Believe This: 15 Pictures Of The Shield WWE Doesn't Want You To See

The Shield were once one of the most dominant factions in WWE history and even though they came into WWE as a heel factions thought to be carrying out the dirty work of CM Punk, they later turned face and established themselves as the means of justice in the WWE.

Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose, and Roman Reigns have all become huge stars in the company ever since their split back in 2014. And even though it was thought that Rollins and WWE made a bad choice by splitting them, it has turned out to be one of the better choices that the company have made over the past few years.

That being said, in the world of the internet, it seems that there are many choices that the three former members of The Shield have made over the past few years that they wouldn't be completely happy with.

There are many images of The Shield that the WWE wish they were allowed to erase from the internet, but the problem is that once something is online, it is online forever, something Seth Rollins has leared the hard way.

Here are the 15 pictures that WWE wouldn't want the WWE Universe to see of the trio who were once known as The Shield.

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15 Sting's Final Stand

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Seth Rollins has rightfully been referred to as "The Future of WWE" for the past few years because at this point he is one of the best wrestlers in the world and sometimes that comes with its drawbacks. Rollins faced Sting in his second of two matches back at Night of Champions in 2015 and sadly that has seemingly become known as Sting's final match.

Rollins' bucklebomb, as shown above, was one of the main reasons for this and WWE has since banned the move. The company has tried to move forward away from anything else relating to the injury and the fact that Sting can no longer wrestle, because they have invested a lot in Rollins and are hoping he will have a lengthy career in WWE in the future.

14 Roman Reigns Before The Tactical Vest

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Roman Reigns hasn't always been "The Big Dog" when it comes to portraying a character in front of the WWE Universe, neither has Seth Rollins for that matter. As much as WWE want NXT to become a huge part of the company, Rollins and Reigns portrayed much different characters with very different attire and personas during their first run in NXT.

As seen above, Roman Reigns does have a body underneath the tactical vest that he has worn now for the best part of five years. It would be hard to accept him as a Justice Hunter if he was still heading to the ring in trunks and knee pads, which is probably why WWE decided to mix up his style a little bit and allowed him to debut in full swat gear.

13 The Shield's Shields

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The Shield were supposed to be a different kind of Shield before they debuted on WWE TV. Not only were the horrible turtlenecks a really bad idea, but there was also the added fact that The Shield were supposed to have shields.

They were supposed to have standard riot shields and somehow be able to run to the ring and attack their opponents whilst also carrying these. The would have been quite a stupid idea and thankfully this is the only image of these shields that proves their existence so WWE wouldn't be happy that this has been published to third parties. Obviously, history books were written differently and these plastic shields were instead left in storage and never saw the light of WWE TV which isnt necessarily a bad thing.

12 The End Of The Future?

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It is the worst news that a wrestling fan is ever forced to hear, but back in November 2015 the WWE World Heavyweight Champion was injured in a house show in Ireland and he was forced out of action for more than seven months.

Rollins is a fighter and he had just been part of two matches on the same pay-per-view. He was potentially overworking himself and that could have been the biggest part of the reason his knee gave way. Rollins is athletically gifted but at this point, he needed surgery and was forced to relinquish the championship. WWE were then forced to hand the title to Reigns much earlier than planned before having to change a lot of plans leading into WrestleMania 32, which is something they were not happy about. Luckily, Rollins seems to have been able to come back stronger than ever.

11 Jon Moxley

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Dean Ambrose had a lengthy career being in Death matches and a whole manner of violent showdowns with other wrestlers while he was part of CZW. Blood was a key part of Ambrose's career before he came to WWE, even though the company now fine stars for bleeding on live TV.

Moxley was a crazy character throughout his career and even though he is known as a Lunatic in WWE right now, his character has been watered down compared to what he used to get up to when he was part of Indy promotions around a decade ago. Jon Moxley truly is the Lunatic heel character that WWE need to allow Ambrose to unleash if he wanted to kickstart his career again and get out of the rut he is currently in.

10 Roman Reigns Likes To Protect His Family

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Roman Reigns comes from one of the most famous families in the wrestling business, but that doesn't mean that he wants his family used as part of storylines or rivalries that he is part of on WWE TV. The company used his daughter Joelle as part of his rivalry with Bray Wyatt a few years ago and it was reported that Roman was fuming about it.

Roman is very protective of his wife and his daughter. And who can blame him with some of the abuse he is receiving from the WWE Universe currently. So, why would he want to open his family up to that? Luckily WWE used public videos of his daughter and never stepped over the line and used her on live TV, which was why Roman eventually allowed it. But he doesn't want his wife or daughter anywhere near WWE TV again.

9 The Hounds Have Their Own Hound

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The Shield are considered to be one of the most dominant factions in the history of the company. They were known as The Hounds of Justice and here it seems that they have not only found their own hound, but they are acting like girls around him.

If they were heel stars when this photo was taken then it would have taken away the whole renegade persona and then the WWE Universe wouldn't have accepted The Shield as the trio that attacked Roddy Piper, The Undertaker, and various others without feeling any guilt. While the dog is definitely a cute one, this is probably not a photo that WWE would have wanted the WWE Universe to see at the time, but maybe now they trio are more accepted as individual stars, it would be less of a problem.

8 The Undertaker Vs. The Shield

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Remember the feud between The Undertaker and The Shield? Well, it was supposed to happen, it just didn't happen because The Undertaker was triple powerbombed through the announce table and then kept out of action for almost a year.

It was set to be an interesting feud that could have brought in Kane and reunited The Brothers of Destruction once more, but it seems that because of the injury WWE were unable to put The Undertaker into the feud and instead kept him off WWE TV until the build up to his match against Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania XXX. This isn't something WWE wants to remember about their favourite trio. They would be considered to have a reputation then for injuring legends, especially after recent comments that Bret Hart has made about Seth Rollins.

7 Those Sweaters

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Survivor Series 2012 will always be remembered as the day that The Shield made their mark on WWE when they cost Ryback his chance to win the WWE Championship, but what WWE want you to forget most about that day is the fact that Roman, Seth and Dean were wearing the ugliest sweaters that have ever been made for human fashion. The jumpers were only used for their WWE debut, but if WWE could erase all the tapes of it, then they obviously would.

A swat group who handed out their own brand of justice would definitely not have worked if they were wearing turtleneck sweatshirts the entire time they were together. Thank god someone in costume decided it was time to give them appropriate wardrobe otherwise The Shield could have been over before they truly even began.

6 That Triple Threat

via widyom.com

It was the match that the WWE Universe anticipated ever since it was decided that there were cracks in The Shield. Finally, at Battleground in 2016, the WWE Universe got what they wanted and the WWE Championship was on the line as Roman Reigns defended his title against his former brothers Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose.

It definitely wasn't the match that the WWE Universe had hoped for ever since 2013 and this could well be because the match had already happened before. Long before The Shield made their WWE debut and became The Hounds Of Justice, all three men were positioned together in FCW and actually had a much better Triple Threat match when the spotlight was off them and they were free to be themselves as different characters.

5 Dean Ambrose's Debut

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Dean Ambrose made his WWE debut a long time before Survivor Series 2012. He has actually been in WWE under the name Jon Moxley before and with bright pink hair was part of a match against Val Venus on WWE Heat back in 2007. Ambrose had actually made his debut a year before on an episode of Velocity when he teamed with Dean Taylor against future Tag Team Champions MNM.

WWE prefer the WWE Universe to forget these early appearances from Ambrose as Jon Moxley, since he was being used as a long haired and then pink haired jobber at the time. They technically didn't do anything to help his career, since he waited another five years to make his actual full WWE debut as a member of the current roster.

4 Seth And Zahra

via starpulse.com

Seth Rollins may have been involved in a scandal online back in 2015 but it is the months that followed that WWE were perhaps more unhappy about. Not only was Zahra Schreiber part of the picture scandal when her photos were leaked online which meant that she no longer fitted in with WWE's PG banner. She was also fired by WWE after historic comments on her Instagram were found by the WWE Universe.

Zahra and Rollins continued dating for a few months after she was fired by WWE, which the company can't be happy about. Zahra appeared at an NXT show with Rollins after she was fired from the company and WWE only mentioned that Rollins was there despite them being on the front row and her obviously being sat next time.

3 Remember Jon Moxley?

via sportskeeda.com

Dean Ambrose was already a well-known star before he made his debut in WWE. Unlike the other two members of The Shield, Ambrose never went to NXT and instead had the pedigree to head straight to the main roster.

This is a past that WWE refuses to acknowledge when it comes to his portrayal as Jon Moxley. The above photo shows Ambrose as Moxley just after a match that had obviously got violent since he was still covered in blood. As well as Dean, there is also NXT referee Drake Younger on the left-hand side of the photo and he is swearing at the camera. Younger is in a position of authority in WWE right now which makes it even worse that there is a photo of him during his wrestling career in this position.

2 Roman's Reaction

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The WWE Universe are using technology in much cleverer ways nowadays, and this includes being able to turn any picture into a meme or a GIF. Some of the memes of this picture are actually quite hilarious, but definitely not in the taste that WWE would expect from a former WWE World Heavyweight Champion.

Roman may have just been about to do his usual roar before a spear and the finish of the match but it seems that a sneaky cameraman decided to snap his camera a little early and created the image above. This is an image that will be passed around the WWE Universe for a long time and be used in a shockingly large amount of memes, memes that WWE will definitely not classify as PG.

1 Seth Rollins Made A Big Mistake

via twitter.com

There aren't many more embarrassing pictures of Seth Rollins online than the ones that his ex-fiance shared with the world back in February 2015. It seems that Leighla Shultz thought that her husband-to-be was cheating on her when a naked picture of a fellow WWE star appeared on his timeline.

It was reported that Seth was hacked and pictures of Zahra Schreiber were shared online, then Leighla reacted the way any scorned woman would and shared some equally personal photos of Seth Rollins. The images were deleted by still remain online. Rollins apologized and broke up with Leighla following the scandal and it seems that WWE has decided to look the other way and never mention the scenario again, which has actually worked out quite well for them in recent years.

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