Believe That: 20 Shield Member Memes That Are Savage

The Shield is one of WWE's most iconic factions ever, not just in modern history, but in all of the company's history. While they lasted little more than a year and a half together and didn't hold any main event titles while together, they didn't really need championship belts to be relevant – they kicked butts, took names, and dominated like few other factions. But it all had to come to an end when Seth Rollins betrayed stablemates Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns, revealing himself as Triple H's newest protege, and telling the WWE Universe that he didn't sell out... he bought in.

Since they disbanded over three years ago, each Shield member has enjoyed success in singles competition. But those Shield reunion rumors just don't stop, and with Ambrose and Rollins having recently won the RAW Tag Team Championships at SummerSlam, those reunion talks will keep swirling non-stop. In the meantime, though, how about some savage AF Shield member memes to keep you busy while waiting for that elusive reunion?

When we say "Shield member memes," we're talking about ALL kinds, regardless whether the members appear in the pictures or not. That means you may see a few memes where Ambrose, Rollins, or Reigns are referenced, even if they don't actually show up. Conversely, you may also see some memes where at least one Shield member is in the photo, but with the savagery directed at a non-Shield member. Still, the common denominator here is that ALL the memes are savage AF in one way or another, and we've got 20 of them for you below.

20 Hypnotic Transfer Of Mic Skills

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One of the reasons the WWE Universe is so irate over Roman Reigns' Jesus-push is the perception that he sucks on the mic. Granted, none of his promos have been "Genesis of McGillicutty"-level bad, but WWE feeds him some of the dumbest lines straight out of Looney Tunes. Back when he was part of The Shield, Roman's weak (though again, not absolutely atrocious) mic skills were easily hidden, but these days, they're so obvious when he tries to say anything significantly longer than "this is my yard."

As WWE just won't give up on pushing Reigns to the moon as a babyface, what better way is there to address his biggest weakness than by having the one and only "Stone Cold" Steve Austin hypnotically transfer some of his mic skills to the Big Dog? One reason Austin was such a big hit with fans were his convincingly badass promos, and if Stone Cold can transfer even just a quarter of his promo skills to Reigns, then we probably wouldn't have had to hear him referencing Looney Tunes, Tater Tots, and the story of Jack and the Beanstalk.

19 Meth Rollins

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Remember when we were all trying to figure out what the hell Matt Hardy was smoking when he suddenly became "Broken" last year on TNA? Many felt that there was no way his new gimmick would work, but it didn't take long before the word "delete" became a part of every wrestling fan's vocabulary, as the world finally got to appreciate Matt's "Broken Brilliance." But as we mentioned above, it wasn't always like that.

Being that Matt Hardy, upon becoming "Broken," started wearing a white streak in his hair, that brought up comparisons to Seth Rollins, whose blonde-streaked hair was a staple of his first few years in WWE. But the seeming absurdity of the nascent Broken Universe made some fans give Hardy the less-than-flattering nickname of "Meth Rollins," you know, like someone who cooked up the weirdest ideas while high on Walter White's finest.

Then again, we can't help but agree – doesn't Matt look like what would happen if Seth aged 15 years and, as a similar meme suggested, let himself go?

18 Not To Be Confused With The Marvel "Faction"

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If you ask a non-wrestling fan who likes superhero movies and TV series who The Shield are, they'll likely tell you it's the agency led by Nick Fury. It's a surprisingly common mistake, even among some wrestling fans – just because the Hounds of Justice entered with a voice-over saying "Sierra, Hotel, India, Echo, Lima, Delta," doesn't mean they're The "S.H.I.E.L.D." Shield is one word, and not an acronym in the WWE faction's case, and so many fans believe in them.

On the other hand, Samuel L. Jackson doesn't seem to be impressed with WWE's Shield, as seen in the above meme. As he plays a very recognizable character in cinema's Marvel Universe, you can't blame him (in the context of the meme) for being nonplussed by Ambrose, Rollins, and Reigns. And while WWE fans will tell you, quite correctly, that The Shield was one of the company's most dominant factions of all-time, comic book aficionados will also argue, correctly as well, that the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. have been around several decades longer. Believe that.

17 Because He Got High

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Most anyone born in 1990 or earlier knows Afroman's one-hit wonder, "Because I Got High." It's a cautionary tale, karaoke night favorite, and meme fodder song all rolled into one, and since this article talks about Shield memes, including those that feature Roman Reigns, we can't leave "Because I Got High" out of the equation. Because Roman DID get high sometime in the summer of 2016, and it forced him to drop the WWE World Heavyweight Championship to Seth Rollins at Money in the Bank...right before Dean Ambrose successfully cashed in on Rollins. (Yes, it was that one night where all Shield members held WWE's top title within a span of 3 minutes.)

As further punishment for flunking a Wellness test, Reigns was also shuttled down briefly to the upper mid-card, where he held the United States Championship for a few months and mostly treated the belt like an afterthought. We wish there was a meme for that title reign, because it was almost as if Roman was telling fans that his punishment was almost done, and that he'd be back in the main event before you know it.

16 He's Not The Only T***y Master

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Most fans are aware of one of Dean Ambrose's most infamous nicknames among fans – the "T***y Master." Contrary to what one might think, it has nothing to do with Renee Young, or any of the ring rats Dean allegedly hung out with during his indie days as Jon Moxley. But it has something to do with the gentleman Paige is talking to in the second half of the photo.

That's right – Paige was "mastering" Big E's man-breasts, which, we'd say, are probably bigger than the chest areas of your average IBTC member (go look it up). As Roman Reigns related, his Shield brother Ambrose became the "T***y Master" in his early WWE days because of the matches he had against the well-endowed Mr. Langston (Big E's ultimately-removed surname), and we're guessing that he doesn't look to pleased to learn that the Anti-Diva is trying to beat him in his own game.

15 Aurora Levesque Just Googled The Architect

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When we say "memes featuring Shield members," we usually mean memes where Ambrose, Rollins, and/or Reigns are featured. But in a rare example of a savage AF Shield meme without any of the members in it, we'll be going with this one featuring Triple H, who looks upset that his 8-year-old (at the time) daughter Aurora went on Google, searched the name "Seth Rollins," and got far more than she, or anyone else, would have bargained for.

The meme also makes reference to the time Triple H made a rather flimsy excuse about not wanting to induct his ex Chyna into the WWE Hall of Fame, as he feared that his daughters might do a search for her on the internet and learn about her post-WWE career as an adult film star. It was Chyna's intent to do those adult films, but in Rollins' case, the last thing he wanted was for anyone to see his junk on the World Wide Web. Which happened anyway when his fiancee took revenge after photos of Rollins' then-mistress, Zahra Schreiber, made their way to his Twitter feed.

14 Roman's Piss Turned Heel

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A lot of fans have already given up at this point – WWE is just not going to turn Roman Reigns heel anytime soon, and probably wants to keep him as a babyface for as long as, or longer than John Cena has been booked as a good guy. They see dollar signs in the Big Dog, and we can't fault him for that, as statistics show he is a merchandise draw. But fans, especially smart ones, want nothing more than for WWE to stop shoving him down their throats as Cena's successor – which is why the above meme stands out as savage.

Last year, a lot of these fans rejoiced when it was reported that Reigns would be suspended for violating WWE's Wellness Policy. And while that didn't lead to WWE turning Roman into a bad guy, one could have said that it was his piss that took a turn for the villainous, costing him one whole month of TV time, and as it turned out, his WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

13 Beware Of Roman Reigns Promos (Tie)

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There had to be a tie somewhere in here, and there had to be a few that don't feature any Shield member on the meme image, but nonetheless refers to one. And for this double dose of savagery, we're going to Kevin Owens and CM Punk, the former of whom had a long, drawn-out feud with Roman Reigns not too long ago, the latter of whom had been the beneficiary of some of The Shield's earliest vigilante attacks.

Given Reigns' legendary struggles on the mic, it does appear as if KO was jammin' with RVD, Val Venis, and Jack Swagger, as he suggests that smoking a fat one is the equivalent of an extended Roman Reigns promo. Then you've got someone who DEFINITELY doesn't dig the herb, CM Punk, doing his patented "go to sleep" gesture, as that's what Reigns promos can do to you too. They can get you high or put you to sleep, but one thing's for sure – Reigns can't get on his great look and above-average big man skills forever.

12 The Small Package

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The small package is one of the most basic and fundamental ways to pin an opponent in professional wrestling. Unless it comes off a distraction, it's not the kind of move that could actually finish a match. But it's pretty clear for anyone who was paying attention to Seth Rollins' Twitter feed circa February 2015 why his Shield buddies Roman and Dean are seemingly razzing him on the above meme, teasing him about his brand new finisher.

For those who were living under a rock during that time, that was when nude photos of Seth's side piece, then-NXT Diva Zahra Schreiber, had found their way on his Twitter. Not long after, Rollins' then-fiancee, Leighla Schultz, retaliated by posting pictures of the Architect of The Shield, looking as naked as he was some 29 years prior in an Iowa hospital. Your mileage may vary on the size of Seth's, um, package as it appeared on those photos, but making those "small package finisher" jokes in the aftermath of the incident was just too easy...yet just too savage.

11 Looney Reigns

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WWE may not be willing to say "that's all, folks!" when it comes to Roman Reigns' babyface push, but they have, in fairness, stopped asking him to say lines like "sufferin' succotash" when cutting promos. It was one of the most ridiculous promos in recent WWE history, and the above meme is obviously making fun of that time when the Big Dog turned into a big cat with an appetite for tiny yellow canaries. Even then, Sylvester still cut better "promos," if you can call them that, on Tweety Bird.

As a member of The Shield, Reigns could let Ambrose and Rollins do the bulk of the talking, while saving his vocal energy for those "OOOH-AAAHHHH" moments in the ring. But as a singles wrestler, Roman's inadequacies on the mic have been exposed countless times, and we have memes like the one above to remind us of that.

10 A Rollins Meme Students Can Relate To

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Nope, not all the memes here are fully wrestling-related. Some of them hit home and talk about everyday situations, such as this one that any student, past or present, could identify with. Imagine yourself as an outsider of sorts, a guy who listens to hard rock and heavy metal, and doesn't talk much in class. But since everybody needs to have a group for a class project, the teacher decides to have you work with the vapid popular kids, with whom you share nothing in common with.

Such was a common challenge for me in my school days, and that's why the above meme does hit home – Seth Rollins looks less than thrilled to be forced to team with The New Day. Both Seth and The New Day were heels during that time, but they were as different as night and day –  Rollins was a slimy butt-kisser working for The Authority, while The New Day were a trio of loud and goofy trolls.

The Architect's expression says it all – of all the people to tag with, WHY THEM?

9 Dean Ambrose Uses The WWE App

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If WWE has a product or service it wants to shill, you know Vince McMahon will be in Michael Cole's ears about it. And you know that Maggle is going to be that guy who asks "how high" when Vince asks him to jump, as he relentlessly plugs said product or service on WWE television. The WWE App, Tout, the WWE Network, WWE merchandise, products endorsed by WWE Superstars, you name it – Cole won't have a problem putting it over to the WWE Universe.

In the above meme, we see Dean Ambrose during his interminable reign as United States Champion, doing guest commentary alongside JBL and Cole. With Maggle looking a bit tense as he stands up, it does seem as if Ambrose is trying to reassure him that he, like many members of the WWE Universe should have, has downloaded the WWE App, that one WWE product announcers were shilling round the clock back in The Shield's heyday. We're not sure if Cole was convinced, but even if he was, you could easily bet he'd be back to plugging the WWE App mere minutes later, before or during another match.

8 Saggy-Chested Twins With No Direction

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As we mentioned above, Dean Ambrose just became the first Shield alumnus to become a Triple Crown and Grand Slam Champion, as he and Seth Rollins won the RAW Tag Team Championships from Sheamus and Cesaro at SummerSlam. That marks Ambrose's first run as a tag champ, and Rollins' second, as he had first held the tag titles in 2013 as part of The Shield, back when he was teaming up with Roman Reigns.

The Usos were one of the tag teams Reigns and Rollins feuded with during their time as World Tag Team Champions, and while Roman is taking Teddy Long booking them against his real-life cousins in stride, Seth appears to have been expecting another pair of "saggy-chested twins with no direction" – Nikki and Brie, The Bella Twins. And that's what makes this meme so savage, as the Bellas were turned so often between their 2013 return and Brie's retirement in 2016 (to say little of the atrocious Nikki vs. Brie feud of 2014) that they oftentimes had no real direction, despite their success on paper.

As for the, um, "Bella Quadruplets" being saggy or not, we'll just leave it to you, the reader, to debate on that.

7 Quickest Prison Break

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We've known the truth a long time ago – a lot of things that happen in pro wrestling don't make too much sense in the real world. Such as wrestlers being able to escape prison so quickly, without any consequence whatsoever. Take the example of Dean Ambrose, who, in May 2015, was still being pushed by WWE as a PG-era Steve Austin-lite. The Authority, being as devious as ever, would have Ambrose arrested for punching a cameraman on the May 25 RAW of that year, but it wasn't too long before he was back on the RAW set, having escaped from jail, driving a police van into the arena and helping Roman Reigns get back at The Authority.

This angle was fun, and it did try its best to hearken back to the days of Austin's feud with Vince McMahon, but in the end, it was just a pale, and arguably forced imitation of an edgy original. Meanwhile, Ambrose can revel in his "quickest prison break" record and the fact that he successfully (albeit illogically) fought the law, just as the above meme is celebrating.

6 Bad Luck Seth

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Yes, we finally found one – a Bad Luck Seth meme where Rollins' head is actually superimposed on that of Bad Luck Brian, the ubiquitous avatar for anyone in this world who can't catch a freakin' break. And the reason why this is so savage is because it was made sometime before Rollins' successful cash-in at WrestleMania 31. Prior to that, Seth held the Money in the Bank briefcase for several months, but couldn't quite cash in his contract because the man he was supposed to cash in on was barely on television or pay-per-view.

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that that man was Brock Lesnar, and just as he does right now as Universal Champion, he's free to show up a handful of times so he could make a ton of cash in the process. That's probably why SmackDown got the Money in the Bank pay-per-view this year, because let's face it – what good is an MITB briefcase if your brand's top champion is often gone for months on end?

5 Missing Out On Those Shield Reunions

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We can definitely argue that this meme's savage-ness has taken a major hit in recent weeks, what with Dean Ambrose now on RAW with his former Shield brothers, and having just won the RAW Tag Team Championships with none other than Seth Rollins. It's an impressive turnaround, if you can call it that, for a man who was in a tired Intercontinental title feud with The Miz not long before that. And before that, the Lunatic Fringe was on SmackDown Live, with his shocking Money in the Bank cash-in from last year followed up by a rather unsatisfying run as WWE Champion.

With Ambrose back in the mid-card come late-2016, fans of the red brand were seeing Rollins repeatedly team up with Roman Reigns, what with the Architect having turned face late last year after being betrayed by Triple H. Again, this meme isn't as savage now as it was before, but back then, you can bet that Dean wanted in on that Shield reunion business, as opposed to watching his main event push take a hit after he lost his WWE Championship.

4 Non-Fighting Champion

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It's been so long ago, I hardly remember that time anymore. But it was back in 2013 when WWE decided it was time to give The Shield their first championship belts. So at Extreme Rules, Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns beat Team Hell No to become Tag Team Champions, while Dean Ambrose won the United States Championship from Kofi Kingston. (Yes, Kofi as a singles competitor. Feels like ages ago indeed.)

After Ambrose won the U.S. title, there were times when you could have sworn WWE had quietly retired the belt...only for you to see it around his waist. See, Dean's secret to holding the United States Championship for almost one full year was the fact that he barely defended it, just as the above meme points out. It was another case of WWE conveniently ignoring the one-defense-per-month rule for championships, and Ambrose was all the better for it...at least as far as longevity is concerned, because the U.S. title was pretty much worthless back then.

3 Coming From Anywhere?

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The Shield's entrances were one of the most innovative aspects of the stable's brief, yet successful and memorable run. But if you look back at what would happen each time The Shield's ring music played, you'll notice that Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins, and Roman Reigns always entered from the same spots. Leave it to Michael Cole to follow the orders of His Royal Highness, Vincent K. McMahon and try to play up those Shield entrances as the most unpredictable in WWE history.

Again, this is not a rag on how The Shield would make their way to the ring through the crowd. But to say they were "coming from everywhere" is definitely an exaggeration, and another example of why Michael Cole, as the Voice of the WWE, is often a prime target for ridicule from the same WWE Universe he always mentions by name. One thing, though – this meme would have been more savage if the creator used Cole's patented "Oh, my!" instead of "OMG" – we all know Joey Styles has always had dibs on "Oh, my God!"

2 How To Be The Shield, In 4 Easy Steps

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There's no arguing with the success of The Shield in only about a year and a half together on the main roster. They had a unique look, a unique entrance, and were so over in their role as ruthless vigilantes that WWE had no choice but to turn them face. But if you come to think of it, the Hounds of Justice were pretty formulaic at times, as the above meme clearly illustrates.

In four easy steps, any faction can be like The Shield, as suggested above – one, attack anyone currently in the ring, maybe not as random as suggested, maybe someone in the main event. Two, run when the babyface gets some backup. Three, feud with the babyfaces and face them on PPV. Four, win the match on PPV, retain any applicable titles, lather, rinse, repeat. That's not too unique, all things considered, and this meme helpfully reminds us accordingly.

1 Gimme A Heck Yeah!

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When The Shield disbanded, Dean Ambrose was free to let his unhinged persona run wild, and when he became the Lunatic Fringe, many were hyping him up as the next "Stone Cold" Steve Austin. But we've got to face it – just like there won't be another Michael Jordan in the NBA, there can only be one Texas Rattlesnake. And while Ambrose's in-ring persona was fantastic for the time before it ultimately got stale, he wasn't going to be Austin's Cincinnati equivalent. Oh, hell no, as Austin might've said.

The above meme only underscores this, as it shows you just how watered-down-for-PG Ambrose's Lunatic Fringe character is, as compared to the beer-drinking, bird-flipping, McMahon-stunner-ing guy who didn't trust anybody. Had Dean competed in the Attitude Era, he'd certainly be more CZW-era Jon Moxley than Steve Austin-lite, but we all know this is, for all intents and purposes, still the PG era.

Now all this typing has made me thirsty, can someone hand me a Juiceweiser?

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