have been a case of WWE wanting to keep the relationship out of the public eye) and it ended not long after it began as Orton moved on to dating Kimberly Kessler, whom he recently married. In fact, the duo have also just welcomed their first child together, Randy's second.

1 Voted The Worst Worked Match Of The Year


JoJo officially made her debut in a match at the Survivor Series event back in 2013 when she was part of the seven vs. seven Total Divas vs. Real Divas match. But the Wrestling Observer Newsletter 'awarded' the women the Worst Worked Match of the Year award, for what turned out to be the worst female match that year.

Even though this was JoJo's debut match, it doesn't seem to have affected her. She is a former dancer, singer, and now a backstage interviewer which means that she is multi-talented and has a bright future with the company. She is also the shortest female on the main roster at just under five feet and still holds the record as the youngest ever Diva to compete on the main roster at just 19-years-old.

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Behind The Voice: 15 Fascinating Facts About JoJo